Unplugging from the Religion of PC

During supper, my daughter expressed the urge to try the “7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby” (it claims it will change your life).  One of my failings as a parent is not monitoring some of my daughter’s Youtube viewing closely enough, of which this had come from.  I tend to tune-out some of her Minecraft videos unless I hear bad language or other inappropriate content, but they can still hold subtle traps.  It’s a perfect example of the insidious nature of Leftist ideology that seeps into every electronic device we and our children own.

Helicopter Mom recently re-tweeted a quote by evangelist Paul Washer warning of the dangers of the bombardment of secular thought pushed by the left.  Our children are trained for somewhere around 15,000 hours in public school on how to think like a godless Leftist, then they go home and turn on the TV or the computer and get another 2-3 hours a day on average for good measure.  Then, Washer quips, they go to Sunday school and color a picture of Noah’s Ark.  He then asks how that’s going to stand against the lies that our kids are being sold?

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