Rebel Yell 138: Horus the Avenger

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken’s Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 38th episode of Rebel Yell, we are talking with Horus the Avenger of White Rabbit Radio.

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First Interview with
the TRS Confederates:
0:00 Good Ole Intro
0:30 Introduction
1:10 The Mantra
1:50 White Rabbit Radio
2:00 Bob Whitaker
2:12 Johnny Racist
4:30 Stormfront
6:26 Hockey Stick
7:37 Samizdat
10:00 Genocide
12:55 B.U.G.S.
14:55 Mini-Mantras
18:23 Nuremberg trials
19:50 Crush the Boomer
20:15 Displacement?
22:05 Normies
23:18 Spokesman
25:12 Mountain Summit
27:15 White Rabbit
29:52 Richard Spencer
31:48 Trump
Mencken’s Ghost:
35:25 Only Whites
38:23 Genocide Law
39:30 Raphael Lemkin
40:18 WGP
42:10 PC Officer
46:10 Generational
47:15 Steve King
51:40 Trump II
55:45 Rumours of War
58:25 US Military Decline
1:03:48 Fragile USA
Final Interview:
1:04:35 History
1:06:00 Alt-Right
1:08:12 Daily Stormer
1:09:42 Milo
1:10:00 David Duke
1:14:50 Humiliation
1:17:10 Counterattack
1:21:00 BUGS Buddy
1:24:25 Churches
1:26:50 Alt-Right Wars
1:27:40 Château Heartiste
1:29:15 Cuckservative
1:31:10 Us vs. Them
1:37:18 Pan-Europa
1:40:00 Jewish Decline
1:44:20 TRS Confederates
1:49:50 Statue of Liberty
1:51:50 Libertarianism
1:58:38 Immivasion
2:01:50 Con Artists
2:08:40 Outro–Paddy Tarleton

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