More’s The Pity

All over the West people are searching for meaning. Identities confused. Ethnicity. Language. Culture. Ancestry. They’re trying to recreate what we have lost in the last 100 years. That is all it took. 100 years and 20th century philosophy, which ultimately had its roots in Enlightenment philosophy where they killed the objective truth, attempted to kill God, and the embodiment of truth, Jesus Christ.

What we’re seeing across all Western countries is a spike in neo-paganism, just like we’re seeing all kinds of cults and other degenerate behavior. They’re all symptoms of a collapse that has been long coming and was barely avoided in Russia.

It isn’t just uneducated blacks either. Which by the way, consistently post and regurgitate these falsehoods and sanctify them, even when they contradict reality or other falsehoods they create for themselves; a weak attempt at coping with the fact they are descendants of people who were sold by their own kind to foreigners, and that they became strangers in a strange land, conquered and enslaved. Vae victis. Even more tragic to their story and plight, in the American mainland, slavery wasn’t even legal. Neither in the Spanish Catholic South America or in the North America Protestant colonies. That is, until in the 17th century a black man sued another black man in Northhampton, Virginia in court to keep him as a servant and property indefinitely.

This paved the way for slavery in North America, which might have been avoided unlike in the Caribbean where it had always been common practice since the islands were not suited for long term white settlement, reflected today best in Haiti and Jamaica. But even there, where they are the majority, they sell themselves for white help, giving up their commercial resources like tourism and beaches and fishing waters in exchange for handouts. A tragedy after a tragedy, born out of a tragedy started ultimately by their ancestral chieftains which sold their ancestors into white captivity. And the rich blacks in America which would also enslave their own kind; this practice not being taboo back then, even though in most of Europe it was already falling apart. Yet we’re the ones with the eternal debt to minorities for crimes all our ancestors committed, and only one race has ever fully given up.

Back to my main point. In this phase of the cyclical engine of history, things like this will pop up. The great thing for future historians, if we survive this epoch, is there will be a great deal of evidence of how foolish Homo Sapien Polis really is.

Remember, Sapien means sage in Latin. Which is the perfected philosophical and intellectual being of their understanding, and of the equivalent Greek. And Polis is Greek for city.

See, cities play a big role in the creation and destruction of paradise. They at first bring prosperity. Then they bring decadence. Then they bring perdition upon any who shall bring upon themselves the title of Urbanite.

May God help the simple fools who wish to live among hundreds of thousands of strangers, a stranger, an unknown, among a horde of unknowables.

Pity the poor, slack jawed, unskilled, easy fools.



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