The Moving Goal-Posts of White Supremacy

If you’re like me, then you didn’t watch the NFL to begin with; I prefer my experiences to be real and don’t really get excited by vicarious violence.  However, the recent controversy surrounding the kneeling or not kneeling for the National Anthem has offered me an opportunity to have some important talks with friends who are fans.  My Facebook feed hasn’t been this heated since the 2016 election, and that’s with an already very conservative base of friends and acquaintances.  The biggest arguments I hear in support of the kneelers is “systemic racism,” “poor treatment of ‘POCS’,” and “freedom of speech.”  I won’t even take the time to really attack the racism narratives, but if you’re reading this site the chances are that you know they are nonsense.  Blacks in the United States have the highest standard of living compared to blacks anywhere else in the world, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not because of the magic dirt. Also, mind you, these are multi-millionaire blacks who are complaining about the oppression of their people.  As for the freedom of speech (the most common argument), OK fine, so the folks who do stand are free to do that too, right?  “Of course.”  “Would you call them racist for standing?”  “Of course not, that’s insane.”  Huffington post: “let me show you something…”

In my steady slide to the hard Right, I’ve spoken more and more openly with my friends about race, multiculturalism, and the dangers of diversity.  Many have been open to it, already holding similar thoughts due to their experiences, but some recoiled due to their conditioning.  I, like many who are on the righter side of the Right, went to Charlottesville for the rally on 12 August.  Following the media circus that the rally kicked off, the majority of my normie acquaintances couldn’t get past the “OMG Nazis” narrative that was pushed.

I don’t know how many virtue signaling posts I saw decrying the evils of racism, and how “white supremacy” has no place in America.  (Wrong, what part of “for ourselves and our posterity” in the preamble did they not understand)?  Since then, I’ve been fighting a pretty steady battle to get some of them to realize that they are the very kind of people that the media is condemning.  The fact that the US was created by white people, predominately British to be exact, for their posterity, seems to be lost on everyone these days.  What is now referred to as “white supremacy” used to be “white nationalism,” which used to be “nationalism,” which used to be “patriotism,” which used to be “citizenship,” and not even that long ago didn’t have a word to describe it because it was just how sensible people thought.

Red One
A couple of white supremacists standing for the flag

I’m pretty open about my Southern Nationalist and broader White Nationalist points of view, yet I usually explain as I just did, that by today’s standards all of our grandparents would be absolutely demonized by the Left as white supremacists.  I’ve pointed out to many friends that the only thing keeping them from being right there with me is a lack of integrity, courage, commitment, or an understanding of what is going on.  No amount of virtue signaling can change the way they live their lives, and their actions show that they do not believe diversity is a strength either.  I’ve often warned them that there will come a time where they have to either ignore reality and embrace the Left, or they will make a stand and be on the “wrong side” of society, just like me.

Well the Huffington Post did me a favor this week.  They printed an article condemning white athletes who continue to stand for the National Anthem as “white supremacists.”  What will my virtue signaling acquaintances do?  Are they willing to call those white players “Nazis” and affirm that “Nazis don’t have rights, because of muh grandpa who fought in WWII?”  (Who, incidentally, would probably be called a “Nazi” by today’s standards).

This shows that once again the goal-posts have been moved.  It will not stop.  There will come a time when any non-mixed race couple will be viewed with suspicion of racism and thought-crime.  If you have the audacity to want your children to look like you, or to even display a preference for a partner who is of the same race as you, you will be called a “Nazi.”

You want to select the best possible mate for yourself?  What are you a eugenicist?  Literally Hitler.  You moved out of a violent city into a safer neighborhood?  Why are you such a racist who doesn’t care enough about POC to stay and help them?

My friendly normie acquaintances will be pushed into having to pick a side, and so will yours.  Use all tools available to you to get the truth in front of them and as often as possible.  Either you red-pill them, or cut them out of your life.  Those are really the only options as I see it, or they might just be pointing toward you when the inevitable thought-police show up to take them in on suspicion of racist behavior or ideas.

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Report Suspicious Ideas to the Thought-Police.

-By Tommy Jackson


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