The Solution to the Vermonter Question

Southerners rarely concern themselves with the internal affairs of strange and distant peoples. In fact, this is an important cultural feature which distinguishes us from busy-bodies and do-gooders elsewhere in the USA. That said, on occasion we do shift our gaze away from our warm and blessed homeland. And when we set our eyes upon the small, frozen states of New England it is with great sadness that we witness their ungodliness, liberalism and rampant degeneracy. The former colonies of the troublesome, but devoutly religious Puritans, are now strongholds of Far-Left Progressives.

Southern Nationalists have developed a meme entitled “Enslave Vermont” in recent years which makes the point that White people are not the same elsewhere as they are here. Whites are a broad biological category rather than a single nation, tribe or culture. While some on the Far-Right reduce everything to race, Southerners have long understood that race is not everything. Vermont, for example, is about 94% White. It is not a multicultural urbanized cesspool like Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago or New York. In fact, demographically Vermont looks a lot like the Whites-only ethno-state for which many Alt-Righters pine. And yet, Vermonters are not our countrymen. They are not our brothers or allies. In fact, they have long demonstrated themselves to be unworthy of the blessings of liberty and self-government, as President Jefferson Davis once noted. He described them and those of their ilk as, “a people so devoid of every mark of civilization” who “have shown that they are incapable of preserving their own personal liberty.”

With this in mind, let’s check out the top 5 reasons that the people of the Green Mountain State should be put to productive work under our direction. Yes, there are at least a million reasons that Vermonters should be enslaved – for their own good, as well as, ours. We have carefully examined these reasons and narrowed them down to our 5 most compelling reasons. Here they are!

Fire and Brimstone

5. Vermonters are ungodly heathens. We can find instances in the Bible in which slavery was used to punish wayward, fallen individuals or nations who have turned their backs upon the Lord. And, polling data reveals that Vermonters are among the least religious and least churched people in the American Empire. In fact, the 5 most religious States are all in Dixie, while the 5 least religious States are all in New England. Only about 1 in 5 Vermonters attend church weekly, while just 4 in 10 say they even believe in God. Enslaving Vermonters would allow us an opportunity to spread the true faith to the heathens. Just as Southerners once Christianized African tribesmen brought here as slaves, so too can we Christianize Vermonters. In our charge, we can ensure that future generations of Green Mountain folk are taught the Bible and grow up in the church. This opportunity to convert a heathen people is a wonderful opportunity for us.

Commies in Chains

4. Vermonters are commies. The Green Mountain State consistently scores among the top 5 most Left-wing States. Their extreme liberalism is a bit surprising given the lack of urban centers or large numbers of Third World immigrants. Imagine a bunch of rural White folks who are strongly anti-White, vote for trannies and continually re-elect (by huge margins) a New York communist Jew to the US Senate! As an enslaved people, Vermonters would no longer be able to elect communists to office or pass anti-White bills. I mean, their political ideology is pretty much already slavery (hammer and sickle variety); putting on some chains wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

For the Sake of the Children

3. Vermonters are baby-killers. While Southern States are passing “heartbeat” bills to ban abortion, Vermonters are busily turning their capital of Montpelier into a temple of Moloch. While in Louisiana a Republican legislature and Democratic governor have agreed to ban abortion, in Vermont a Democratic legislature and Republican governor have agreed to unrestricted abortions for any reason right up to the moment of birth. Until we enslave Vermont no baby will be safe there. Slavery will save thousands of Vermonter lives. We’re doing this for the children!

Let’s Get Those Pancakes

2. Free maple syrup! Every family in Dixie shall enjoy all the fresh, wonderful maple syrup they can eat. Imagine piles of pancakes covered with Vermont maple syrup produced on the many plantations we shall build in the Green Mountain State. Vermonters will enjoy honest, productive work in the fresh air on our plantations while we build up international markets for maple syrup. We will teach them old hymns to sing while they work for us. And, of course, there will be chapels on the plantations where they will be taught the true religion. It will be a wholesome environment for young Vermonters (who will no longer be aborted). It will literally be a win-win for almost everyone except Bernie Sanders.

A Cry for Help

1. Vermonters are literally crying out to be enslaved. Every abortion bill they pass is a plea to be enslaved. Every empty church there is a symbol of their desire to be enslaved. Every vote for a New York communist Jew is a cry to be enslaved. With every denunciation of “racism,” “White supremacy” and paternalism they beseech us to enslave them. They are begging us to do it. They yearn for the chains, honest labor and moral instruction which we can give them. Think about it. They have forsaken God, embraced communism and are murdering off their children. They are lost and desperately need our help. And, I think we can all agree that 242 years are enough. Vermont self-government has been a disaster. The experiment has failed. It is time to enslave Vermont for the good people of Vermont. They deserve nothing less.


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