The Tennessee Statement- A Southern Nationalist Manifesto

Southern Nationalism is the oldest ethnonationalist movement in North America, dating back to the 19th century.

The following is a (by no means exhaustive or definite) overview of what we believe as Southern Nationalists. These views are based on numerous conversations I have had with other Southern Nationalists, as well as, views echoed in the League of the South’s position papers.

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A Matter of Honor

When was the last time you heard someone mention honor? Probably not lately, maybe not ever. Men in the service have likely heard the term mentioned, but civilians and normies? Not hardly – at least, not the true sense of the word. They’re more likely to hear “honoring the contract” rather than, “honoring your family.”

In today’s decaying society, honor is at best considered a curiously quaint, if misunderstood, old-fashioned notion held dear by archaic eccentrics. At worst, if you upheld your honor or spoke freely about honor’s merits – you’d be called a jingoist or crazed reactionary. However, the more probable response would be a head scratch and a puzzled look.

Broadly speaking, honor is alien in our Hollow Empire.

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Based Grandpa: A Southern Example

All of us have family stories that have been passed down through the generations. Many of these tales contain half-truths but they are packed full of life lessons.  These stories tell us about another time, a time when being a white Southerner was worn as a badge of honor. A time when a man could be a man and could stand up for what was right. A gentleman could speak his mind without having to hide behind an anonymous sock account on Facebook to protect his family and livelihood. All of us long to live in a society like our grandparents.

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Weimerica: Where Vice Has Become Virtue

Recently, Andrew Anglin over at DailyStormer published a piece where he touched on the age old tactic that the (((media))) uses when going after “muh literally Hitler” figures such as himself. It’s simple really – dig into their past, find all their closet skeletons, find associates (possibly enemies) willing to smear them, and ultimately discredit their radical right-wing message by showing them to be “hypocrites”.

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Your Future – Fortitude and Fatherhood

What makes a man a man? Now more than ever in the brave new rootless matriarchal dystopia that has become western civilization, it is urgent that you embrace the masculine virtues of your ancestors. This is quite a challenge for those who have scant few male role models to hold in esteem. Young men in the Alt-Right see decadence, decay, and decline all around them. Many fear a future without a family to serve as their anchor. Those with career ambitions find disappointment and consternation when their goals don’t pan out. It’s not easy to forge a life of honor and dignity when your wheels are spinning, mired in the muck of globalization, diversity and feminism.

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