The Confessions of a Cuban Fire Eater

I am often asked “Why are you a white supremacist” by many normies, they just can’t figure out why a young man of Cuban descent would ever become a Southern Nationalist, nor can some people in the movement. The reason why I did is quite simple: To preserve the great civilisation that is Dixie and her people from the very forces which destroyed Cuba.

I love the South, my ancestors migrated to Cuba and Dixie from Spain, some of my ancestors were filibusters who sought to add Cuba to the South. Now, I understand that I do not share the same connection to the land as a typical Southron, whose ancestors settled in Jamestown over three hundred years ago, however, I love the South and was raised to be a Southerner and I am very blessed to have been born in one of the most beautiful realms in Dixie – Florida.

Having been raised in the South, I developed a great fascination with the War for Southern Independence and I would read books on great Southern heroes such as Robert. E. Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Stonewall Jackson, etc. From an early age those men were my inspiration and their stand for liberty and for what is right, I could relate to their struggle for several reasons:

  1. Because my great great grandfather fought and died for Cuban independence from Spain and my great great uncle was a filibuster, thus stories about their patriotism and sacrifice had been passed down to me by my grandparents.
  2. I recognize that they stood up and resisted a tyrannical regime bent on destroying their way of life and robbing their posterity of their property and liberties.
  3. I viewed them as the final patriots to fight for freedom and the restoration of classical republicanism against Lincoln’s radical egalitarian regime.

I grew up hating the idea of egalitarianism, one of the primary tenets of communism, the cancer which destroyed the land of my ancestors and as I would soon find out, the Southern nation as well. As I got older, I began to take notice at the degeneracy being pushed by the US government and grew disgusted with it and with their constant assaults on what few rights remained which they had to yet fully take away. I became alienated from the modern world because it didn’t have anything worth my attention, the modern world is devoid of honour, of selflessness, of pride in one’s identity and roots, of Christianity, it is devoid of beauty and of sacred traditions, thus I never could relate to anyone in South Florida and growing up here was a challenge, living here now an even larger one.

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Did NOTHING wrong

The majority of Cuban people that live in Miami are degenerate communists who care nothing for liberty or the memory of their ancestors. They indulge themselves in all sorts of disgusting acts, such as race mixing, drug use and just living baseless materialistic lifestyles. This made me detest modern society even more and also made me wonder how my people went from being civilised Spanish people to this.

How did they go from being ardent Catholics to Santeria practicing savages? From Patriots to materialistic tools? I found out how: Cultural Marxism and modernism, the latter of which is the result of the former destroying the traditions of the past and erasing the identity of the nation as a result. The same is happening to the Dixie, via Reconstruction. If there is one state that has been heavily effected by Reconstruction it is sadly my state of Florida. Miami is basically New York City in the Caribbean. It is full of ill mannered, arrogant and foul mouthed Yankees and Third World immigrants, the place is a leftist hell hole and a prime example of foreign forces destroying Dixie and remaking her in their image, one of multiculturalism, of big business and cheap labour, of materialism and nihilism, of liberalism and degeneracy. That is Modern America.

Realising this at the age of 17, I was angry, yet not quite sure as to what course of action to take against the leftist American system – due to the fact I lived in a very liberal area. Then, in 2014, I found out about the League Of The South while searching for pro-Southern organisations online. After hearing several of Dr. Michael Hill’s phenomenal speeches and viewing the League’s activism and reading their mission statement, I just had to join them.

I joined because I wanted to be a part of something larger than myself and fight for a good cause, and I couldn’t think of a better cause than that of the independence and preservation of my country and the Southern nation. So on a rainy September day in 2014, I attended my very first demonstration and met with my Southern Nationalist brothers and sisters for the first time. As soon as I did, I knew I had found my place in the struggle against the American Empire and its insidious agenda. I was around the most honourable and extraordinary people I had ever come to know and they always will be and it is a great honour to know each and every one of them.

I am a Floridian fire eater and I am proud to be a part of a band of brothers dedicated to Dixie’s liberty, I intend to struggle diligently until independence is achieved and the South is saved from the Cultural Marxist onslaught which is destroying her under the oppressive rule of the US government. Joining the League Of The South was the best decision I ever made and I love my Southern Nationalist family, my fellow Southrons, and will continue to campaign for a free and independent South once more!

God Save The South!

-By James Thornwell

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  1. I always loved hearing the stories of your family members about first hand encounters with communism, wealth confiscation, etc… So you actually in a unique situation to have more an an insight of the things we are fighting to preserve, not less!

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