The Boat Shoe Beat: Stupid People

Stupid people really amaze me. At times, I’m not sure if it’s genetic (well, I mean, it certainly plays a role with *ahem* certain folks) or if these mongoloids walking around in public are willfully dumb. The culture has a lot to do with generating more stupidity out of the populace. Things like borrowing from your 401K to finance a new 4-wheeler, tattooing your eyeball, engaging in rampant sex on Tinder, marrying a serial cheater, etc. are all viciously stupid things that morons do in the Current Year. Thing is, this sort of idiocy isn’t really all that normal and wasn’t routine before the pozz went systemic.

I had lunch with a friend of mine recently and he was describing his girlfriend’s friend – we’ll call her Tiffany. She checks off all the boxes of the liberated female: a worthless college degree in Fine Arts (and with hefty student loans), an expensive apartment without roommates and an addiction to online retail shopping. Naturally, she’s underemployed, making less than $10 per hour as a pre-school teacher. She is thoroughly committed to sleeping with numerous men. Tiffany is not only scarily stupid, she’s a vapid normie thrall to Modernity.

How do these people even exist? I sometimes wonder what Tiffany would have been doing a hundred years ago; my guess is she’d be working the docks at Newport News with some sailors. What about two hundred years ago? Tiffany would probably be a tavern wench, fetching more than ale. Maybe those are her ancestors and she’s just a modern version of them. Rinse and repeat. It’s the only way to explain this type of stupidity.

Life’s full of consequences though. Tiffany ended up sleeping with too many “muh Alphas” and rolled the STD-loaded snake eyes. She had to call those countless Chads and explain to them that she had chlamydia. Poor thing, but thanks for paying it forward with the notice. Instead of chastity, she chose her lesser instincts of sleeping with anything that moves. Greg Johnson (I won’t get into his inclinations) once told me, “Life is an IQ test.

Then, there’s this new little bakery that opened up recently. I think it’s good when new businesses start up in town. Hopefully, they hire some locals and folks get a decent paycheck. However, businesses fail not because of some nefarious external market forces (generally speaking), but because of internal decision making. Like this mom-and-pop bakery is about to experience the hard way.

Why? Because the bakery’s hours are from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and they’re only open Monday through Friday. I have to scratch my head and think to myself, “What a bunch of fucking retards.” This is going to crash and burn because the bakery owners would rather have the business open when most of their customers are working (guaranteeing almost zero foot traffic) and the business will be closed when their customers are off work (literally no foot traffic). These people must be idiots. You can bet they’ve got loans up to their eyeballs too.

I find that certain people, specifically those that grew up without money or learned a very hard lesson about money, tend to be the best stewards of their financial resources. They understand consequences like an empty belly or raggedy shoes for their children. On the other hand, people that have never struggled with putting food on the table or stretched their paycheck are typically pretty poor with their money. You almost can’t blame them, they’ve never dealt with the consequences or are too stupid to care. This is why they’re awfully mindless with their money.

I was speaking with a late Gen Xer recently about debt. As someone very mindful about debt, and its implications, I’ve always been very leery of accruing it. There’s no need to outsmart the truth, debt is debt and you’re beholden to someone else that isn’t you. But, that’s my personal philosophy and it’s served me well. I wish more would take the advice. According to a survey of 1,000 people from the personal-finance company Bankrate, it found that 29% of Americans have more credit-card debt than they do emergency savings. Those are stupid people, there’s going to be more of them and the amount will, by all forecasts, continue to grow.

Anyway, back to the Gen Xer. Per him, not all debt is “bad” (granted, I understand this reasoning to a certain degree re: for modest car loans, buying a house, etc.), but I waited for him to flesh out his statement some more. That’s when it hit me. He started advocating for (1) borrowing against his 401K, (2) pitching a plan to borrow against his own house to start a business, (3) the virtues of leasing, instead of owning your own car and (4) he uttered the phrase, “Debt is a tool, if you use it right.

Debt is, almost entirely, just a way to buy things you can’t really afford. Acquiring frivolous debt is an r-selection trait. You are basically promising money you haven’t even earned yet, in order to buy something now. And, very few people pay off one debt before taking on any new ones; therefore, the debts pile up and you find yourself in a hole, buried up to your neck in debt. This typically happens to: stupid people, those about to learn from a terrible lesson and/or those with low impulse control.

I’ve always learned more from bad examples than good ones. In most cases, those bad examples derived from stupid people. The more you know.


  1. As good as this article is I fear it will fall on deaf ears because a vast majority of “adults” don’t have the level of maturity to admit they have a problem. There’s multiple factors that play into that but it’s just a basic fact.

  2. At times, I’m not sure if it’s genetic (well, I mean, it certainly plays a role with *ahem* certain folks) or if these mongoloids walking around in public are willfully dumb. The culture has a lot to do with generating more stupidity out of the populace.

    Well, you know what the second Basic Law of Human Stupidity states, right? That:

    The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.

    See here:

  3. From an early 30s Southerner, married with children; my wife and I have always held that debt is a prison. It’s cheaper to fix the paid for vehicles you have than to throw down 60k (that you DON’T have) on something that devalues 10 grand off the lot. General stupidity keeps most people in debt. Avoid it at all costs. My father in law always said he was ‘amazed at my outlook.’ When I asked him what he meant, he replied that finding someone so young who hated debt was unheard of. Sadly, looking at my friends and most of my generation; he was dead on.

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