Dinesh D’Souza – Tactical Street-Shitter

If a serious rightwing movement is going to be successful in this country, we’re going to need our own fair share of “useful idiots.” Some candidates for our useful idiots would be the people, mostly boomers, who are big fans of Dinesh D’Souza. I personally have never been interested in D’Souza’s work but I have firsthand seen how D’Souza’s books and movies, which are usually cringe-worthy and idiotic, are well-received by people whose votes we need to win elections.

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Bob Goodlatte: Make the Shenandoah San Salvador!

It never changes does it. If you’re a student of Virginia politics, you know full well that most of the state is being demographically and politically transformed by both internal (think Yankee shitlibs, cucks and transplants) and external immigration (think Third World refuse). Most of our Republican leadership isn’t even made up of actual Virginians. See the ugly mug associated with this article, it’s none other than Massachusetts native, now a Virginia trvecon, Bob Goodlatte.

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You Won’t Be Remembered Fondly

Today’s conservatives will be wretched villains in the history books. As soon as they got Congress, they broke all their promises from the previous seven years. These supposed conservatives gave us Obamacare and refused to defend the country from invasion. All those votes for Trump go in the trash as far as they’re concerned. They did manage to denounce Nazis though. I mean these conservatives would spit on a cross to show you how not-racist they are. Very conservative, huh?

Are we supposed to pretend they have ever had any principles? They do nothing but lie to us for money. I’m sure these traitors will someday erect statues to themselves. Those statues aren’t going to last long though. We right-wingers will (legally) tear them down before the Left ever thinks about it. The legacy of the cuckservatives belongs to us. The Left aren’t going to write about a bunch of dead White boys. People erect statues to their defenders. Traitors don’t get statues.

Thom Tillis – Let’s Make Carolina Colombia!

On Tuesday, Senator Thom Tillis (supposedly a conservative and a senator from North Carolina) issued the following statement on Trump’s announcement to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and on his cucky intention to introduce legislation addressing the legal status of illegal alien children squatting in our country:

“Immigration policy must be set through legislation, not executive orders. That was the fundamental flaw underpinning DACA and the reason it’s highly unlikely to survive a legal challenge. President Trump is wisely giving Congress a period of time to fulfill its responsibility to legislate and take long-term action to address the uncertainty facing undocumented children, who were brought to America through no fault of their own.”

As is typical of cuckservatives, he has the shotgun pointed at his foot with his finger on the trigger.

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With Friends Like These – William F. Buckley’s Betrayals

William F. Buckley was responsible for moving National Review away from its early stalwarts, such as Joe Sobran, Sam Francis, John O’Sullivan, Peter Brimelow and other nationalist and anti-immigration authors. He was largely silent during the gross attacks on Mel Bradford by Norman Podhoretz and his crew when Bradford was nominated by Reagan to head the NEH in 1980. He publicly attacked Pat Buchanan and Joe Sobran in the book-length screed, “In Search of Anti-Semitism”.

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