Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

When I was young, I was in a gifted and talented program in elementary school.  Once a week, we got to leave our regular class and go to a different school in the district for more advanced studies.  It was during these years that I was introduced to the game of chess.  I immediately fell in love.  I would play with others in the gifted class, my grandfather, and since no one in my house knew how to play, myself. 

Winning a game of chess that you are playing against yourself is, as you would assume, much more difficult than winning against an opponent.  Sure, you do not know what your opponent’s strategy will be, but neither does he know yours.  When you play against yourself, you know precisely what moves you intend to make, and that is exactly why it is harder.  As white, you know what black’s strategy is and vice versa.  The only way to get a leg up on yourself is to exploit some flaw that you overlooked while playing for the other color.  Even still, as soon as you find the mistake, you recalculate your next few moves and adjust the opposing side’s defense accordingly.

In college, many of us have done something similar in classroom debates.  Many professors, if they were decent, would have the class pick sides in a debate and then make the two sides argue for their opponent’s position. 

Either of these are effective tools to strengthen your ability to argue for and defend your point of view.  It is awesome practice, but we must understand that we are playing a big boy game now.  This isn’t a chess game with yourself where, if you make a fatal error, you can just reset the pieces and start over.  We are not in a classroom where, if you fail to think of a rebuttal, you lose the debate, but the professor still gives you a good grade for participation.  We do not have time to constantly keep making the same stupid mistakes that get us nowhere.

I could lay out the reasons why the radical Left is still spinning their wheels because I have mentally played the game of “win the revolution” from their side.  Since I know some of them are reading this, I will not tell them that they need to watch out for their knight on F6 (constantly attacking the majority of people who would stand with them for small groups that do not even make up a fraction of the former) because…well, why should I? Damnit!  Well, move the knight or not now, we are still going to take your queen.

I do want to see my own side win, but we have been making the same mistake for decade after decade: Jews

I try to be the social media butterfly in the room and check out as many Fringe Right social media groups and YouTube channels as I can.  One thing that I can say for our side is that we have some incredibly intelligent minds diving into all sorts of topics, and that makes me proud.  On the other hand, since our little movement is made up of mostly men, and men will be men: we have the tendency to try to outdo each other.  What I mean by that is when we become “woke” to that totally noninflammatory subject (sarcasm), some tend to peacock and flaunt their wokeness in rather flamboyant ways. 

Again, we have really intelligent folks among us.  I have listened to podcasts and livestreams that discuss the failings of global capitalism and the military industrial complex that deserve a spot on Tucker Carlson’s show.  I just wish that I did not have to listen to these discussions on “Dr. Mengele’s Death Showers of Genocide Show” (fake name, but you get the point).

Every one of us understands that movements need people to be effective and quite a lot of them at that (just ask the libertarians).  The JQ is a nonstarter for pretty much 95% of the population, especially here in Dixie.  You have to work with what you are given, and people just shut down when you start talking about Jewish power and influence.  A lot of these guys may think that they are making a difference because their subscriber count has gone up from 200 to 213, but they fail to realize that they are only gaining 13 more subscribers out of the pool of less than 100,000 people who already know about that stuff. 

My good friend, Mr. William Henry Whitlow, said it best, “You’re never going to get anywhere with that because the only Jews people in the South know are in the Bible.”  And, he is right.  You would have an easier time convincing the entire Southern population that Buddhism is the true religion than you would about some fantasy romanticism regarding the Third Reich.

There are winning points that we have in the arsenal, but third rails are that for a reason.  Talk about the failure of global capitalism, the tactics the media uses to smear and defame people, the catastrophe of Reconstruction, the crisis at the border and the failure of our elected officials to stop it, etc., but we have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. 

How long has our side been talking about that one issue?  Decades.  Have we won or convinced a large enough portion of the country to make a difference?  No.  Do you want to win?  Yes?  Then, stop obsessing about the Jews and start obsessing about your people more.

-By Imperator


  1. WeakAF. Furthermore, the only plumage junkies I see are the podcasters. It’s not edutainment, sadly, it merely entertainment…. And, well we know who runs Hollywood.

