Shackleford Consulting: Sri Lanka Edition

If you were worth 7.9 billion dollars, I’d reckon you could spend Easter with your family pretty much anywhere that you desired. If your fortune included a historic property portfolio that made you the largest landowner in Scotland, there’d be some pretty lovely locations to celebrate safe and sound. You’d probably need a decade worth of Easters just to try them all out. The average person would be quite jealous of all your options.

Why then, would such an individual send his children to Sri Lanka for this occasion?!!!!! It’s not Syria or Afghanistan, but gosh darn it, that’s incredibly fucking stupid. Especially since a family friend was kidnapped in neighboring India after being mistaken for a family member back in 2003.

The person I’m referring to is Anders Polvsen, who now has a hole in his life that even trillions of dollars could never fill: 3 OUT OF HIS 4 CHILDREN are among the 290 people slaughtered by Islamists this past Sunday. Polvsen and his family don’t deserve what happened to them. However, that doesn’t mean these deaths weren’t completely preventable if he’d exercised some basic judgement and paternal authority.

No offense to Sri Lankans, but their island checks all sorts of boxes under the heading: Unsafe Destination for Your Kids. Trouble is, running through this checklist would’ve been a mental exercise in “racism” from start to finish. Perhaps the ability to prevent such thoughts from popping into your head in the first place is helpful in getting rich these days.

The entire Western world is insane enough that a parent doesn’t need to tempt fate anymore. Your kid could get chucked over a railing at the local mall by a deranged colored man, or crushed by jihadist in a truck during a national holiday parade. Horrific atrocities that the average person has no authority to prevent are happening all the time because we’ve got open borders and criminalized common sense. That’s not bad enough? I’d say that’s danger aplenty if you consulted with me

Somethings don’t change no matter how much money you have or what era you happen to be living through: It’s always a parental imperative to mitigate unnecessary threats wherever possible. When people fail to discharge that fundamental responsibility to their progeny, risk profiles increase dramatically. 

This was yet another tragedy of Clown World that, once again, was completely preventable. What a shame.

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