Dixianism Core Beliefs: A Proposal

This is an updated version of the tenets of Dixianism as previously introduced and incorporates the definition of Dixian People as previously defined. It is meant to be a positions statement on the “must haves” for our enduring existence and prosperity as a people. I have attempted to avoid secondary (and often the most divisive within the movement) beliefs. This is intended to provide a foundation (perhaps not yet complete) on which secondary positions may later be constructed using these as premises. Most readers will probably notice that this statement has much in common with the Tennessee Statement and the League of the South core beliefs statement.

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Dixian Ethno-Nationalism, or Dixianism

It does not adequately describe us to simply identify as altright or white nationalist. While it is true that our primary identity is based on our peoplehood rather than ideology, it is still expedient to be able to articulate an ideology. Unlike liberals, trucons and libertarians, we are a people that possesses an ideology rather than an ideology that possesses a people. Our ideology is necessarily Dixian-ethnocentric or it is worthless, without saltiness, to be trampled underfoot . Its tenets must at least stand up to the simple test:

Is it good for the long term interest of the Dixian people?

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The Iron Law of Infiltration

Allow me to introduce the Iron Law of Infiltration:

  1. Those who can, create; those who can’t, infiltrate.
  2. The greater the creation, the more attractive it will be to infiltrators.
  3. Initial infiltration (often undetected or dismissed as trivial) usually encourages more infiltration, creating a “snowball” or “leaky dam” effect.
  4. Once infiltration reaches a critical threshold, there is a catastrophic convergence.

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