Way of the World: The Left Will Eat Itself

Way of the World examines the recent controversy over the redesign of the Pride flag and what it tells us about the Left.


  1. Unfortunately the video does not illustrate a weakness of the progs, rather it gives an example of one of the mechanisms by which they maintain their vitality and zeal. People like me can snicker at the madness, but upping the madness level enforces and reinforces orthodoxy on the left. I completely agree that the left is doomed to fail, but the question is, will it happen in time?

    1. I was thinking something along similar lines. The adding of brown and black stripes to the rainbow flag was an example of intersectionality taking over in order to get disparate victim groups more unified. The left didn’t invent intersectional theory out of thin air for no reason. It’s a tool to get victim groups to empathize with each other more and unify. That way when the democrats put up an obese black male-to-female transitioning lesbian Muslim presidential candidate, the entire victim olympics will come out in full force to vote for xer. The left does a better job of preventing infighting than the right does. I’m just not sure that they aren’t creating such an unnatural bubble that it can’t sustain itself and it will burst. I hope so.

  2. The point of the video is to show how the Left cannot stop destroying things — even when cannibalism is the only option. This hierarchy of oppression only sows seeds of resentment, and the credo of the Left is that only the weakest survive. I think that’s quite a lot of inherent weakness.

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