Rebel Yell 126: Harold Crews & Jeff Skyagusta

This is Rebel Yell—a Southern nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host, Musonius Rufus. Ryan McMahon, Mencken’s Ghost and I interviewed Mark Citadel and were going to post his episode today, but Yesterday’s attack on France changed our schedule.

We made a double-interview episode with the Southern Nationalists Harold Crews, of the League of the South, and Jeff Skyagusta, of Losing the Creek. The Nice attack occurred during Jeff’s interview so we cut it short to speak with our French friend, Frog, about what this event means for his country.

Fu Manchu sent us another 5 good goy shekels. Thank you, my Asian overlord!

Be sure to check out Scott Terry’s new podcast about his flier campaign to uncuck the Presbyterian Church in America.

Remember that tomorrow is the anniversary of the Chattanooga Shooting. The media have lied about it. The Fallen Marines weren’t recruiters who died at Lee Highway. They were all artillerymen, from a distinguished unit: M Battery, 3rd of the 14th. The Sailor and the Marines died at their armory next to the Tennessee River off of Amnicola Highway.

As we at Rebel Yell remember the Chattanooga Shooting, our prayers go out to the people of France.


First Interview
0:00 Good Ole Intro
0:30 Introduction
1:40 Harold Crews
2:25 Crews’ Channel
2:49 League of the South
4:13 CCC
5:15 April 19th
7:50 Jesse Helms
9:00 Mel Bradford
10:30 Servile Patriots
11:20 Heritage Not Hate
12:59 Race Realism
14:30 Prison Race War
16:23 Latino Invasion
20:24 Brazil
21:10 Identity is Politics
24:30 90’s Paleos
27:05 Individualism
27:35 Greg Johnson
27:48 Roger Scruton
29:57 Irreciprocity
31:00 No Commons?
No Market
33:41 MLK
35:18 Paleo-Southern
38:40 World War Trans
41:17 The Media
45:20 Trump
47:40 SN For Alt-Right
51:35 Bigotry
56:35 Black Caste
1:00:20 White Ancestry
1:01:43 SN Radio
1:04:10 LoS Conference
1:04:39 SN Media
1:06:10 NPI
1:06:29 Mencken Club
1:09:04 Battle Flag Demos
1:11:15 White Republic
1:13:02 Fascism
1:23:05 The Mantra
1:28:20 Cultural Fascism
Second Interview
1:29:06 Jeff Skyagusta
1:29:10 Nice Attacks
1:30:33 Losing the Creek
1:30:44 Skyagusta
1:31:37 Ft Sumter
1:32:25 Jack Donovan
1:33:05 Mencius Moldbug
1:33:33 Fitzhugh & Dabney
1:35:32 Necessity of South Rx
1:36:53 Allen Tate
1:38:25 Jack Hunter
1:39:00 Bill Kauffman
1:42:49 Davy Crockett
1:44:30 US Empire
1:47:20 Alt-Right
1:50:25 Particularism
1:53:26 Left v. Right South
1:55:40 Europeans
1:58:21 Religion
2:06:10 Laugh At Left
2:08:20 League of the South
2:10:12 Anti-Intellectualism
2:20:00 Out Future
Special Interview
2:22:57 Frog, in his own words
2:54:40 Outro—Mars, The Bringer of War

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