Our Home, Not Yours

O’Sullivan’s Law states that any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time. This concept perfectly describes what has seemed like a slow and steady erosion of institutions that traditionally represented Southerners and normal traditional people.

O’Sullivan’s law accurately describes why we are in the current state we are in. To understand this, it’s important to realize some new ideas that you may have not previously thought about in the past. One of those ideas is that it is actually the Right who are more open, tolerant and peaceful when compared to the Left. This is one of the main reasons we find ourselves in the mess we’re in today.

In psychology, the term projection or blame shifting describes the actions where an individual or even a group attempts to defend its positions or actions by deny any negative traits and attributing them to others. This is clearly evident when you take a look historically of what the Left has said about the Right and still does to this day. They are the peaceful Love Trumps Hate crowd who are open minded and righteous and it’s the Right that is bigoted and evil personified.

This becomes even more clear when you review statements made by individuals or groups that identify with the Left.

For instance, BLM might say they are peaceful, yet their actions blatantly show otherwise. When is the last time you’ve seen Identity Europa burning down a city or riot in the name of white indentitarianism? You haven’t.

Antifa say they oppose “fascism” and claim they are tolerant, open and peaceful, yet there’s repeated evidence and actions showing otherwise. This doesn’t account that antifa are actually revolutionary anti-white and anti-normalcy communists behaving in the exact manner Bolshevik communists behaved in early 20th century Russia and Germany.

These are only two of the many examples of leftists projecting what they really believe onto others. This is of course an effort to save face and gain support from those either ignorant or easily manipulated through emotionally charged subjects.

How does O’Sullivan’s law play into this? Now that we have hinted at the real motivations and implications of the Left, we can explore how O’Sullivan’s law comes in to play with the current situation we all face.

Because of the Right’s (with the exception of the Far Right) inability to maintain a hardliner position on practically anything in our society, the cultural fabric of this country has been ripping apart for generations. The desire to be tolerant has allowed the infiltration of leftists into right wing institutions and eroded them to impotence (National Review) or entirely destroyed them.

It’s important to understand that those on the Left have no desire to be your friend or neighbor. Leftists discard friends if they voted for Trump (see here). Even if they may say otherwise, when push comes to shove they will side against you. Because of this, it’s important to understand you cannot be friends with an enemy that is opposed to you in every way possible. Would you become friends with an ISIS terrorist? No, didn’t think so, but why? Is it because they are so completely opposite of you that there is no commonality? Is it because they are ideologically opposed to you? Is it because they are of a fundamentally different religion? All of these are valid and serve to point out that when we establish any sort of relationship with someone, it is ultimately because there is some degree of commonality that links us.

So this poses the question, why would you be friends with someone who, at the end of the day, seeks to eliminate your existence in every way possible? Physically, mentally, emotionally, institutionally, historically, etc.

The destruction of Southern institutions is not only due to leftists, but by people who are not Southern. These people were not born and raised in the South in accordance with the traditions, culture, and history of the South. It’s easy to argue that this all started after the Civil War and that is not wrong, but what really kicked it off is only more recent – the invention of modern air conditioning.

Oxford, Mississippi

Traditionally, the South to most Yankee’s was inhospitable. Between the humidity, heat and terrain, the Yankee largely stayed out of the South, that is until modern air conditioning made living in the South a much more comfortable prospect. When we think of old school Southerners, we think of hot sweaty people who worked in the sun, breaking their backs to bring home an honest living for their families. Now, because of air conditioning, this is not entirely the case anymore. Soft living conditions bring in parasites.

Yes, you can find plenty of true dyed-in-the-wool Southerners still. We are still here, but increasingly we are becoming drowned out by the mass influx of Yankees, leftists, reconstructed whites, Hispanics and wildly breeding welfare leeches.

With an influx of Yankees comes an influx of leftists. Even if they ape elements of our culture, they still hold their ideological beliefs that make them different and politically incompatible with our way of life.

Due to O’Sullivan’s Law, these individuals find themselves in formerly and entirely Southern institutions. And, look at the state of many of our Southern institutions – they are “southern” in name only, ineffective, subverted, converted or entirely dead. Look at the University of Virginia or Chapel Hill. The things that made those institutions invaluable are all gone.

It’s important to understand that “tolerance” has brought us nothing but the destruction of our home and our people. With each passing year, more suburbs pop up in what once was cattle grazing land or farm fields. Accents disappear. Flags go down. Concrete moves in.

In order to stop this, we must take a stand and say, “no more.” We will not be ashamed to be Southerners, we will not be ashamed to believe in our way of life and, most importantly, we will not be replaced. This is our home and not yours. We will not go quietly into the night, as you so hope, because it’s in our blood. This is who we are.

God bless and God bless Dixie.

– By Otto


  1. Love your article Otto.Totally correct.Its sad that it has come to this.We are truly in the end times.The Yankees and foreigners have flooded my area too.They come from all over to take our jobs and change our home.Their idea of culture is a bunch of bars and craft beer places,its all sick.In the city of Spartanburg SC,which has about 36,000,over half Blacks and many Yankees,the liberal White mayor(married to a Jewess)has proclaimed a homosexual pervert parade the last 6 or 7 years.Its awful to see them promoted by the Jewish owned CBS local news and the equally Jewish owned Herald.The county which is about 300,000 and has the same name is majority White and much more Southern and conservative probably wouldn’t allow such radical parades if it had a say.But as we all know the Blacks,beaners and Yankees all love to cluster in the smaller more urban county seats and thus it seems as this smaller group speaks for the larger when they don’t.Keep up the the great articles which enlighten and inspire.God has a plan and he shall deliver us from the vermin which now hold sway.Christ has already defeated Satan and we must never forget this,all the evil victories on Earth are only temporary.My heart aches when thinking about what has been done to our noble Southern people and culture over the decades.May those that tried to destroyed rot in Hell(and the will).May God watch over and bless all those fine writers and commenters here and you all are always in my prayers.I thank you all for giving my spirit such an uplift.Take care friends.

  2. Sorry for the typo.My fourth from the last sentence should have read”May those who tried to destroy us rot in Hell.I surely did type it but my keyboard didn’t follow through.Perhaps I should proofread before I post my comment.haha

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