Rebel Yell 140: Dr. Michael Hill & Dark Enlightenment

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken’s Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 40th episode of Rebel Yell, we are talking with the President of the League of the South – Dr. Michael Hill.

This will be a two-part interview, so I’ll use this opportunity to publish the last hour of our interview with Dark Enlightenment.

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First Interview with Dr. Hill
0:30 Introduction
1:35 Dr. Hill
2:45 Trump
3:30 Lying Polls
5:00 Revelations
8:35 Right Enemies
12:05 Alt-Right?
15:13 SN Alt-Right
17:05 Bowden
19:20 Particular Nations
21:40 Pan Nationalism
23:30 Christendom
25:40 Cucked Churches
27:40 Gnosticism
29:50 Guns
31:25 Demonization
32:15 The JQ
33:30 Tim Wise
35:05 Non-Echo Foes
36:00 NWO
39:20 Russia
44:00 Serbia
47:15 TV
49:30 Other Secesh
52:33 Texians
55:50 Civil War II
57:30 Path to Secession
1:00:15 Salutations
Second Interview: from July
1:01:41 Dark Enlightenment
1:04:05 Red Pill on Women
1:09:15 Gen Wars
1:14:50 John McCain
1:18:15 TRS Communities
1:21:16 Janissaries
1:28:30 Robert Nisbet
1:31:15 Abortion
1:34:35 Patriarchy
1:38:55 Marriage
1:47:25 BLM
1:58:00 Charivari
2:02:00 Degeneracy
2:17:06 Theonomy
2:19:50 Communal Right
2:27:18 Outro—Paddy Tarleton

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