Beyond The Wall 40 With John C. Wright

Editor’s note: We had some problems with the audio file as we were recording the show. I did my best to try to clean the audio out and make it as listenable as possible, so I hope it is not completely horrible for our listeners, my apologies in advance if is not to your liking. -Paul

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Wrap My Hijab (Around My Fucking Neck)

Wrap my Hijab. Wrap my Hijab. Wrap wrap my Hijab.” Oh, heavens. What fucking country are we in.

This is the very question I asked myself when I saw a friend share the video on social media. The answer is simple. It’s the continuing colonization of the country we love by the shit skinned invaders. Not a colonization by force, yet, but a colonization through the normalization of the Islamic culture (if you can call it that) and their customs. Yes, it may sound silly but through the normalization comes the dropping of the guard. A guard that must remain up when dealing with these barbarians.

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Remembering Chattanooga, 2 Years Later

At 10:45 on the morning of July 16, 2015, shots rang out at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Chattanooga, TN. The shooter fled the scene in a rented Ford Mustang, which he then used to ram the gates of the Naval Reserve Center. He then exited the vehicle and began an attack on Navy and Marine Reservists stationed at the base. By the end of the shooting, only 30 minutes after his attack began, 4 Marines and 1 Sailor had lost their lives.

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Please Wake and Begin to Hate, Mr. Saxon

The land of my forefathers has some major problems (bigly, you could say). Sadly, the British “stiff upper lip” has been replaced with “limp wrists” and a fondness for mass suicidal altruism. The land of the Briton is now quickly being replaced and becoming the land of the Mohammedan. Last week’s (now) routine and totally predictable carnage is just another testament of the poisonous fruit of diversity and Britain’s, as well as the West in general, impotent and worthless response to their own destruction.

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“Terrorism” is a Red Herring

A short polemic regarding Islamic immigration

My main concern with Islamic immigration isn’t terrorism.

It isn’t even large incidents like the events of New Years Eve 2015 in Cologne.

The impact of Muslim immigration is rarely so dramatic.

It’s the petty theft. It’s the vagrancy. It’s the creepy stares they give to our wives, girlfriends, daughters, mothers, and sisters.

One mugging, one carjacking – these things can change the entire atmosphere of a community in an instant. Parents will worry about their children leaving the house, and wives will fear for their husbands when they go to work. I’ve seen what one petty crime can do to a high trust community – it destroys that trust.

The foreign languages being spoken in public places, behind the backs of residents. The rudeness exhibited by the newcomers. Those small things that erode fellowship, erode community, and make life just that little bit less pleasant.

This is what we have to tell the normies. Terrorism is incredibly rare. Even rape, though increasingly common in European countries due to the crisis, is relatively uncommon.

But the erosion of social trust? Just one Somalian amongst a group of 10,000 whites can accomplish that. Just by mugging one person, touching one child, or jacking one car.

“Terrorism” is only cited as a reason to oppose Islamic immigration because our politicians are too cowardly to tell the truth.  The truth that the very presence of third world peoples – even without their radical madrassas, mosques, and calls to prayer – are a threat to the very fabric of our society.

The Right has been using the same tired arguments against Islamic immigration since 9/11  – that Islamic immigrants bring terror.  When it is pointed out that a vast majority of Muslim immigrants are not terrorists, the entire anti-Islamic immigration argument is left deflated.

“Terrorism” is a red herring.  The real threat involves the average Muslim man, woman, and child.  The real threat is the erosion of community and trust.