The Elephant In The Room

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. It is often hinted at or even indirectly implied in many circles. Some are bold enough to talk about it more openly. If we are truly sincere in making changes in policies, we have to address the biggest issue currently facing us no matter how uncomfortable it may be to do so. Especially, if we aspire to reclaim what has been lost and what once was.

In past articles, I have discussed factors that have directly led to our situation, but in order to understand where these factors come from it is critical in your analysis that you continue to peel away the layers to get to the root cause of the problem.


If we truly aspire to return to traditional and simpler times, we can no longer ignore the elephant in the room. If we truly believe in the rights enshrined in the Constitution, it’s important to understand that you, I, or anyone else is free to speak our minds about anything. If we desire to return to what the Founding Fathers intended and what the Confederate States wished to maintain, once again, we must address the demographic problem. Anyone who suggests these topics cannot be discussed is an authoritarian and everything that, not only the Confederates, but old America (not Weimerica) itself, fought against.

Freedom of speech and association are things real people have died to give you. Statistically, it is estimated 3% of the population of the colonies actively fought in the Revolutionary War. Imagine for a minute that never happened, where would we be if the Revolution never occurred? Great Britain is a shadow of herself and they, ostensibly, have no freedoms there.

Because of the sacrifices of men and women before us, we owe it to their legacy to not only exercise our rights as they were intended, but to also not allow ourselves to be brow beaten by forces who seek nothing but our complete and utter destruction. We owe it to their sacrifice to fight this Marxist menace we have now faced for decades. To do otherwise is equivocal to literally pissing on their graves, again not only in Confederate cemeteries across the South, but to those who gave their lives for old America.

The latest midterm elections highlight the dangerous precept we face – that with each passing day of inaction brings us ever closer to a simple arithmetic problem we cannot hope to solve. If you desire to see Republican candidates (at least marginally aligned with your views) in elected positions from this point on you will take this issue very seriously. That being said, this does not give anyone an excuse to act like trash and to be disrespectful in everyday settings. Believe it or not, optics entirely matter.

Looking at the demographics of some key Southern states an alarming trend is occurring right now. If left to continue unopposed and unhindered, a very grave and dim future awaits all of us. The reality that can directly face all of us in the next few decades will spell dire consequences.

If you wish to challenge that statement, I encourage you to research the current events occurring in South Africa against whites who still inhabit the country and do not have the means to flee to another Western country. I further implore you to explore the results of the end of apartheid – where whites were brought to an even greater minority status, both physically and politically, in a country founded by them.  If anyone wants to argue that South Africa is not and never was a white country, I recommend you research its founding and the state of the area before it was settled by whites, what it became and what it is now. It’s a tragedy of epic proportions.

To clear some other things out of the way – voting is not a right. As controversial as that statement is, it is a blatant fact ground in historical relevance. The ability to vote is a privilege and to maintain a healthy and strong nation, it is important to ensure it is not misused and abused by groups or individuals which ultimately bear interests counter to the nation. In terms of human existence and history, our understanding of democracy, universal suffrage and “muh voting” is a relatively new concept.

The Greeks, as you may know or have learned, pioneered this, but it was not a free-for-all where everyone got to vote. That’s the part they didn’t tell you in your high school history class. Again, just like anything else in this article, you may research it on your own time. If you need assistance in that, I would point you to voting rights in early Greek history.

The Romans also did not allow everyone to vote. They too had restrictions on who was allowed to vote for the exact same reasons the Greeks did. Romans pioneered the concept of a republic, the very same one the Founding Fathers drew direct inspiration from and even aped directly in more than a few instances. The concepts were not only so strong that the Founding Fathers felt the need to copy them, but they also drew inspiration from their very symbols as well.

If you look deeply into American symbolism and imagery, while comparing it directly to Roman symbolism, you will see direct correlations and even outright copying of Roman symbols. Another point to research is the meaning those symbols held in Roman society, such as the bundle of sticks/rods (the fasces) which you see reflected in our American government’s symbols and other symbols such as the wreath. The wreath even makes an appearance in the seal of the Confederate States of America. Even the eagle was aped from the symbol of the SPQR. You can find other references such as the snake wrapped around a staff in Greek and American symbolism.

Washington, the Roman.

