Southern Rights Clubs Now!

Many conservatives have been ignoring the fact that their GOP is already doomed. They seem to try to ignore current demographics and think they can somehow hold power with a non-white majority. They are failing to rid America of even the illegal immigrants committing violence and selling drugs. Heck, they can’t even stop a migrant caravan known months in advance.

Sure, if Palestinians want  to invade Israel then go ahead, Abram Silverstine, and open fire, but if Paco and his family want in, we must process them. The current system and GOP leadership (with perhaps the exception of Trump) are, and have, failed us. They just barely managed to stand their ground on the 2nd Amendment after the series of shootings and even then they still banned bump stocks. This should lead any person to the conclusion that we will be a one party state by the late 2020’s. That party will be the radical anti-white party of the Democrats. We already see how they rule in California, which is ground zero for moral decadence and mass degeneracy. 

If the GOP isn’t a our savior then what is? We as white Southerners must unite and organize beyond the GOP. We need to organize in our local communities. Their is still hope for gaining power in our local towns and local governments. It makes it extremely easier to win over communities if we were protected by our local politicians. Antifa could be fended off legally and with local authorities backing us up, we could have new strongholds and expand from there. Rallies and marches would be so much easier if we could actually trust the local government.

We need to unite around the banner of Southern Nationalism, not the banner of false conservatism. Just putting up posters and talking to normie conservative family members about our cause can help. We should run are own guys for local political positions like sheriff or city council.

We should stop worrying about the national level and do what we can in our local areas. Why not form small clubs of like minded Southerners? These clubs could put up posters (legally) and go out and engage the public with our beliefs without having a whole community end up in siege mode. We could station our guys to recruit at gun shows, fairs and rodeos, instead of urbanite cities where we are completely outnumbered and alienated. There are plenty of places where like minded people would take well to our message, that not only would prove cheap, but also safe. Guys who know their local area would know exactly where to recruit or to have an event.

Take advantage of opportunities when they arise. That’s how you win victory. 

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