The Catalonia Question

Article by Tercio originally publish at La Derecha Alternativa’s blog.
The issue of Catalonian independence is heating up, both in the normie sphere and in the confines of the alternative right. Everyone from Edward Snowden and Julian Assange to is weighing in. The first two being in favor the last (at least that article) against it. But everyone is wrong, Assange is wrong, Snowden is wrong and’s Vincent Law is wrong, I’m right, listen to me.

What is the issue?
The issue is that Catalonia is asking for secession from Spain. They argue that they are their own country (or should) and base it on historical evidence and ethnic and linguistic differences. They also argue that Spain is basically a predatory occupying force that predates them financially.

These sort of claims sound really good from the point of view of both the normie point of view and the more red-pilled one. Anglos, especially will tend to project their own experiences onto Catalonian separatism. Maybe Southern Nationalists will support it because they see the CSA in Catalonia, or maybe Ireland or Scotland.

You shouldn’t support them.

Why you shouldn’t support Catalonian secession

First of all, the historical and ethnic claims are all false. Catalonia was never its own thing. It was never a kingdom or a nation of its own, they were the “Marca Hispanica”, a part of the Carolingian empire, they then were part of the Kingdom of Aragon, which then joined Castille and formed Spain. In other words, they were always a part of another kingdom and since its inception in the XV century a part of Spain. Catalonians re-wrote their own history and claim they had kings (or a king), when in fact that figure, the Count of Barcelona declared himself Duke of “España Citerior” or “Hither Spain”.

“Kings of Aragon vs Kings of Catalonia”

But what does it matter? They shouldn’t be independent just because they had no king five hundred years ago?

The historical claims issue doesn’t really matter, which is why I’m devoting only one brief paragraph to it. All independence movements have delusional claims either about their history or about past or present abuses to justify their secessionist actions, all of them. The USA had them heck, even Spain had them when it was occupied by Napoleon. This is normal and not surprising.

It also doesn’t matter that they’re lying when they say they want independence because they actually want to be part of the EU, on their own, not as a part of Spain.

It also doesn’t matter that Catalan separatists are a bunch of degenerate anti-White leftists that would be really comfortable at an antifa rally. The article from linked above details this perspective.

The Real Issue

The real issue is about the way they seek to accomplish their goals. The issue is that this is actually, just a shit-test for a no-fault divorce. As simple as that.

The Catalans want to consult themselves only, but not the rest of Spain on a matter that concerns both. What’s wrong with just the Catalans consulting themselves? Let me put it like this: There are 300 thousand Moroccans residing in Catalonia. They get to decide to put a border between Catalonia and Aragon, but the Aragonese don’t even get a say in the matter? Absurd. Catalonia is also not willing (nor capable) of achieving their goals through force.

So what is this? A unilateral demand for leaving without even the will, let alone the means, of enforcing it through violence or force? It’s a no-fault divorce! It’s Catalonia going “Spain, honey, I’m not happy anymore because reasons. Divorce please”. That’s all there is to it, this is the issue. Everything else, doesn’t matter.

There are only two legitimate ways of achieving independence. Either Catalonians ask ALL of Spain on the matter or they win it through force. If you don’t think it is reasonable for them to include all of Spain in a referendum that concerns “only them”, ask yourself if you think it makes sense if they should hold a referendum on whether or not they should join France without asking or including the French on it. If unilaterally voting for annexation sounds absurd, so does unilaterally voting for secession.

In the end though, whether Catalonia will be independent or not, depends on how Spain reacts to the shit-test or if it even recognizes it as such.

So, if you’re not a Spaniard looking into this issue, all that is asked by Spaniards is that you don’t project the experiences of places like Ireland, CSA or Scotland onto this. This is a shit-test by effeminate and entitled people, not a heroic claim for freedom from oppressed people. Don’t express outrage (like Snowden or Assange) at Spain flexing its muscles and slapping some sense into Catalonia for their insolence.

If you’re a Spaniard, for God’s sake! They’re trying to take something that is yours ¡Te estan tocando los huevos! Don’t just sit there and let it happen because “muh self-determination”.



  1. Well that’s pretty compelling. I usually ere on the side of self-determination, but God hates utopian-dreaming degenerates.

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