Remember these ties next time someone wants to tell you “whites have no culture.” Never mind the vastly significant contributions whites everywhere have made presently and historically which shapes the world we live in. Learn your history and be proud of it. Do not be ashamed. Many other races and cultures have committed their own atrocities for their own reasons. Do not let it be a tool which is used to shame you and brow beat you into submission. Stand by your guns, your ballot box and your Bible. Never forget the New World, as it was once called, was settled by and built by Europeans.

The ideas which founded not only America, but also the Confederacy, were born by the culture and minds of whites – not anyone else. If you think they will stay around after you’re gone, I request that you to take a further look at South America under socialist regimes. You’ll notice when leftists talk about the “white man’s system,” they use it as a key point to justify their actions. History has been a repeated cycle of those who desire power for their own devices, as well as, for the sake of power to destroy and remake (typically, the Left) versus those who seek to preserve and maintain (generally speaking, the Right).

Any time you start playing with demographics, regardless of where it is, you cause significant damage to  a country. It doesn’t matter what country it is. Fighting over land and resources has and always will be a part of human history. Feeling bad or guilty about that serves no one, but those who seek to destroy you. Demographics is the tool of leftists and their strategy to seize power. They brazenly and openly talk about it publicly, often with zeal and pride. Identity politics are as American as apple pie and they are as Southern as cowboy hats and ropers.

In a prior article, I talked about how you cannot coexist with someone who seeks your absolute destruction in every way possible. That point stands even more with this article and the impression I seek to make. Why should we, as Southern Nationalists, be so afraid as to talk about these points when we have the protected right to do so? Why should we be afraid to talk about demographics and how it affects our society, when leftists do so without consequence? Only by freeing yourself of the chains placed on you by the leftist education system and social platforms, can you begin to aspire intellectually to what made our ancestors great and revered. They didn’t shy away from these topics because they may hurt someone’s feelings for speaking the truth, so why should you?

The recent midterm elections showed how dangerously close we are to reaching a tipping point of no return. That means if you are a Yankee and happen to support the cause of a Free Dixie, this even affects you as well because your lands are also at stake.

The two specific examples I want to talk about after this grand buildup specifically are Texas and Florida. Both states have seen a massive increase of Hispanics (not the anti-communist Cuban kind). While that may not seem that drastic to you yet, allow me to paint a more clearer picture as to why this should alarm you.

Historically, America was predominantly of European stock with blacks being the second largest demographic, followed by Orientals and then Hispanics. Hispanics were, for the longest time, about 2 – 3 percent of the population of the country. This all began to change in the 1960’s and 1970’s. What has caused this dramatic shift which has resulted in a significant change of both Southern and American society? Immigration, both legal and illegal. Federal policies through various conflicts during the Cold War caused a massive influx of Hispanics. Both the Democrats’ desire to increase their voting block to seize more power and the Republicans desire to grant refugee status to those fleeing communism. You see how this vicious external cycle feeds into the internal cycle we see playing out today? I hope you’re starting to.

I can see your question now: Otto, how does this effect me? Let me answer that for you. While your support is greatly appreciated and you may desire a return to normalcy (pre-Weimerica), the people that are replacing you don’t care about normalcy. Normalcy for them is extreme poverty and breadlines.

I can assure you the caravans coming over the border have no desire to integrate into Southern or American society. President Kennedy famously said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” This is the key notable aspect that separates you from the horde of illegal aliens marching to our borders right now. They see “What can America can do for me?” versus you who asks, “What can I do for America (or the South)?” They are not compatible with our way of life.

This is your fight whether you want it or not. Their plans for you are no less malevolent. How do we fix this? What can we do now? I’ll get to those questions later.

Getting back to Texas and Florida – both of those states were won by incredibly narrow margins. To understand why analyzing demographics becomes critical gives us an answer. When we observe the racial vote, we can start seeing clear trends and patterns emerging. To give you an example: black women overwhelmingly vote for Democrats, in some cases up to 93% of them. Hispanics overwhelmingly vote for Democrats as well. Only minority elements of black men and Hispanic men vote Republicans.

So, who votes for Republicans more than anyone else? Whites, specifically white men. It’s almost a 50/50 split with white women. The Boomers were the largest generation of whites America has ever seen. As they increasingly die off, that number of white votes can be expected to drop dramatically. Whites are the only swing voters when we look across racial voting statistics.

