The Secret of How to Attract More Ladies to Nationalism Revealed

I’d guess nine out of ten activists in the far-right overall are men. I understand the numbers are not nearly that drastic in Southern Nationalism as the rest of the nationalist movement; yet a disproportional representation remains true there as well. The main reason for this problem is our politics is suited solely towards the masculine. I’m not suggesting changing that aspect nor do I prefer a more feminized society such as the West is today. Instead, I’d like to point out that it takes two parts to our whole to create a family, male and female, masculine and feminine and to offer THE SOLUTION to the original problem referred.

God created man to lead; as head of the household he leads the family as Christ leads the church. That applies more than to the specific family unit itself, but also to our own extended family, meaning our people – our folk. Therefore, nationalists are the natural leaders of our people. As leaders of men, we also should lead in the knowledge of the traditions and heritage of our folk. Men being men, we look at the world from our own masculine and logical perspective and sometimes forget that God created women differently. Political rallies, conferences and ‘educational’ movements are designed by and for men. So the problem remains, men outnumber women significantly in all far-right-wing movements. Yet at the same time, it takes both male and female to create a family or an expanding movement.

God created woman to love, to nurture children – so the feminine thinking process is more emotional. Every young lady grows up watching the balls, the dances and dreams of being that Cinderella princess who will one day find her Prince Charming. He is a rare man of honour; that brave hero will stand up for what is right and true despite the consequences. He will act for the benefit of his family and by extension his own extended family, despite the worldly costs. As men of the far-right, we are that rare type of men, the old fashioned heroes of old and natural leaders of our folk.

More ladies will realize this obvious conclusion if we can simply supplement our conferences, our rallies, our political events with balls and heritage dances – positive emotional events where everyone would have a great time. I mean go all the way with a live band, dress up and dance the old ways of our ancestors in an inspiring location, ballroom or mansion. Please know that balls, dancing and firework displays are the natural compliment to torch-lit rallies. Heritage and people, traditions and nationalism, masculine and feminine, male and female, the very act of bringing the two together forms a whole and completes the process of building a real and viable growing nationalist movement. The two events would be mixed as God designed the family, the masculine and the feminine. In other words, the political event, rally or conference on one hand and the dance/ball on the other, two separate but complimentary events back to back, all in one city, all in one weekend.

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In practice, we would begin this process by simply scheduling and locating our own event AROUND an existing heritage ball. In the case of Southern Nationalism this would be a Confederate Ball, alt-right northerners might complete the same process with a Regency Dance or one of the Grand Army of the Republic. We would be the first to buy tickets, dress in the finest period costumes, ball gowns and uniforms, learn the dances of our heritage and have a lady-oriented heritage dress-up event of dancing and fun.

It’s crucial that we also be the best behaved, nothing negative or depressing would be allowed during this wonderful one night of fantasy and love. The other night would be as it currently exists, political chat and camaraderie over a beer, mint julep or glass of wine in someone’s hotel room, pub or a sports bar. During the day, we would still have the conference or rally as usual. So I’m not suggesting to change the idea of what it means to be a far-right activist, but simply to add to it – enrich it. The simple addition of one night of dress up, balls and dancing as a supplement. In no time we should be able to sponsor our own balls rather than utilize those of another’s creation.

Of course, I do understand it’s LARPing but if we are to expand, then everyone deserves at least one night to separate themselves from the reality of a sick, degenerate, anti-Christ, anti-white, anti-Southern society gone mad. Especially the most sensitive among us, our ladies. In fact, if we can make only this one simple supplement alone then you will find not only more ladies attending but our current loved ones would be far more active in our politics. That is a common sense fact and I promise it to be true.

-By Tex Wood


  1. Problem with this is you want find many heterosexual me willing to play dress up and the ones who are won’t be respected by women.

    Want more women in Southern Nationalism? Have Southern men behave more masculine. It’s pretty simple really

  2. Tom doesn’t know any women.

    What do nice Christian girls like? Dancing and pretty dresses. A man in uniform dancing with a pretty girl? A man in uniform, dancing, whom this girl previously saw all sweaty and masculine working out in the sun? Excuse me while I fan myself with my embroidered handkerchief.

  3. I’ll never forget the impression left on me the first time I danced the Virginia Reel. Oh it was more than the dance itself but the look of amazement on the young ladies faces- the enjoyment of getting back to their roots but in the celebratory fashion of a dress up ball. The moment a nationalist movement can harness that positive, yet forbidden spirit will also be the time the finer sex emerges in large support. After all, nothing is more natural than women in a supporting role of love for her people.

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