Open Letter to “Save the Robert E. Lee Statue”

To Whom It May Concern,

Over the weekend, as you are aware, two rallies were held at Lee Park in your municipality. One was organized by pro-white, pro-monument activists and led by Alt-Right spokesperson Richard Spencer. The following day, a motley crew of “Antifa” counter-protestors gathered around the Robert E. Lee monument and defiled it with a “hate banner” intended to incite hostility toward pro-white advocates.

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Flagcucks & Their Commercialized Symbolism

Flagcucks, also known as Cuckfederates. I think we’ve settled on those words to describe the typical neutered southern denizen of Confederate themed social media groups. These are people who spend their spare time sharing memetic images of The Army of Northern Virginia battle flag, photos of orange 1969 Dodge Chargers adorned with said flag, and who thirstpost pictures of buxom bombshells wearing battle flag adorned bikinis. Post after post, comment after comment, the same hollow dedication to Southern culture and imagery that is superficial at best, and artificial at worst.

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