The Heart

“WHEREAS, More than 20 percent (nearly eleven thousand) of our cooperating Southern Baptist congregations identify as predominately non-Anglo and for the last two years more than 50 percent of Southern Baptist new church plants are predominately non-Anglo…RESOLVED, That, we call our brothers and sisters in Christ to discontinue the display of the Confederate battle flag…”

Southern Baptist Convention, St. Louis, Mo. 2016

The rural inhabitants of West Country, England are often viewed by their metropolitan countrymen to the east as a little backwards and a little slow. Sure, they speak a little slower and that distinct, rhotic R will sometimes make you think you’re in Arkansas. They also believe a little different. They’re a little more spiritual in their outlook. Nature writer Richard Jefferies called this place “Spirit Country.” This is where Stonehenge is found and walking in the British countryside amongst the ancient, tribal burial mounds of your ancestors will definitely have a spiritual affect on you. The West Country is not an official English county, but rather a general region where the people are, well, different. Different, not only culturally, but genetically as well. Like everywhere in nature, people from the West Country like to pair with their own kind and this pairing, like in many of the other British regions, has produced small genetic markers.

The Victorian story of a single, homogeneous Celtic race inhabiting Wales, Cornwall and Scotland and a completely different, foreign Anglo-Saxon race in England has been shown by the most recent genetic analysis to be wrong. In fact, the Cornish are as genetically distinct from their Celtic speaking cousins in Wales, as the Welsh are to the English. The genetic fault lines tend to fall upon cultural fault lines and they upon the boundaries of the old kingdoms such as Mercia, North Humbria, West Saxon, etc. These genetic distinctions between the groups are small and can only be detected with the latest testing methods available. There is, however, a genetic commonality between all of these groups and that is the heart of our story. Deep inside those burial mounds lies the tribal patriarchs and it’s their DNA that makes up the heart of British ethnicity and, thus, the heart of our Southern ethnicity.

In the backwoods of the British, southern colonies in America, “the Southern” ethnicity was born. Unlike their cousins who were still in Great Britain, our ancestors were face-to-face with people who had evolved differently than them for thousands and thousands of years. Over here, whether you put your jam on top or underneath the cream was not important anymore. However, when the fringe differences dissolved, there still beat that same tribal British heart and that was something that you could build a community around, dare I say, a nation. On the frontier, you die without your tribe. The Germans and French who came to the South knew that this was an Anglo culture and assimilated quickly. That wasn’t hard given our similar roots. Our religion, our laws, our monogamous marriages, our charity, our language, our way of fighting, and choosing our leaders are what they are because our ancestors spent thousands and thousands of years together on cold islands in the North Atlantic.

Jared Taylor is right when he says that our adversaries are a “ coalition of the fringes.” That’s exactly what they have to be given their globalist, empirical goals. That is their long term weakness, but don’t dare let down your guard. As the fissures in their camp begin to show, the more dangerous and radical they will behave. A coalition of the fringes needs a common goal to coalesce around and that, my brothers, is their equal hatred of us. Elizabeth Warren has already aimed her guns at the South and I expect Beto to do the same shortly. They have to make up for their whiteness some way. We are the heart of their opposition. Don’t let our political adversaries or the accelerationists in our own camp convince you do to something foolish – that is never acceptable or wise. As a side note: I’m convinced that most accelerationists in our camp are working for three letter government bureaus. Use their size against them. How many focus groups and hours of meetings did it take to finally convince the Secretary of State for the United States of America to publicly talk about a cartoon frog? That’s strategy. They’re a big, fat camper with one flyswatter and we’re a hundred stinging bees. Make it a meme war of attrition until they start fighting each other. Dixie isn’t going anywhere.

While they’re investing in the fringes, we need to invest in the heart. If the Southern Baptist Convention sees no future in Southern, Anglo children, then we should buy those children a new pair of shoes and tell them that we love them just the way God made them. Our people are our mission. God gave them to us to love and protect. They are the heart of our cause.

Our side is not about POC waving battle flags or trannies talking about tax cuts. We are true conservatives and what we conserve is an ethnic heartbeat that has been heard for thousands of years. We wouldn’t ask a Cajun who stands shoulder to shoulder with us to give up his ethnic heart or his homeland. Neither should our other allies expect that from a Southerner. I know, it’s so hard to sit down, while they are desecrating the graves of our ancestors, but that is their strategy. They are trying to provoke you to anger in order to make a show of you in their courts and on their TV screens.

We, on the other hand, need to be making their small fissures into chasms, because they have no heart.

-By JW

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  1. For quite some time I have considered the SBC to be ruled and directed by apostates from Hell.Led by the sick anti-White Russell Moore,they are exactly the deceivers clearly foretold in the Bible.It is said most will be fooled by them in the end times but I am confident that those on this site are among those who are too wise and decent to ever fall for their machinations.My entire life I have been amazed how so many Whites have supported and given succor to those who despise the White race.I don’t have to wish for Russell Moore to burn in eternal Hell because I am confident he has well earned his spot there.If that sounds harsh then so be it.My sympathy is only for the White fathers,mothers and children who have had endless suffering and destruction rained upon them by the likes of Moore.May the God Lord keep and protect each and every dear person on this site,you are truly the best of the best.We shall never ever apologize for who we are and we shall only hold our race and culture in the highest regards.

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