Save Georgia, Governer Kemp!

In the days following Kemp’s victory over Stacey Abrams, we have seen broad sweeping accusations by the Democratic Party that Abrams was cheated out of her progressive destiny of becoming the nation’s first black female governor. Miss Gap-Tooth herself had refused to concede the race as she rallied her rootless supporters into a frenzy.

The race itself was very close, which has concerned many True Georgians. There were many reasons why the race was so close:

  1. Abrams had foreign backing.
  2. She had the race card which guaranteed a strong black bloc vote. However, even that couldn’t have got her 48%.
  3. Metro-Atlanta. Before Atlanta’s votes had been counted Abrams was hovering around 34%, but once Metro Atlanta was counted, she gained a boost all the way up to almost being able to tie the race.

I admit that I started getting worried when Miss Gap-Tooth suddenly gathered so many votes. Immigration has overwhelmed Metro-Atlanta with the votes of outsiders such as Latinos, Californians and Yankees. Now Metro-Atlanta has fully evolved into a cosmopolitan rathole.

We are rapidly being replaced in counties, like Cobb and Paulding, where the Latino population is climbing ever higher. As a result, Georgia is quickly becoming a purple state, despite the fact most White Georgians remain solidly conservative. To make matters worse, our economy has steadily been rebounding since the recession, which means it will attract foreign outsiders to flood the state and leach off its success.

Ironically, these people will enact the same policies that caused them to move in the first place, whether it’s the crime with the Latinos or the high taxes with the coastal liberals. The Union with traitors is ultimately the cause of this. If it was up to the average Georgian, the illegal Latino hordes would be sent packing and never allowed to enter our state in the first place. However, with Metro-Atlanta expanding it seems we’re going to need to take quick and determined actions  to save our state.

The Atlanta City Bird must be caged. But, how? I have an excellent first year plan for Governor Brian Kemp:

  1. Kemp must send the FBI to investigate the crooked Democratic Party in Georgia; we need to take the offensive on these swine.
  2. Send the State Police to arrest various violent antifa cells; they must be thrown behind bars for their constant thuggery. Remember the Republican slogan “Jobs not Mobs.” If Kemp intends to win the next election, he must make good on the GOP’s promises – because I doubt Trump will get anything done in Washington. Instead of relying and crying to the incompetent federal government, we need to become more independent as a state.
  3. He must launch investigations into Metro-Atlanta and head after the gangs, using whatever means necessary to crush them.
  4. He must make good on his promise to rid the state of illegals, many of which nest in Atlanta and the surrounding communities. I know there are plenty of federal regulations stopping this, but just ignore them. California seems to do it without consequence all the time. Do we really expect Trump to send the army to protect illegals?
  5. Tighten state voting restrictions; we should consider banning any newly arrived citizens from voting in our state elections until they have proven themselves or lived here for 20 years. Doing this will not only reassure his reelection in 2022, but also destroy the Democrats who dearly need illegal and transplant votes.
  6. We must restore the county unit system. Who cares what the federal courts say about it? To hell with them, the 10th Amendment is our authority.

This plan is the best way forward to stop Atlanta urbanites from turning Georgia into California. The Left would never carry the governorship if we returned to the county unit system, this is all that’s necessary to save Georgia, otherwise we will be flooded by outsiders and replaced.

Finish the Job, Governor Kemp, crush the Atlanta urbanite!

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  1. Regarding #5, somebody somewhere suggested making people vote in the states they were born in regardless of where they live. This would have a big affect on political culture despite the fact of do many second generation carpetbaggers. It’s the best idea I’ve heard until we can build a wall along the Mason-Dixon line.

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