Planting Our Feet

The 2018 midterm elections now over. The Democrats have taken the House and the Republicans have kept the Senate. This is not exactly a stellar outcome, yet it is admittedly far from a disastrous one. If you have been attuned to dissident politics for longer than a few months, you probably already know what to expect. The mainline GOP as it exists today, despite being solid on some of the core social issues such as health care and gun rights, is not a true ally to Southern people. Sure, a Republican Congress is better than a Democratic one, but only to a certain extent. Like the Democrats, they too are responsible for pawning off most of the country in the process of lining their own pockets.

A lot of Southerners (even normies) will agree that neither party has our interests in mind. Despite this, we can only go so far to challenge them on the federal level. Even on the state level, demographic decline and urbanization presents a mounting sociopolitical challenge. Just look at the recent election results. In order to take back control of the capital cities, it will take a serious effort to reform our societies from the ground up. As a result, it’s time to return to the fundamentals. Southern dissidents should focus on improving our sociopolitical odds at the local level.

Several past articles on this site have already touched upon the topic of Dixie-specific parallel institutions, localized exit routes and smarter activism. Fixating on Washington policy struggles on one end or some esoteric political theory on the other is simply counter-productive. We already know mainstream politics is a trash heap and fringe political debate is often just as cancerous. So, let’s set all that aside for now and focus on what we can actually influence: hardening ourselves, our families, our jobs, our communities, and finally our local institutions against the ongoing ethnocultural rot.

Practically, this strategy boils down to several key tactics, each of which honestly deserves its own separate article:

Memetic Internet Outreach

The usefulness of this tactic is mostly self-evident. Online blogs and memes are not sufficient enough to base a movement around (see the dissident right as a whole), but they are necessary for the purpose of rallying people around the banner. In fact, it’s probably why you’re reading this article in the first place.

Local Church Leadership

The cornerstone of any traditional community is its place of worship. We simply cannot allow local church leadership to continue down the path of decadence. Extreme liberalism is already too common amongst “religious leaders” across the country, and my suspicion is that most God-fearing men and women in the South are sick of it already. It is high time that an organized effort was mounted to retake the churches. A book could be written on this topic alone.

Southern Community Organizing

As a result of accelerating technology growth, a lot of people these days (young and old) suffer from a severe lack of regular, meaningful socialization. Let’s fill that gap with a whole new set of Dixie-focused cultural events for our people to enjoy and bond over. This can include regular formal events with proper traditional attire and ballroom dancing, semi-formal meetups to discuss current events or casual family-focused events such as cookouts, sports games, holiday parties, etc. For this tactic to *really* work, we have to make it attractive. This element is terribly important and cannot be overlooked. We have to get family, friends, and eventually whole communities on board.


This tactic gives the entrepreneurs among us the ability to provide necessary goods and/or services, while remaining independent of potentially toxic corporate influence. A common threat faced by anyone engaging in dissident politics is getting doxxed and, subsequently, fired from their job. Opening up our own businesses and employing our allies is one potential counter to the threat posed to us by doxxing. Besides the political utility of starting our own companies, owning and maintaining a business is a rewarding challenge that can be lucrative if done well.

Rural Property Ownership

Some kind of techno-agrarian renaissance, the dream of people across the political spectrum, is not outside the realm of possibility. It will just take a lot of of capital and hard work to maintain. We can start the process by returning to the rural towns and counties of our states and acquiring our own land. Technology for the purpose of land cultivation is growing more useful and available every year. This development is already opening up business opportunities for prospective landowners. At the very least, agrarianism allows us to grow more independent of fragile urban centers and gives us a better environment to raise families.

Starting and/or Maintaining Large Families

Possibly the most important topic on this list, and one that has necessarily been covered many times before. The Anglo/Celtic dominant, white population of Dixie is at risk of being overtaken in most Southern states. Besides halting the immigration of Yankees and third-worlders alike, our best counter to this demographic decline is building up a new generation of large families. In order to push back against our own demise, we’ll need to increase our own birth rates well above replacement levels.

Winning Local Elections

We cannot always sit outside the Overton Window. If Dixie is to be free of foreign political influence, we will need to foster local support for Southern identitarian politics. Roughly, this would equate to everyday, normie Southerners thinking about the South as a common ethnocultural bloc. In other words, we want our extended family, neighbors, fellow church-goers, etc. to think of themselves as “Southern first” when it comes to politics. As long as we remain pragmatic and focus on serving the interests of our own communities, it is possible to grow this political consciousness on the local level. Over time, this can translate to increasing political power at the core of our demographic strongholds, and eventually winning bigger elections.


The combination of the tactics above is certainly not unique. Effective political movements have formed along these lines for centuries and continued on to overcome great odds. The overall beauty of the strategy lies in its relative simplicity. It does not require hundreds of millions of voters, billions of dollars or vast armies. Instead, it relies on generating a distributed group of like-minded Southern men and women, dedicated to re-normalizing the ancient way of life.

Now, this is admittedly no easy task. We are still a long way from removing the parasitism of the Left from our societies. There is no doubt that many challenges litter the road ahead and, it will take a coordinated effort to put Dixie on the right track. Yet, despite the forces we’re up against, how could we not begin to feel a profound and organic sense of purpose in the task at hand? Our ancestors overcame famine, disease and total war in order to plant the seeds of our very civilization. It’s time to honor them by planting our feet, keeping our wits about us and winning our country back. After all, there are few things more thrilling and meaningful than the reclamation of an ancestral homeland.

– George Willard

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  1. Most of us have been thinking along these lines for quite a while, it’s just that a little thing called rage seems to be holding us back. If we can channel the rage, we could begin implementing this great set of ideas starting today…

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