More Marlboro Men

One of my most favorite pastimes has been unraveling the hypocrisy around me in Clown World and its NPC (non-playable character) inhabitants. Chiefly, the main practice behind it is to explore the deep-rooted psychological subconscious that drives NPC programming.

Ironically, one of them that I’ve tentatively explored in the past, but have only recently felt like actually writing an article about, is smoking. And, no I’m not talking about the degenerate 420 blazing kind or sucking on a skin flute. I’m talking about good old fashioned smoking. The kind you do with a lighter and some tobacco. I don’t smoke often, but on occasion I do find myself picking up a pack of cowboy killers, an old standby from when I did use to smoke regularly. The same my Pops smoked when he smoked. Like father, like son.

If you’re like me, and either smoke occasionally or even regularly, I’m pretty sure you are tired of hearing the same recycled tripe spewing from the NPCs around you and the constant anti-tobacco propaganda blaring from about every facet you can think of. It’s enough that it makes me want to light up a smoke, if for nothing else, to give the proverbial middle finger to Clown World and its mentally enslaved “people.” I’m not here to try to tell you smoking is good for you. Frankly, I don’t give a damn that it’s bad for you either. Everyone’s gotta die sometime. What, do you want to live forever?

Before I ever smoked a cigarette, I was ingrained in the propaganda and NPC programming of the anti-tobacco lobby. That is sort of the point of how the propaganda worked. Target young, ignorant and impressionable people who have no idea or ability to think for themselves. As a consequence, I never understood why my old man smoked, but now I do.

It’s gotten to the point that every time I whip out a cigarette, throw a lip in (smokeless tobacco), or even get observed smoking a cigar, that some no good, busy-body yuppie has to stick their nose in my business and insist on telling me it’s bad or can kill me. My retort has come down to simply “When?” Because, I have grown tired of rehashing the same arguments for smokers’ rights over and over. Likewise, before I smoked or used any tobacco, I never understood an important aspect of life (and, one I believe most smokers understand) which is: quality of life versus quantity of life.

These days, people are so terrified of the world around them they’ve become (and excuse my language) pussies and I have no qualms about letting them know they are. In our “brave new world,” everyone has become overly “safety cautious.” In other words, people are obsessed with the desire to remove all risk from the world around them. In doing so, this has crushed not only freedom, but the human spirit. These days, people would rather sit inside and play video games or binge watch Netflix, instead of grabbing their buddies, some beers and go wheeling for the day.

NPCs would rather watch sportsball, instead of going out to their local car culture scene and doing some back-roads racing. This “anti-danger mentality” should alarm you if you view yourself as a Southerner. It’s easy to be an outlaw when almost everything has become a crime. Especially, if you don’t have permission, a permit or it goes against Globohomo. Increasingly though, those of us who view ourselves in the old spirit are becoming more isolated and marginalized from society because we are “antiquated.” We’re dinosaurs in the age of the bugman. NPCs, bugmen and hopeless normies fail to realize that people like us founded not only the South, but America itself. America was founded by a bunch of rowdy and tough men, not risk adverse weaklings dining on kale smoothies and worried about their carb-intake.

The point is, as a smoker, I know smoking can kill me. But let’s be honest, what isn’t going to kill me? Quitting tobacco isn’t going to do much good if I accidentally get sucked through a jet turbine on a 737 at work now is it? Every time you step outside your door, you take a risk that today could be your very last day. If you get mashed by a semi that runs a red light, there isn’t much you’re going to be able to do about that now is there? Hell, you don’t even have to step outside to potentially be at risk; a damn tree could fall through your roof right on top of you turning you into a pancake.

Bugman propaganda

Briefly on the subject of the anti-tobacco propaganda: it has been an almost entirely Jewish operation. Rob Reiner gives millions of dollars to fund anti-tobacco and anti-smoking campaigns. Additionally, by law, tobacco companies are REQUIRED to fund propaganda against them. All those ads you have seen on TV about smoking are not paid for by activist groups, but by tobacco companies who have had their arm twisted on the matter and their voice silenced. Activists conned their way into convincing government to make these laws in their favor to destroy the industry. Despite that, it still exists.

It’s illegal to advertise tobacco products over things such as television or radio, but it’s perfectly okay to advertise alcohol? Another substance, that when abused, is responsible for a massive amount of deaths in its own right. Isn’t that hypocritical? Why are tobacco companies not allowed to have a voice? Why should they be taxed to the extreme?

What I’m getting at with all of this is: stop being afraid of the world. Stop being afraid of dying and accept that it’s going to happen. So many people act like they get to live forever, when they have no idea why or even how to live. What is the point of living to 100 if you can’t even wipe your own ass? Hilariously enough, some of the people who’ve lived the longest smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish. Despite this, one word of caution: if you are smoking three packs a day (or more), like I know some people do, you are an idiot. Tempering yourself is necessary for strength of character.

Regardless though, this does segue to another point I raised earlier in this article: quality of life versus quantity of life. If you are a firm traditionalist who advocates that people have as many children as they can at an early age, does that, at its core, acknowledge our best years are when we are younger? Any older person will tell you it starts going downhill as you age. These same older folks, generally speaking, aren’t afraid of the world like the limp-wristed bugmen.

