The Just Society

One of the greatest evils of our age centers around the atomization and isolation of men. Many of the struggles on the Far Right have rested in attempting to combat this. As we find ourselves alienated, cut-off, disenfranchised, and vulnerable, we’ve noted an increase in the specter of left-wing economics and affinity for Soviet sensibilities. After all, East Germany was still ostensibly German as opposed to the modern conception of Germany, the reasoning goes.

Not even bothering to touch the various unhistorical assumptions that gird that line of reasoning, these pipe dreams of whitopic bliss, we have to poke a few holes in the Red Balloons. If we replaced all of the anti-white politicians and exported all of the non-whites from North America and installed a collectivist economic state, life would still be miserable and get worse every day. The great irony of collectivism is that it isolates you more than anything else, whether it’s from communism or consumerism. “Welcome to CostCo. I love you.

While universal healthcare and education seem like undeniably admirable concepts, in outsourcing them to a central government, we ensure that they will be ineffective. The impatient band-aid won’t give us the kind of care we or our loved ones deserve. But advocates of “WE”GOV services often attempt to force us to defend the modern Capitalist state where we get the worst of socialized medicine anyways, good people go without care, and young husbands and wives forego having kids because they fear bankruptcy.

All of this, as if nobody ever received medical treatment before the insurance premium found its way into your bills every month or the national government established a department to oversee its universal administration. Another pet project, education and vocational training, also occurred robustly and thoroughly throughout history. Unfailingly, at the core of both of these needs rested the church and the community. A “fair wage” didn’t have to be legislated in most places. Genuine good will and a sense of obligation to one’s neighbor formed the strongest defenses of the common man and his family in those halcyon days.

And, so we’ve been trying to develop small and local community here in the Southern Nationalist and Identitarian where we can aid and support one another. The notion that a decent person might languish in illness while we have the ability to help disturbs me and most here who voice concern about the growing enthusiasm for collectivism of the Soviet brand. I can’t help but suspect that many of the more ardent proponents of the white-state bandaid theory developed their list of demands from the potential WEGOV due to stark failures of their community and churches.

But, nationalized collectives rarely work due to problems of SCALE and incentive. The NHS foisted poor medical care on the British far before London became Londinistan. “Welcome to WEGOV Hopsitals. Take this Ibuprofen and Live Well!” Doesn’t that sound like your local insurance company that takes your money and tries to provide you with the cheapest treatment option to get you back to “OK?” Nationalized healthcare is nothing more or less than a huge insurance firm with no competitor. The already-bad state of medical insurance got worse in the US after the implementation of total coverage and the amount of insurers went down. Just like the Sherman Antitrust Act, the only consequence of “taming” bad capitalists through regulation was that their competition got regulated out of business. Both the modern corporatist leviathan and the Soviet system collectivized risks and privatized profit. In both areas, this happened due to the inability of the populace to confront the people who robbed them whether it was inner-party bureaucrats or connected robber-barons.

Power without accountability corrupts absolutely. In a state with mandated universal material rights guaranteed by the state, you create, by necessity, a caste of unaccountable bureaucrats. The very worst of your society will fill these positions and begin their termitic project of degrading the nation you won back to another decadent and untenable state. Moral men accept the burdens and responsibilities that come with power and thus become worthy of it. Greedy, selfish, and cruel people instead seek to come into positions where they have no direct accountability, yet hold vast amounts of power. You don’t have to worry about controlling the political office if you simply control the politician. Bureaucracies breed corruption and decadence, and there is no way to have a central collectivist government without a managerial bureaucratic class.

The solution to human misery rests not in some external savior force, be it “capitalism” or “the state.” It exists in the human heart. At the end of the day, we don’t have nice things because we aren’t nice people. You cannot summon a society of grace, mercy, and charity out of thin air. If you want a society of good will, justice, and virtue, you need to help us build one.

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