Myth of the 20th Century: Tom Sunic – Homo Americanus

If culture is something that develops after the need to survive is met, identity is something that exists when your homeland is stripped away and you are left to decide what really matters. Dr. Tom Sunic, former Croatian diplomat and scholar on all issues European and his adopted country America, discusses with us what it means to be European, parallels with today’s Americanized West and the Soviet system, and a way to forge a new path forward that harnesses the history of Europe with a new found sense of identity as European nations across the globe face never before seen challenges posed by immigration and erasure of traditional culture with global consumerism.

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Very special guest Dr. Tomislav Sunic
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The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 121 – Tom Sunic – Homo Americanus

— References —

– Faust, Goethe (1808)
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