No More Globalist Wars

Note: This piece was written before Trump declared that the US would not invade Syria. That is, however, not the primary point of this article. But, who knows what might happen next week – the neocons could be calling for ground troops in Yemen.

In light of recent events, it is not too far-fetched to consider that there may soon be yet another official theater in the never ending War on Terror. Just as the lines in the military recruiting stations were out the doors before the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent surge; it is not inconceivable to imagine this scenario once again repeating itself. This is surely alarming to the majority of identitarians and nationalists living in America.

Especially alarming is the amount of enthusiasm for this potential war that I’ve seen from many acquaintances and passersby. No one is really all that sure why it would be such an awesome idea to invade Syria, but dammit, it’s the right thing to do! Assad is a dictator who gases the children of his country, just like Hitler gassed all those poor Jews. There’s no rhyme or reason to it; he’s just an evil man! Americans love themselves a good war, even if nobody really has a clue what exactly makes it “good.”

This general attitude of starry-eyed, misguided patriotism possessed by many Americans is nothing less than ideal for the machinations of the managerial class. The military has transitioned (heh, in more ways than one) from being a force that protected the nation’s borders and acquired land and resources for the nation to being the bludgeon of international finance and foreign interests. This blind adoration that many Americans have for “the troops” is well-documented and critiqued by many (for example, Lew Rockwell’s website), but it is still worth remembering that this is a major obstacle to us. This blind support of military action is just one more cog in the machine by which we are hastening our own dispossession, especially in the case of Southerners.

Statistically, the military of the United States is majority white; and, of course, as you start looking specifically at jobs in the combat arms, such as the Infantry, it just gets whiter and whiter. Personnel in these jobs obviously suffer the highest mortality rates and physical/psychological trauma. Who makes up the majority of these white personnel in the military? Southerners of course. When looking at the rest of the country, we notice, of course, that the Yankees are conspicuously under-represented in the armed forces in regards to their population.


That proud, Southern tradition of familial, military service passed down from father to son has been twisted to suit the needs of the globalist, American Empire. There is no honor in going to war for something as trivial to us as ousting an evil dictator in Syria (if you actually believe that nonsense). Sure, there have been countless displays of the personal honor and courage of individual service members over the past century, but what do we as a people stand to gain from these endless, uncertain wars? The correct answer is absolutely nothing but our own accelerated destruction. This is not an attack on those who have honorably served either; it is just a harsh reality.

We, as Southern Nationalists (and the greater Alt-Right), must not stay silent on this matter and must stamp out the foolish cries of misguided patriotism when we hear them. For too long, White men- especially Southern, White men- have fought, bled, and died for an Empire that does not care about them. The strong argument could be made, in fact, that the Empire hates them. The Empire, also known as ZOG, wages selfish wars and treats brave, young men as pawns to further the interests of globalism, international finance, and foreign states such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. Some of these dangerous idiots calling for war might claim that “we’ve got to go to war to defend our freedoms!” What freedoms? The freedom to shove a dragon dildo up your butt or the freedom to mutilate your genitalia and call yourself a woman? For this our best and bravest are dying in far-off deserts. “No more globalist wars” must become our mantra.

In conclusion, speaking to the young, White men who may be contemplating military service, I know that many who read this might just blow it off. I know; I’ve been there. I dreamed of jumping out of airplanes to close with and destroy the enemy when I was a child too. But those are childish thoughts, given the context of these wars. This isn’t a game, or some Nietzschean/Darwinian struggle for power or self-mastery. You are seriously considering dying in a desert to further the power of an Empire that doesn’t even represent you, and has not for some time. The America Empire is evil, and outside of hopes for personal achievement and camaraderie, there is nothing to be gained by serving it. Your birthright is here waiting for you to claim it; not in some Godforsaken desert. Fight for Dixie, not Israel.


  1. ‘In conclusion, speaking to the young, White men who may be contemplating military service, I know that many who read this might just blow it off.’

    I don’t ‘blow it off’.

    In Northeastern North Carolina I speak to more than a few about not buying into The Yankee Empire and the whole Americana tripe.

    Every Confederate needs to do that.

    Y’all can do plenty of good by belonging to groups – from the Militias, State-Tea Parties, KKK, Advocacy Groups, Civick Groups, and Churches, and sharing your points of view.

    Many will think you crazy. Some will not, and we will, as we have been doing, build on those some who do not think it crazy.

    Don’t worry about the national scene. It’s out of our control.

    Take back your own county, and then, when there seems little opportunity there, go right over to the next county and begin your work there.

    It’s all perfectly legal, by the laws of The Lord and man, and nobody can stop you.

    Spend less energy fretting and meditating on race, and more energy politicking where people know you and your family, and build on that.

    A lot can be done.

      1. I understand, Mr. Reynolds.

        Still, I wrote it that way because we don’t know who reads this, and because I want all types of Southern Patriots to see that there is plenty of good work to be done, no matter what crowd they run in.

        All the best you and yours!

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