Reexamining the Red Man

Believe it or not, it is true that current populations of the large majority of modern registered members of various pre-settler, state-recognized red-man nations, are significantly larger now, in the United States and Canada. This is because of modern medicine, modern economy and industry, state support, and the fact that, as opposed to Andean civilizations and Mesoamerican civilizations, which were in what is now Latin America, much of North America was largely not permanently inhabited. Except for few and far between Mesolithic-tier villages, surrounded only by a few corn fields, or were just pure paleolithic-tier camping nomads.

Some of these went on several month-long hunting expeditions through these vast otherwise uninhabited areas, when Caucasoid settlers arrived to transform this wasteland with a much-more advanced agriculture. Hell, one truly massive region was actually inhabited by NO villages, when explorers and then later settlers first arrived. It was only mostly ever hunted by yearly parties of the Cherokee (whose homebase corn-towns were in far southern Appalachia) and Shawnee (whose homebase towns were in southern Ohio). This region was the Shawnee word origin of the name “Kentucky” (their word for this ground). This included central Tennessee, certain parts of Appalachia in Virginia, western Maryland, much of the western half of Pennsylvania except the far north (which was inhabited by the Iriquois Confederation in the 17th century) and far southwest corner (where there were two Shawnee villages), and basically the entire states of West Virginia and Kentucky.

I mean, perhaps this will best illustrate it, in a different region of North America: when their population was first well-recorded by white folks, the Osage only had a few villages amounting altogether to about 1,000 people, and yet…they were the sole inhabitants of the ENTIRE Ozark country. That’s right, basically the southern half of Missouri, most of Arkansas, and wastes stretching beyond the modern borders of both parts of Oklahoma and Kansas, were only inhabited by about 1,000 humans, who would likely attack anyone from a different tribe found hunting in “their” hunting lands. They range hunted this, from the stretch of the Arkansas River in Kansas and Oklahoma in the west, to the Mississippi River in the east. Today, they have a reservation, one of whose border forms the entire western terminus of the suburbs of the metropolis of Tulsa, Oklahoma (and the reservation is larger in land area than metro Tulsa). There are so many more of them now, then only a couple centuries ago, that it is not uncommon to see even a whole half or full blood Osage walking the sidewalks of the city of Tulsa (not to mention quarters and lesser); again, a metropolitan city and “second city” (of metro population) of Oklahoma, after OKC as first.

This actually brings us to another important point to our struggle, that even most otherwise well-self-educated folks on “our side” seem ignorant to. Even they have not fully de-programmed themselves from the general idea and “atmosphere” of North American continental history, that the media and academia have conditioned us with, since early childhood. It really isn’t necessary to appeal to a Nietzschean “Master Morality” concept, or Social Darwinism concept, to make arguments in “White people” apologetics, for our ancestors (even though, as a philosopher, I largely agree with the basic philosophical foundations of the former, and more or less completely agree with the latter). An example would be that memetic image of Christopher Columbus with “Dear conquered peoples, we’re not sorry; we’re not sorry we were better winners at History than you,” that’s floated around Facebook for the past few years. Not that I don’t see how the “sins of the fathers” accusation is logically fallacious, and we shouldn’t need apologetics in the first place, but one could make the persuasive rhetorical argument, if they so choose, on many different ethical frameworks. This is because white civilization in sum, if anything, actually treated the red man better than he treated us, or the way he treated each other amongst themselves.

As I lay out above, for the most part, White settlers truly were just that – settlers, NOT conquerors, except of the wilderness and earth itself; making fruitful what the red man left unfulfilled potential: unused. In fact, it was quite a while before most of the tribes were even displaced from their old villages to reservations, living next-door (so to speak) to white settlers, for long periods. It only usually became necessary to find a migratory solution, via treaty, when too much of the hunting land of these tribes was homesteaded from the wilderness it was, and they needed land of their own to maintain their independence as a people. Land, where the white man often HELPED him learn how to make a better life for himself farming, if he wanted to apply himself…or not. There wasn’t all this white enforcement of farming culture that is often portrayed, but rather most were forced by starvation to do so, of course then willingly and even outright begging.

Hell, many of the eastern red tribes (like here in Dixieland) were already primitive small-scale farmers, as previously mentioned, and they were more than happy, from the beginning, to ask for superior white farm-learnin’ on their new land (under their own independent cultural nation’s governance). This, settled by them not just for free, but with outright assistance from Christian charities and the government. If “the White man” was an “oppressor”…he sure as hell must of have the nicest one in history.

