The Past That “Never Existed” – Part 1

In her pearl-clutching review of Stranger Things, Marinna Guzy of The Establishment (an on-line magazine whose name I am guessing was supposed to be ironic but is anything but) writes the following: “When confronted with a story like Stranger Things, a recycled retelling of an old story being marketed as homage and good, clean nostalgia, one has to wonder whether or not studios and content creators like The Duffer Brothers ever ask themselves whether or not the story they are telling is the one that should be told. What purpose does Stranger Things serve beyond reinforcing the status quo in the media landscape and perpetuating the dangerous delusion that things were better way back when?”  As you might have guessed, The Establishment doesn’t allow commenting.  

We’ve all heard this before, right?  Whether it’s political or religious debates or simply remembering certain moments in your childhood such as the smell of your mother cooking breakfast on Sunday morning, some post-modern twat has to give the condescending lecture about how life wasn’t all peaches and cream back in the old days and by God, you need to get rid of any positive feelings you might have had about the past because that past “never existed.”

Almost every other time I’ve heard this mini-sermon, the subject has been about the 1950s or before (curiously, shitlibs who wax nostalgically about the glories of the 1960s seem to get a pass from this little teaching moment).  Guzy’s review of Stranger Things is one of the first times I can remember it being applied to a time when I was actually alive.  Stranger Things is set during the mid 1980s and it definitely goes a little overboard in reminding you of this fact.  However, to dismiss it as a one-dimensional exercise in nostalgia is, at best, dishonest.  But an honest assessment of this or any other show set in the past is really not what writers like Guzy are going for, now is it?  The problem in the mind of the post-modernist is the failure on the part of the writers to deconstruct the past.  You see, just about anytime in the past prior to our enlightened age of carefully manufactured and strictly mandated diversity, public worship of the degenerate, and pathological xenophillia must be picked to pieces and destroyed, lest anyone dare to remember that the majority-white past might have just been better than the present.  

Look, I realize memory can be a complicated thing, and our minds can and do play tricks on us sometimes.  Anyone who’s ever tried to quit an addictive habit is familiar with the idea of “euphoric recall,” where your brain focuses on all the good times you had and tries to shut down memories of the bad times.  And yes, I am sure there is an element of that to any type of nostalgia.  That, however, is not a reason to dismiss any fond recollection of the past as a “delusion,” much less a “dangerous” one.  It’s even less of a reason to not look to the past for guidance as to how life can improved now.  

But that’s the entire point, isn’t it?  As long as people think there is anything of value to or anything we can learn from the past (other than what not to do or how not to think), the leftist anti-white agenda remains threatened.  As long as you look to your own history and feel something other than guilt, shame, and self-loathing, that is one more unreconstructed mind.  It’s an understandable tactic: take a race of people known for their conscience, feed them a constant narrative of how atrocious their past is, and finally, tell them that any fond memories they do have of their past is simply a delusion, and a dangerous one at that.  Sadly, at least until the last three years or so, it’s a tactic that seems to have largely been successful.  The good thing is, we can all help solve this problem just by recognizing the attempt at gaslighting when we see it, soundly rejecting it, and advising others to do the same.

-By Robin  

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  1. I hate it when they don’t allow comments…to me, that’s them admitting deadest right off the bat. If their ideas are good, they’ll survive scrutiny, and theirs are NOT.

    No comments. This didn’t sit well with me.

    So, I started to dig around & voila, I found Marinna Guzy’s twitter, though, she’s not a big tweeter. HOWEVER, there was a link to a website for her, complete with bio and YES, she writes for the Establishment! Score!!!!

    There’s a “Contact Me” button…for anyone who wishes to tell her what we REALLY FEEL.

    You’re welcome:)
    If anyone contacts her:
    Be polite & to the point obviously, don’t curse at her or attack over silliness, feel free to shred her arguments & show her just how dumb she is…intelligently of course!

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