This is further exacerbated by wild breeding of Hispanics. Where you may have only 1 – 4 children, Hispanics (on average) have anywhere from 7 or more. In 2014, blacks and Asians gave birth to almost 17 percent more children than the national average, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Hispanics gave birth to 32 percent more than the national average.

This means if you voted for Trump and are a fan of his policies, your vote mattered and every vote not for him might as well have been for Democrats (yes, I’m looking at you third-party voters). The lack of participation by people who voted for Trump during the 2016 election but didn’t in the Midterms, directly led to losing the House. Democrats do something that most groups in the Right have a difficult time doing – which is being cohesive and active. I understand we have jobs and families, but the Democrats are: “in it to win it.” Democrats set up registration for new voters, bused people to the polls and got out their communities to vote. If we are to begin reversing this situation before it’s too late we must address these problems.

To briefly return to the symbolism I referenced earlier – it has a deeper meaning. It appears in a few other ideologies as well, notably fascism. The bundle of sticks has an actual meaning, which is individually one stick is very weak, but a bundle of sticks is very strong. It is this concept which we must return to if we are to stop this crisis which threatens to cast us over the brink of no return.

We must unify in all places to stop this crisis. The Republic and the Confederacy both held this value dearly. It has, especially so in this most recent decade, been largely forgotten due to the efforts of the Left and their backers to divide and conquer. Radical individualism will never win. It is only designed to make us atomized, alone and weak.

When crime statistics can be tied to ethic groups and an uptick in crime can be observed, the factors influencing it must be accounted for. Why is it 6.5% of the population is responsible for 52% of the murders in America? Why are narcotics, which are poisoning our communities, coming largely from South and Central American countries? What are repeated trends and patterns throughout history that are observable and are playing out right now?

Why are so many 3rd World countries still destitute and downtrodden despite all the aid, physically and financially, they get from Western countries? Could it have something to do with the overwhelming demographics of the people that make up these 3rd World countries? They have, at this point, no excuse. Many of them have been fully independent for a long time and a number of them are very resource rich. So, why is it they don’t prosper – if we are all “equal”? Why does the Bell Curve shows us evidence as to why certain people or groups of people behave? All of these questions and more are what you need to start asking and researching yourself.

To save ourselves and our lands no stone must be left unturned. I promised I would answer how we fix this and what we can do now.

There are several key things in our favor at this moment that we need to act on quickly. Immigration needs drastic reform rapidly. We must return to an immigration policy that contains the language observed from 1798 and prior. The wall along the southern border must be built. This must all then be followed up with drastic deportation efforts as well.

Doing all of this we can begin to turn back the tide and buy more time, which gives us room to craft more refined solutions. In the meantime, find a good woman and raise a family. You need to have children, “one and done” isn’t going to cut it. Look to your great grandparents. Have families like they did. It is our duty, not only to ourselves, but our homeland and posterity. Free yourself of the vices that bind you and fill you with negative thoughts. Focus on doing good for yourself, your family and your people.

Go to church. If you haven’t found God, try again to find Him. The time for feelings of hopelessness and dejection are over. The first part of admitting there is a problem is recognizing there is one and begin fixing it.

Come home, Southerner. We are waiting for you. Will you join us?

Take care, God bless you and God bless Dixie.

-By Otto


  1. Curtailing non-White immigration, both legal and illegal, would be a step in the right direction. But, there are two other aspects to this thorny problem. Whites will have to have some children. Too many white women opt for the ego gratification of a career and either have only one child or none at all. Second, many whites have been so demoralized over the years in our toxic culture (here in the US) that they no longer even think or act as decent white folks once did decades ago. Whites living their lives the same as non-Whites do because of this crap multiculturalism is a problem. Cultural Marxism has destroyed Europe and America, sorry to say.

  2. Dead on article. While we are returning (personally) to a traditional lifestyle and trying to reach out to others doing the same, I must say there are many out there pursuing this path; though many more need to. I pray for our home and our people. God bless, sir. Thanks again for the insight.

  3. you wrote,
    Why are narcotics, which are poisoning our communities, coming largely from South and Central American countries?

    this is really stupid. That is where poppies/coca grows, doesn’t grow in the US

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