Many red tribes, on the other hand, could only think to respond to the productive settlement of their fallow lands, then to viciously attempt genocide of settlers. Or, literally enslave them, as many MANY red tribes practiced among their prisoners of war (red, white or black). There are VASTLY more examples of the tribes massacring or mistreating settlers, than the other way around, though, of course, mistreatment by “the white man” did happen on various occasions. Sometimes, it was even quite tragic and horrid, but that’s just human nature in general, of ALL peoples, and will happen everywhere throughout all of human history. Relations between groups aren’t always perfect. Dark moments happen, but they are not always dark either. The mistreatment was more the exception than the rule. I can say this though, from spending much of the last two decades of waking life studying World History: Europoid man, in sum, most certainly has treated people, from all over the world he ended up in a position of power over, much better than any other race has EVER treated each other, or him.

That’s another thing one must know: As opposed to Western-school Marxist sophism, “the White man” never had much institutional power over certain powerful cultural nations (a massive and vast example would be all of the Persia/Iran country, for example), and most of those he did, was generally greatly to their benefit, like in Africa (ending the African slave-dominated economy, largely thanks to British activism) or the Americas. It was really only 6 state government center’s Judaic finance pseudo-aristocracy behind almost all of it, anyway: London, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Washington D.C. The rest of the Europoid world had next to nothing to do with it. Those who are ACTUAL students of history, know that it also demonstrates that, on numerous occasions, less caucasoid stock men have enslaved, genocided, or held institutional power over more Caucasoid stock men; on many occasions outright Mongoloids from east Asia, or Hamites from north Africa. Too many episodes to even begin to mention here, I could tell you about, right off the top of my head. Do you think the red man would be any different if he had gain the upper hand over us? The Powhatan Confederation or “empire” wiped out an entire shire of the early Virginia colony (the first English colony); Henricus (the origin of modern Henrico County, named after King Henry VIII) simply because they felt it was too close to conqueror-chief Powhatan’s seat of power over the rest of the Virginian Tidewater region’s tribes. Powhatan’s hordes attacked the very first settlement, Jamestown itself, almost every year, during much of it’s early days, when it was all those few early settlers could do to survive in their few settlements.

The truth is, many of the red tribes, like many other ethnic identities of men, from everywhere in the world, since the dawn of time, weren’t on the land they inhabited usually for more than just a few centuries. They immigrated from elsewhere, and sometimes absorbed or genocided previous inhabitants, to sometimes synthesize entirely new ethnic identities out of thin air with them; developing new cultures, which is always evolving. It’s not like they just ended up with full 16-19 century red tribal cultures and economic practices, or identities at all, or even on the same regional lands their descendants would eventually develop those identities on, after crossing some Bering land bridge at the end of the Ice Age.

Take the case of the Sioux. They are an entire branching family of cultures, that dominated the entire northern half of the American Great Plains – after enslaved, genociding, and pushing out the previous inhabitants, around the time Jamestown, Virginia was first being settled. The Powhatan Confederation (actually founded by his brother) was full of Algonquin-type tribes, that within their own passed-down oral memory, migrated from what is now the Canadian maritimes, for that matter. The Navajo and Apache, of the modern American Southwest, have a vague oral memory of migrating from the sub-arctic, where those who speak the same language family as them still reside. The Apache made an entire cultural lifestyle and economy out of raiding the more advanced and settled Pueblo peoples of what is now New Mexico. Like everywhere else in the world, the millennia has seen innumerable remembered, and many MANY MORE surely forgotten, population movements and mixings.

This is especially true in a place like Virginia, which has been developing it’s own cultural national manners, on it’s own land being developed and passed down to future generations to do the same, for about 400 years now. The surviving Mattaponi and Pamunkey tribes (all the other Virginia-type Algonquins were assimilated centuries ago) on tiny reservations in King William County have no right to demand this land back. They are vastly closer culturally to a white Virginian than their ancestors now anyway. That culture is completely dead. Realize you are just a Virginian, Dixielander, Anglospherer, and Gallo-Roman, and must defend this natural-developed cultural nation, as it is now very close to death (but not completely dead yet), along with it’s closely related fellow Dixielander brother-cultures, it’s Anglosphere cousins, and its more distant cousins of Gallo-Roman civilization in general, before it is too late. That’s not to mention what is in Humanity’s common interest, to save Human potential of civilization in general, beyond the stars and perhaps eventually the bounds of time itself.

For a few tribes, it is not so that they have more population now than when first well-recorded (usually by far). This would include the unique case of the Navajo, or the previously comparatively advanced wide settlements (and therefore well-populated) of the Iriquois Confederation, Pueblo peoples, and Cherokee, or east coast tribes which were almost entirely assimilated by the colonials, to many being wiped out from existence as identities. For the vast majority, though, you will find it is true, if you look up the demographics now, as compared with historical data of early records.

-By Mikhaelangelos J.E.B. Stuart

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