The Boat Shoe Beat: Slavery Attire

Have you seen what normies look like out in public? To be frank, it’s horrifying how much has changed since I was in high school. At this point, I don’t think most normies even know how to wear clothes. I went out shopping for a new sport coat recently and couldn’t believe the decline in the physical appearance of your average normie.

This wasn’t Walmart. This wasn’t in the hinterlands ignored by the ruling elite. This was in the tony and cosmopolitan part of Richmond; it’s the part of the city jam-packed with wealthy Yankee transplants (natives too) and middle-class foreigners. Yet, most of the people dressed as if they were the pleb under-class from some near-future dystopia. These simply aren’t the same people from my past. They don’t look like it anyway. They certainly don’t sound or act like it.

I might as well have been a Martian. I was the only man wearing a collared shirt, minus one 70-year old man ambling about the mall. If a man was even wearing pants, I didn’t notice anyone wearing a belt. No leather shoes. Most didn’t even comb their hair. This wasn’t some early morning run to the grocery store for some emergency milk. This was the middle of the day on a Saturday.

Shorts and sweatpants. Maybe, even some tennis shoes or else it was flip-flops. No shave. A raggedy t-shirt with a Marvel character printed on it. This is what the adult men looked like. They looked like slaves. This is the best they could wear in public? Yet, some of these same people have the gall to call country people “white trash.” Ironic.

And, the women were all together worse. Yoga pants and tights don’t leave much to the imagination, but that seems to be the standard uniform for the uniformly female adult normie. No wonder their daughters dress comparatively to hookers. At least working girls wear makeup. These female normies couldn’t be bothered to even wear jeans. A modest dress was out of the question. These women object to sexual objectification, but they have to be thinking: “Everybody check my spandex ass out, I do crossfit.

What I’m getting at is this: these people look nothing like their grandparents. I’m not even talking about the great divide in viewpoints between someone born during the Great Depression and someone born in Reagan’s America. They look like an entirely different people. Like, people from a different country and alien culture. This area is supposed to be the “sophisticated” part of Richmond, yet they dress worse than Irish Travelers.

Where does this lead and look like in the future? If a people don’t have the agency to even wear a belt to keep their pants up, I’m not sure of the horrors of the future. Maybe they’ll just wear a government issued onesie with their choice of a corporate logo. Men (or those that identify as male) can have their favorite sportsball team stamped on the chest of their onesie. Women, since they can’t make a decision anyway, get theirs in black. Choice seems too much for normies, so they can just wear their onesie and sip on Starbucks (or a craft brew) as they consume their weekends away.

These are the same people that believe everyone is the same, yet we must celebrate our differences (it’s paradoxically a strength, you know). They speak the language of the modern slave. They certainly look like it.

To end on a positive note: better yourself. You don’t have to go out dressed like Richard Spencer or James Bond, but separate yourself from the normie horde. A man chooses, a slave obeys. In this case, the normie is a thrall to the declining, dismal tide of modernity – look like a slob, no one cares about their appearance and “just be you.” Reject that thinking and reject the slovenly zeitgeist.

Take pride in your appearance. Be an example for your people.


  1. Excellent advise.

    Many people beg to be enslaved – at least that is what they dress, behavior and language testify. Freedom is just too much for them.

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