Into the Forest – Part 2

In my previous article, I discussed the decline in hunting in America – but, it wasn’t always as I described.  From the time of the conquering of the Plains Indians to the early 1960’s, a period of a little less than a hundred years, were the heyday for hunting in America as a sport, and a way of life.  The years immediately after The Great War, until right before our debacle in Vietnam, were truly the golden years of this period.   The “sportsman” was king in the realm of all that was manly.  Every men’s magazine was apt to have ads for guns and knives, the world famous archer Howard Hill was a pop icon, and nearly every gas station a mile outside of a major city limits sold a hunting license.

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Into the Forest – Part 1

There is just something about it.  Maybe it is the practicing of time honored traditions of our forefathers?  Maybe it satisfies some primal urge within the one who participates in the act? Perhaps for some, it is all about the camaraderie felt while sipping homemade apple brandy with close friends around a campfire in some far removed wilderness camp.  My own personal psychoanalysis is that it is the ultimate expression of a people who have long ago conquered their environment, and have a longing to go back to the days when they struggled against the harsh environs of their motherland: Europe.  But, I really don’t know.

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Be a Man Among Men, Part Two: Man as Provider

In Part One, we discussed man’s role as the protector. In this installment, we will discuss man’s role as provider.

As men, we have an innate and primal need to provide. This function is ingrained into the male psyche from birth. Our ability to plan for future events regarding both our families and communities gives us a distinct advantage over our female counterparts as providers.

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Be a Man Among Men, Part One: Man as Protector

We have a crisis of masculinity. For the last half century, we have left the definition of masculinity up to Jews and feminists, who have used the opportunity to redefine masculinity as something toxic and destructive. The roles of men in society have been outsourced to soldiers, police officers, teachers, and other agents of the state. Jewish media has transformed the portrayal of men from the alpha in control into the dopey, stupid slave to women. On the off chance that a man is portrayed fulfilling his proper roles, he’s cast as an evil Nazi or some other form of undesirable or malcontent.

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The Tennessee Statement- A Southern Nationalist Manifesto

Southern Nationalism is the oldest ethnonationalist movement in North America, dating back to the 19th century.

The following is a (by no means exhaustive or definite) overview of what we believe as Southern Nationalists. These views are based on numerous conversations I have had with other Southern Nationalists, as well as, views echoed in the League of the South’s position papers.

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