The Boat Shoe Beat: In Defense of Cops

This isn’t a defense for shooting the family dog. This isn’t apologism for shutting down a Girl Scout lemonade stand. This isn’t cover for failing to stop a school shooter. This isn’t exonerating cops for standing down and allowing a legally permitted rally to be disrupted by smelly and violent communists in Charlottesville. And, this isn’t justification for murdering an unarmed father by a trigger-happy sociopath. However, I think the boys in blue deserve a little more credit than is given them by the Dissident Right (including those at Identity Dixie).

Not all cops are murderous maniacs with a penchant for criminality or bloodshed. They’re not all extreme thrill freaks looking for that dopamine drop after smashing a junkie’s head on the hood of their car. They don’t take pleasure in having to order a cavity search because an addict shoved some dirty needles up his ass. They don’t “get off” on giving you a speeding ticket. They don’t enjoy notifying grieving parents that their teenage daughter got killed by a drunk driving illegal alien.

Now, I’m not a libertarian. On a good day, I’m a paleoconservative. On a bad day, such as drag queen reading hours at the local library for kindergarten kids, I veer off to Franco fascism. At the end of the day though, I believe radical individualism is damaging to both the civilization and the individual. Man must be governed, or else anarchy will ensue. I’m also a firm believer in broken windows theory. The current strain of libertarianism, in both their wacky mainstream movement and its modified more right-wing edition of the Dissident Right, has an unhealthy hatred for law enforcement. I think it’s shortsighted and clouded in unfair generalities due to considering exceptions the general rule. In other words, bad cop behavior outliers are made to be the standard.

To be fair, it depends on where you live. Live in an urbanite hellhole and you’ll likely get police that could care less about you. There’s plenty of exceptions to that statement, of course. But, I’ve found rural policing to be typically generous, respectful and kind. It’s a different breed and requires a different approach. That may be anecdotal, but life’s made up of anecdotes. That country sheriff that checked on the elderly widow down the road because her phone lines were down for a week, that’s my experience. Or, the time I imbibed too many libations at the town-hall dance and the sheriff’s lieutenant gave me a ride home. Or, the local deputy that coaches little league with the town mayor. My experience isn’t Harvey Keitel’s Bad Lieutenant or Stallone’s Cop Land.

Here’s the score though – the world is an incredibly dangerous place and it’s getting more dysfunctional as we degrade into Clown World Proper. Normies don’t comprehend that because they’re mostly unaware of the world around them; they’d rather binge watch Netflix or play games on their smartphone than watch the local news’ crime reports. As cliche as it sounds to libertarians of all stripes, law enforcement is a deterrent to crime. Law enforcement also solves crimes – that fact gets left out during anti-police discourse for some reason. And, in case you weren’t keeping up with current events, there’s a large demographic that engages in pretty significant amounts of criminality. They punch way above their weight (13% = 50).

Now, I’m not advocating for colored people to be beaten with a nightstick for no good reason. As much as I like Magnum Force, I understand that’s fiction and those rookies deserved what they had coming to them by Dirty Harry. Shooting a perp for having expired tags or beating a suspect into submission for jaywalking is homicidal fantasy. It’s also not something that routinely happens by police in our country of 300 million people.

The reality of our situation is that there really is a racial war going on in this country. There’s no need to engage in fantasy LARPing on your keyboard, just join your local sherriff’s office. It’s a proxy war between police and non-whites, generally speaking (whites certainly engage in criminality also and methheads need to be in chains). As the country’s demographics continue to become less “heritage American,” expect it to intensify, along with the perceived “police brutality” and backlash.

Non-whites and the media get it, why can’t you? They equate police to white people and vice versa. They consider non-white cops as Uncle Toms or sell-outs. It’s so damn tribal a blind man could see it. I sometimes wonder if the denizens of the ghetto have more collective sense than the Libertarian Party (with respect to law enforcement, not property rights). There’s little wonder why the media simply love to present law enforcement in a bad light – because they want police restricted from controlling impulsive and rampant black lawlessness.

The Dissident Right likes to catalog black-on-white crime. I get that, it’s rarely reported by the fake news. The libertarian element of the Dissident Right enjoys breaking down failures in police procedures and violating citizens’ rights. I get that too, injustice and incompetence should never be tolerated. But, does anyone in our corner of the world tally our cops killed by colored crime? I’m sure it’s been written and talked about, but I’ve never seen or heard it. So, I spent ten minutes doing a little research of my own, didn’t spend much time on it. I just stuck with Virginia and didn’t do a deep dive into the police records, just news reports. Here’s what I found.

Take Virginia State Trooper Lucas Dowell for instance. He was killed in the line of duty in February of this year while conducting a search warrant as part of a narcotics investigation. His killer was one Corey Johnson. You guess the demographic. Johnson was also killed during the shootout and, naturally, had quite the dindu nuffin track record: at the age of 19, Johnson was convicted in Chesterfield County, Virginia, of attempted murder, robbery and two firearm charges in connection with an incident where he was accused of robbing a man. Johnson was clearly a sovereign citizen engaging commercial trade and was stopped by tyrannical police stormtroopers (end sarcasm).

