The Strategic Use of Language

Each week, I grab a word or phrase and use language that is purposely designed to solicit an emotional response from a reader. Last week, it was “my experiences” and “Blacks.” This week it was “DNA” and “equality.” Whereas, the uncareful eye may assume that my words are the rantings of a depraved conservative, they actual have a strategic purpose: combating the Marxist hijacking of language. I want you to get upset or shocked at the post before exploring your own conscience and the scientific truths that underline my argument.

Why? You have to understand the goal of Marxism, first.

Marxism requires a complete subordination, and ultimately, an elimination of the individual in order to achieve its objectives. Without realizing it, most of you are heavily influenced by Marxist philosophy. Language is THE key to a Marxist victory. They must deprive you of any socially acceptable concept of individuality to ensure you eventually accept the collective. Thus, you fear discussions on race or gender because Marxists have trained you to falsely believe (A) those discussions are immoral and (B) “we are all the same.”

That latter concept – “we are all the same” – enables the dismantling of the individual and pushes all of us closer to the imposed Marxist collective.

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From the UK’s Department for Education and Government Equalities Office

When we are “all the same,” then material inequality (i.e., rich, poor, middle class, etc.) becomes indefensible, as well as, pointing out group patterns.

DNA is one of the most troublesome issues for Marxism because it literally proves the existence of God’s desire for individuality to thrive. No two DNA combinations are an exact match and therefore, no two individuals are “equal.” But, you have been programmed not to think that way. Rather, Marxists through media outlets, government programs, NGOs and schools have trained your mind to see “equality” as consistent with “respect” or “unequal” as consistent with superior/inferior and thus, disrespect.

Gender becomes fluid. Race becomes a non factor. And, so on and so forth.

Of course, two “unequals” can still have respect for one another IF we value the INDIVIDUAL’s contribution to a symbiotic relationship, whether it be marriage, workplace, or community.

Marxists cannot allow that to happen. They will ensure you keep your ties to their linguistic manipulation of emotion. Some of the most ardent “conservatives” do not see their own exploitation as they argue the Marxist definition of concepts with great fervor, not realizing how they are helping Marxists achieve their strategic goal. Consequently, I try to rip the band-aid off of linguistic manipulation.

Enjoy your anger, indignation or sadness, as I come up with something new to piss you off over the next week. This isn’t for the casual reader of ID, but for the liberal or “conservative” that happens to stumble upon this website. Instead of lashing out at the material, read it and try to understand where we’re coming from.

-By Jim O’Brien

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  1. Framing the language of debate is a very important battleground that the Left typically runs circles around us with. It is an incredible source of power that we must utilize. Here’s a starter guide for interpreting Leftspeak:
    Transgender=gender dysphoria
    Civil War=Yankee Conquest
    Politicians and most modern religious leaders=hirelings
    Civil Rights movement=Planet of the Negroes

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