Unplugging from the Religion of PC

During supper, my daughter expressed the urge to try the “7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby” (it claims it will change your life).  One of my failings as a parent is not monitoring some of my daughter’s Youtube viewing closely enough, of which this had come from.  I tend to tune-out some of her Minecraft videos unless I hear bad language or other inappropriate content, but they can still hold subtle traps.  It’s a perfect example of the insidious nature of Leftist ideology that seeps into every electronic device we and our children own.

Helicopter Mom recently re-tweeted a quote by evangelist Paul Washer warning of the dangers of the bombardment of secular thought pushed by the left.  Our children are trained for somewhere around 15,000 hours in public school on how to think like a godless Leftist, then they go home and turn on the TV or the computer and get another 2-3 hours a day on average for good measure.  Then, Washer quips, they go to Sunday school and color a picture of Noah’s Ark.  He then asks how that’s going to stand against the lies that our kids are being sold?

There are many lies that Leftists tell, but the greatest over-arching trick that runs throughout their entire belief system, much like Satan convincing us he doesn’t exist, is that Leftists do not have a religion.

I’m here to tell you that the Leftist secularist thinking is their religion.  As headless and godless that it is, it has virtually all of the trappings of a religion that enshrines Political Correctness as God.  Much like Islam, it claims to be of peace, but is in fact quite violent and fanatical.

It has its icons such as Marx, Chavez and Che, but instead of IHS or INRI, it lifts sacred acronyms such as MLK, JFK, FDR, and a plethora of others up on high.

It has hundreds, if not thousands, of canonical books such as To Kill a Mocking Bird, Roots, The Communist Manifesto, the Feminine Mystique and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Words and thoughts deemed racist, sexist, or rational, are considered blasphemous and unforgivable. You forfeit all civil protections and can be beaten in the streets for it.  Your own family will disown you and your employers will fire you in order to save themselves from Leftist reprisal.  Your whole life can be ruined.  It is the greatest sin because as was stated earlier, it is an affront to the god Political Correctness.

It celebrates symbols and iconography – the rainbow, the vagina hats, red banners.  It destroys the icons of others, such as the statues of Confederate veterans and builds atop their ruins.

It believes in a mother figure, Gaia.  Gaia is a feminist force that is constantly being raped by Man and his corporations.  She is a martyred figure who may one day either be killed by Man or become angry and unleash her wrath upon him.

It believes in an apocalyptic End of Days when the Polar Ice Caps will melt and the oceans will rise and swallow all of their coastal enclaves.  Quite a heartbreaking prospect.

Disciples of the PC Religion

It adheres to the ancient practice of child sacrifice in the form of abortion.

I could go on and on, pointing out its version of kosher dieting or its guilt rituals or its clergy in the psychiatric and media fields, but by now you should be getting the point.  It’s unmistakably a religion.

It’s highly successful competing religion that isn’t at first seen for what it is because it grew up quietly in the shadows of Christianity.  It had to exist with its many beliefs that were decentralized and spread out by time and geography across the world.  Much like an online torrent service, all of these packets of data were being uploaded and assembled in the Leftist collective unconscious until their religion took form. If they accept it as a religion, like Communism, its cover is blown and it eventually collapses.  As a Disorganized Religion, it thrives and infects all information mediums.

Returning to my daughter’s newfound interest in the 7 Day Vegan Challenge this is another example of the Leftist religion and its insidious nature.  This isn’t some new trend, because ultimately there is nothing new under the sun.  If you’re a Christian, especially an Orthodox one, we have something very similar to the 7 Day Vegan Challenge – we call it fasting.  The only real difference is our faith uses fasting as a discipline of self-control and spiritual growth in order to become closer to God.  Vegans, on the other hand, use this self-discipline to Social Signal to others and to feed their own vanity.

This is the problem with modern Christianity.  As parents, we aren’t looking to our faith as means of countering these challenges.  Coloring Noah’s Ark on Sunday is not enough to prepare your child; you cannot leave spiritual guidance up to Sunday school any more than you would public school. Your job as a parent is to be their teacher and their spiritual guide.  Recognize these curiosities within your children for what they are.  My daughter saw the 7 Day Vegan diet as a means of challenging herself to give up something in order to improve herself on a deeper level.  My job as her father was to direct her onto the path of Christianity and show her that sacrificing in the name of God was true empowerment and self-improvement.  Don’t do something to be trendy, do it for God.

I’m not telling you to go burn your kid’s Harry Potter books or music devices, but I am urging you to teach them how to recognize all of the secular messages embedded in them and how they are hollow approximations of a deeper truth that can be found in our faith.  It is the only way we as a race can survive the endless onslaught of the Leftist Religion of PC and unplug ourselves from it.  We can have all of the children in the world but it does us no good if we turn them into secular zombies.

-By Marcus


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