A Matter of Honor

When was the last time you heard someone mention honor? Probably not lately, maybe not ever. Men in the service have likely heard the term mentioned, but civilians and normies? Not hardly – at least, not the true sense of the word. They’re more likely to hear “honoring the contract” rather than, “honoring your family.”

In today’s decaying society, honor is at best considered a curiously quaint, if misunderstood, old-fashioned notion held dear by archaic eccentrics. At worst, if you upheld your honor or spoke freely about honor’s merits – you’d be called a jingoist or crazed reactionary. However, the more probable response would be a head scratch and a puzzled look.

Broadly speaking, honor is alien in our Hollow Empire.

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The Empire and Our Future

This is in response to the excellent Heritage Not Hate? piece published on Identity Dixie a few days ago. It provides some insight to just how thoroughly we have been indoctrinated by the Yankee elite which controls our armies, our resources, and our tax dollars: of which we disproportionately die for, give up, and pony up.

The jig is up, stop dancing. They never cared for you, only your Southern kin has ever been there for you.

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Beyond The Wall 33: Plantation Futurism with Michael Cushman

In this episode we talk to Michael Cushman author of Our Southern Nation a book about the Iberian and Mediterranean origins of the Southern United States. We learn that the South had more in common with Spanish America and Southern Europe than with Anglo Northern Europe, despite the genetic stock of the population being almost completely Anglo. We discuss the plantation economy, how slavery wasn’t actually bad and how the South tried to annex several Spanish territories through filibusters and people like Narciso Lopez, a Venezuelan that tried to take over Cuba on behalf of the South. Michael also lived in Spain so he shares some anecdotes of his experience with the Carlists and the Falange.

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Reclaiming Christianity and the Church – Part 1

Recently, I wrote an article about the necessity of maintaining explicit Christianity in Southern Nationalism. This raises some questions about an institution that is integral to Christianity, the Church. Over the next few weeks, I will explore some practical and theological issues that pertain to the relationship between the Church and Southern Nationalism, and how Christianity and the Church can be reclaimed.

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