    You know this is the second post I’ve seen on #ID today, being dismissive of JKnowledge. Ironically, I haven’t seen one comment that’s said; “you’re right! The zeitgeist geist is all wrong, let’s avoid the jq at all cost!”

    So, albeit, op is ready to abandon ship, I encourage all to “stay the course.” If you cannot see the increase in the tension in the /community/, the media, Congress, et. Al; I guess you never will. But to those who can…. I say, HONK ON!

    Also, for those who think that the south can’t be woke, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to do reading on Jews in the American colonies, pre-revolution. Then, Jews in slavery, Jews in abolition, Jews in Leo Frank era seggregation/kkk reasurgance during the progressive era; then in integration and again in the derailment of HUAC, all the way till this very day. If the south cannot see that it has been used, by the Jews as a pestel to the negro morter; that they manipulated you, mocked you and humiliate you in Wal-Murica, and that doesn’t anger you…. Nothing ever will.

    I cannot imagine how a gentleman of the south could even think of the trump presidency as anything but the final straw that broke the camel’s back.


    1. Bob you are right as usual.I’m starting to think the Jews have infiltrated this site what with two very similar articles in this batch(the other by Padrig or whatever his name is).This is clearly an attempt to conceal the real drivers behind the destroy of the White race.This guy Imperator is a piece of shit who pretends to care about our people while steering us in the direction he wants.Even his little stupid meme shows he is a Jew boy or a traitor.He used the exact same phrasing as the other traitor Padrig”Stop obsessing about the Jews”,very telling.Probably the same guy writing both from his military desk in Tel Aviv.We both care about our people and don’t need some fraud to tell us who to blame or how to act.

  2. I see it as no coincidence that two very recent articles here are telling us to leave the precious Jews alone.So your line seems to be that White Southern people are so superstitious,primitive and lacking in intelligence that they will always revere the Jew because they certainly can’t comprehend the truth when it seeps out.The Jew and his purposeful policies have brought us this destruction of our great race,it is no accident.From the sham Civil Rights Movement to the Immigration Act to taking God and Jesus from schools and public life it has clearly been the Jew behind it.They brag about it.Your article is rambling and really makes very little sense.The left isn’t spinning its wheels,its winning and has been for some time.You should know this since you seem to be in their corner.And no one has been obsessing about Jews for decades because the owned almost 100% of the media in this country and therefore the masses had no idea what went on.Sure Henry Ford made an attempt in the 1920’s with his small paper the Dearborn Independent but this was small in comparison to Jewish media control.Only the internet has allowed us in the last decade and a half to really reach the masses.Southern Christians only fall for Zionism and the Jews as the chosen people because they have been mislead.The word Jew was not even in the Bible till the mid 1700’s.They were called the Pharisees and the Synagogue of Satan by Jesus and were/are his greatest enemies.The Jews(Pharisees)hate us because they hate Jesus.We are his children,not them.They are of their father Satan.Imperator you are likely an Israeli plant or just a traitor who took the silver,either way fuck you and your dumb article.If Identity Dixie persists in having people like you here I will be gone.

    1. Well put, that how I see it. The post alone would be fine if it didn’t have obvious intent behind it.

      I try to not asail the the traditions particularly their religious alligances; however, allow me to impart a personal slice of xp.

      So a week or so ago (in South Carolina), I was working my property. My father was outside doing something else. The property was a legacy building that has stood in disrepar for appx 70yrs. So we get passers by for southren hospitality “howdyados” and lookieloos.

      At any rate, one such visitor came up and was an elderly Boomer. I could see from across the prop that she was wearing not only a rebel t-shirt, but a matching hat w stars and bars. So they talked a while and she departed.

      After words, I asked muh daddy, what she had to say? He said they talked about the county, the town, the property and politics. My dad being an unwoke trump sicophant said, and I quote: “trump would be doing alright if it wasn’t for those damned Democrats and those JEWS!” A q teir Boomer in the deep South of Dem dare carolinas. Sort of pops a big fat hole in ops assertion.

      Going to show, that we are having successful resonance. We are making headway, and any forward progress, no matter how slight, is evidence of Jewish awareness.

      I think that it’s the application that needs altered, not the practice.

      OUT-HONKING-TASTIC shipmate.

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