Then you have former Marine and, now deceased, Virginia State Trooper Chad Phillip Dermyer. He was questioning good ‘ole James Brown III for loitering around the Richmond Greyhound bus station in the middle of the night. Clearly, an abuse of power by an egomaniac pig. After a few polite questions, Jimmy Brown decided to make Michelle Dermyer a widow and her two children fatherless. I’m quite sure Mr. Brown’s constitutional rights were violated. Again, another example of our proxy race war.

James Brown III

Detective Michael Phillips is survived by his wife and two sons. Detective Phillips was with the Virginia Beach Police Department and undercover on a marijuana bust (I’m sure that’ll put the libertarians in a tailspin). Well, Ted Vincent Carter and Marshall Demetrius Moyd (guess the demographic again) likely knew something was up with the deal Phillips was working on. Carter subsequently blindsided Phillips and shot him multiple times. Police reported Carter standing over Phillips’ body trying to steal some cash as the cruisers moved in on him. Unsurprisingly, Carter had been convicted before in Virginia Beach for carrying a concealed weapon. His father, Theodore V. Carter, is serving life in prison for the fatal shooting of a Wachovia Bank employee in 2005. Go figure.

There were, of course, many more. Men and women killed in the line of duty by non-whites. No one seems to speak for them, folks just trying to keep this world semi-functional. This doesn’t mean I’m going to slap a Thin Blue Line sticker on my truck, but let’s not overlook the institution holding back the far more savage elements of our society.

Unfortunately, some of our people forget the other side of the ledger.


  1. I sometimes worry I’m often too critical of law enforcement officers. One reason I have long been an advocate for immigration restrictionism may be summed up in what Noah Webster (the fella who wrote the dictionary) once wrote in his American Minerva Magazine. Mr. Webster wrote (I paraphrase):

    I consider it a matter of infinite consequence, the cautious admission of foreigners to the rights of citizenship. … Many of them come here with violent prejudices against arbitrary government, and they seem to make no great distinction between arbitrary government, and a government of laws founded on free elections.

    My recollection is that Webster penned those words in or around 1824. But I think we all know that his concerns above-stated hold true to this very day. If, as Webster iterates, immigrants (as opposed to the white Western Europeans who first settled the continent) come here with “violent prejudices against arbitrary government,” and “make no great distinction between arbitrary government,” etc., then of course this is going to create a great deal of chaos that wouldn’t otherwise exist if we denied entry (and full citizenship) to persons so disposed. As it applies to law enforcement, and LEOs in particular, obviously their job is made much more difficult in the very issue. Trouble is, lots of law abiding, God-fearing decent white folk get caught up in all of this because “equality,” “equal protection of the laws,” “non-discriminationism” and blah, blah.

    It’s also worthwhile to recollect what Mr. Jefferson said about the persons who sit on our courts; he said (again, I paraphrase) ‘Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so.’ Amen! This applies to LEOs as well.

    As far as Libertarians go, I agree with you absolutely (I’ve written about this a bunch of times, btw) when you say extreme individualism is bad all around. Someone (not me) once wrote that extreme individualism is more dangerous than the worst tyranny. Or something to that effect. I agree in the sense that if or when a society is “governed” by extreme individualism, or to the extent it is, this is really just lawless anarchy, which we see quite a lot of in modern America. That is of course a big part of the reason we facetiously refer to her as “Weimerica” and “Clown World,” and “The Land o Lies.”

  2. Hang on a minute, lolbertarians insist that drugs don’t bring crime so we should just legalize it and all these problems would go away.

    1. Ha! Yeah. They also insist that we’re all essentially the same; that if everyone had a “good paying job,” an iphone, a nice house or apartment, cable TV and an endless supply of cigarettes or whatever, crime and criminality would essentially, and for all intents and purposes, disappear. These are the inmates running the asylum; the clowns running clown world, if you prefer.

      I consider it the “mother of all ironies,” so to speak, that libertarian open-borders fanatics (like their fanatical abolitionist predecessors) run about all over the “fruited plain” claiming to be the original “Constitutional Originalists.” Dumb; just dumb. First of all, there is nothing “constitutional originalist” about the 14th Amendment or the so called “Incorporation Doctrine.” Duh. Second, these people have a tendency to believe government always acts arbitrarily, which is to say, in their words, that government (matters not what level) makes laws, restrictions on behavior, etc., “because it can.” Hence, speed limits are “arbitrarily” posted and enforced according to these nincompoops. So a bunch of them get together on their “bikes” in Southern CA and intentionally break dozens of traffic laws, abuse their privelege of “splitting traffic,” draw law enforcement officers into dangerous high speed chases on heavily occupied freeways, do their damdest to incite “road rage” amongst persons legitimately making their way to and fro, and so on and so forth.

      Libertarianism is a lawless, crackpot ideology, pure and simple.

  3. I once heard that the definition of a Libertarian was a person who believes that one should be able to make as much money as they please, any way they please, so long as they don’t kill someone else while doing it, with no interference from law or government at any level, and that they should be allowed to smoke dope while they’re doing it.

    Sounds fairly accurate.

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