Should you take steps to be healthy? Absolutely. I won’t argue against that, but you also need to live a little. When I was in the Army, I knew men who undoubtedly could outrun most people reading this article and they smoked like freight trains. I can even recall watching some of them light up a smoke right after the two mile run on the PT test. Are they going to die much sooner than you? Maybe, but at least they won’t have to worry about who is going to feed them in a nursing home. Is that the kind of fate you want? If anything, having a shorter life should give you motivation to do the most you can with it. The medical reasons were just a convenient cloak for the leftist to mask their true intentions.

Tobacco is among one of the last redoubts of the South. Farmers have cultivated tobacco in our rich soils for generations. This not only creates something real and tangible to tie to our land, but creates jobs. Burley tobacco grown in various Southern and even some Northern states is known around the world as a quality product sought by manufacturers and consumers in almost every corner of the world.

So, what happens if the nanny anti-tobacco industry gets its way? Another chip knocked away from the identity of the South and another win for the heathen urbanite. More families loosing their livelihoods and more destitution for our people. This is about the big picture. But Otto, you can simply grow other crops on the land? To that I will say, “You have no idea what you are talking about.” Clearly, you’ve never been around any sort of farming. Go ask the Cubans how well that worked out. Cultivating the soil is a very methodical process. You simply don’t just plant different crops on the same patch of dirt after you’ve harvested what was there. It doesn’t work like that.

One last thing I’ve discovered as we reach a closing point is how often I ask myself why cigarettes? The more I thought about it, the more it became evident as to why it and other tobacco products are attacked as vigorously as they are. It’s socially acceptable to attack tobacco. Whenever something is socially acceptable, cowards rally behind it because they do not have the strength of character to go against the grain. Anyone can be a coward. I don’t care how much you can bench or how little you can. Cowards come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone can throw a punch. Just because you are willing to throw one, doesn’t mean you aren’t a coward. Punching tobacco and tobacco farmers is easy.

The anti-tobacco movement was one of the many first social justice crusades. In fact, if you were around in the 90’s, when some of the final pushes were made to ban smoking from virtually everywhere, you’ll distinctly remember this was one of the first things you were indoctrinated with through television, community programs (often run by leftists) or in school. That being said, it’s old news and now the “healthy” Left have moved on to more vile items on their agenda. This is how all of it starts, a slippery slope.

I’m not advocating for you to pick up a pack of Marlboro Lights. If you’re an adult that is YOUR choice and YOUR right. This is a key difference, I am not going to deny you the choice like some kind of leftist authoritarian dictator. Smoke or don’t smoke. It’s your choice.

There’s a reason your grandparents smoked, aside from the image of the Marlboro Man. Some people will sit here and try to blow sunshine up your ass all day, but I’m not here to do that. I’m going give it to you straight because this world needs more good honest men in it – men who drive pickup trucks, drink beer, smoke, go to church on Sunday and earn their living by working with their hands.

We need more of those men in the world, not those counting carbs on their Whole Foods granola bar.

God bless you and God bless Dixie.


  1. Well said, sir.

    The pussification of the average White male on the North American continent has reached cataclysmic proportions.

    As Southrons, we MUST teach(or re-teach) our progeny that it’s not only OKAY to go out fishing and hunting, but it’s part and parcel of what being a well-rounded person is all about, regardless of what the Leftist, PC lemmings continue to spout from their useless, flaccid pie-holes.

    Now. Where’s that Churchill, and my bourbon? I need to calm down. It’s almost time to get dressed for Sunday services.


  2. Completely off topic, but there’s a Dixie connection :

    Apparently, the jews have reformed thr Sanhedrin, built a new altar for the temple (on a mobile frame for quick deployment !) and are forming an “Organization of 70 Nations ” to compete with the UN. The US’s agreement to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and support the greater Israel borders is tied to this.

    The Dixie connection? Nikki Haley, former SC governor, is honorary president of the “Organization of 70 Nations “.

    This may be a more Jewish century than the last. Or the Second Coming is nigh. If given a choice, I chose the latter.

    The announcement is couched in nationalist rhetoric.

  3. Why are tobacco companies not allowed to have a voice? Why should they be taxed to the extreme?

    Well, it isn’t actually tobacco companies who are taxed to the extreme, it is tobacco users. Were this not the case, you wouldn’t see the rise in the price of a pack of cigarettes or a can of snuff at the register every time some group or other of unproductive government Apparatchik stages a “walkout” demanding higher wages and greater benefits. Such as the teachers unions in “red states” of late. The irony in all of this is thick if you listen to their rhetoric. But anyway, that is part of the answer to your rhetorical question: tobacco users must be taxed to the extreme so their teachers in the government schools can have a more comfortable life while they propagandize your children against you on your dime. At the end of the day these schemes never work as advertised and we all become poorer for it. But that’s another issue I can’t get into at the moment.

    1. I have no respect for teachers. A big reason is they strike every chance they get for more money but never a better curriculum.

      1. Well, I can respect certain teachers. Namely those who teach in charter and private schools. And homeschoolers, of course. I even know a few public school teachers I respect, but not many. I have an acquaintance who is a H.S. Principal in Oklahoma. He and I had a conversation once in which he was complaining about taxes on his income. I pointed out, to his utter surprise, that in reality he doesn’t pay actual taxes; that the taxes assessed against his income are passed down to real wealth makers who work in the private sector. After a short back and forth, he finally admitted I was right, but also said, “I’d be a fool not to take advantage of it.” Quite so. It is that sort of attitude among public school teachers in general that galls me about them. I understand what they are faced with, but they could at least show a little gratitude rather than attitude, nevertheless.

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