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This is Rebel Yell — A Southern Nationalist Podcast. I’m your host, Musonius Rufus. For our 135th episode of Rebel Yell, Ryan McMahon, Mencken’s Ghost, Fulwar Skipworth, and I talk about elites and their empires.




  1. Good episode, guys. You’re right that middle class white men are essentially the only demographic that actually create real wealth. And of course that that is the reason we constantly have to be squeezed for more and more taxes to pay for more Govt. welfare jobs and the like to continue to squeeze the life out of us. I’ve been preaching that for years. Given the public education apparatus, that is a very difficult concept for lots of people (including lots of white males) to wrap their brains around. As I’ve said many many times before, no one minds paying his “fair share” of taxes, as long as someone else who works in private industry/the private sector is actually footing the bill.

    Back in 2010 the OK Tax Commission (a subsidiary of the IRS) put a lien on my house due to a duplication of a 1099 I’d received from a company I’d done a lot of contract work for in 2007. The original 1099 was for about $80,000, and the fedgov claimed I hadn’t claimed the income (which I hadn’t because I didn’t make it). As such, they hit me with a bunch of penalties and all that, and the tax bill they claimed I owed was, between state and federal taxes, penalties, blah blah, when all was said and done, around $75K. It ended up costing me a lot of money and a great deal of mental anxiety to finally get this nonsense resolved and to keep the state of Oklahoma from essentially throwing my family into utter destitution. And all because why? Well, because the incompetents that work at the IRS (another government welfare job that can only consume wealth) had mistakenly duplicated the aforementioned 1099 and the OK Tax Commission jumped on the bandwagon to see to my destruction. It took me a long time to come to grips with all of that, and honestly anytime I discuss it nowadays it still elicits some residual anger. I wrote the OK Tax Commission a six-page letter at the time in which I basically ripped their heads off and told them to go screw themselves more or less; that from that day forward I would no longer hire people to work for me, and would purposely just “eek by.” Tax that you twits! Ha, ha.

    Well, anyway, I could literally go on and on and on about this and explain how it works in great detail. But the bottom line is this: I have basically zero respect for a man who doesn’t know how to make his own way in the world and is a government welfare case when you boil it all down. You can sue me, or hate me, for taking that position, but that’s the way I feel about it and hating me won’t change it.

  2. Hi Musonius, I was just curious why your show isn’t featured on TRS anymore. I hope it wasn’t from any ill will or any bad outcomes other than perhaps Rebel Yell having better outreach potentially.

    I just want to say I find you and your cast very respectable, particularly yourself Musonius as I’m Mormon and appreciate that you understand our differences but have similar goals in mind. Perhaps I’ll start chipping in a little bit for your show and hopefully what inspires a great culture and people (however Southern).

  3. Have y’all read Pieper’s _Leisure, the Basis of Culture? I think you’d have a good time dissecting it if you haven’t, since he offers a well-developed rebuttal to your claims here (I find y’all more compelling).

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