The Improbability of Ruinous Escalation

So, the RAND Corporation has been simulating WW3 scenarios involving The Empire taking on China and/or Russia. Pretty much every time, we end up getting “annihilated” in a non-nuclear engagement. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone out here on the Dissident Right. What a sane age in which we live. Enjoy life while you can since war is predicted “as soon as the mid-2020s.”

Be prepared to kiss electricity goodbye as soon as it breaks out. There’d probably only be a couple weeks between grid failure and cannibalism. It’s therefore critical to maintain your BBQ equipment in good working order. From now on, be sure to keep a year’s supply of charcoal on hand at all times. I furthermore recommend purchasing a net gun to capture hapless neighbors. They’re your future food supply, don’t be squeamish. Also, Border Collies are more effective than one might think at running down the misfortunate.

I must admit that swift obliteration by a nuclear blast might be the ideal outcome seeing as we’d perish either way. It’s a vastly preferable fate to my worst fear, which is getting turned into soylent wafers for trannies to eat. I’d probably be labeled: Beefy Power Bites-with Nicotine Flavor! Alas, the prospect of distinction in death tenders sparse comfort to the living.

Ever seen one of the “duck and cover” instructional videos played to elementary school students in the 1950’s? Pretend you’re a turtle, that’ll sure prevent you from getting vaporized. My school still had those “nuclear fallout shelter” signs up after the Berlin Wall fell. I remember thinking to myself: “Hasn’t anyone watched the playground scene from Terminator 2?”

The building clearly wasn’t going to insulate anyone from the detonation of a multi-kiloton nuclear warhead, no matter their contorted posture. Still, such signs and films served as a notification to a previous generation that extermination was a distinct possibility.

These days, our political leaders and the MSM abstain from conveying the gravity of the situation to the general public. They’re probably too deluded to appreciate the dangers themselves. The only sober voices elucidating the risks of reality are consigned to the dark reaches of the internet and labeled as purveyors of hate or vectors of foreign misinformation.

After the 2016 election, Americans were bombarded with dishonest and insane propaganda asserting that we’d been “hacked” in “an act of war” by a Russia so villainous it seemed to be pulled out of a children’s cartoon. Future historians may recognize this as an idiotic inflection point on a path to ruin. Trouble is, events must come to pass before they can be placed in perspective.

Still, history offers plenty of precedents. For example, trannies are always markers of “worse to follow” on a civilizational timeline, just as famines precede plagues. Empires, high on hubris, often start wars to safeguard perceived interests, and in the process, lose everything they sought to protect.

We’re approaching two decades worth of pointless combat ourselves. Does ruinous escalation really seem that improbable? It appears to be a goal judging from deployments in Eastern Europe. No policy maker was crazy enough to do that sort of thing during the Cold War. Catastrophe always has a context, but the people in charge have never learned that lesson.

Get ready to grill.


  1. We were watching some prepper show on hulu last night laughing at the nuts and today Tom Shackleford is telling me I’ll have to start eating people in the next ten years. What a world.

    1. I’m told – by Ocasio Cortez & Co – that if I don’t get on board with the ‘green new deal,’ within a decade (or so), life as we know it will cease to exist. If life as I know it ceases to exist according to Cortez’s theory and time frame, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want it to be otherwise.

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