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  • Modern media has been cucked for decades now. But, every once in a while a Western nationalist TV show or movie seeps through the cracks, probably just so the entire industry can survive. One of those shows has to […]

  • As the Central American caravan nears, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joseph Dunford, clarified what the troops sent to the border will be doing. Next to nothing. Not to stop the caravan at least. S […]

    • What should really happen is a general mobilization of armed Southern Whites to the region. I’ll bet the military would get involved then.

  • Early settlement in North Carolina came in 1655, as Virginians began seeping southward into the Albemarle region. The first documented European resident was Nathaniel Batts, though he only stayed temporarily. Four […]

    • Thank you for having shared this with us.

      Just this little excerpt refutes a lot of politically correct stereotype about what was what, when our Forefathers came here – particularly with regards to the allegedly helpless, peaceful, an omnipotently wise Redmen:)

  • For decades, North Carolina has been subject to rampant cultural cleansing in favor of the Yankee transplant, but in the past year or two it has swelled. First, there was the election of our current governor, Roy […]

    • Born and raised in the Old North State. All cities and even small towns are overrun, the only South left in NC is off the beaten path far from conveniences. I’m losing sleep over my daughter’s future.

      On a related note, I’ve been reading though the articles at the James G Martin Center for Academic Renewal. Libertarian tinged, but not terrible. I found them on a listing of NC lobbyists.

  • Man has long sought to express his emotions through the creative form of music. Pleasure, pain, passion, sadness, longing, all have found a musical form since time immemorial. It was not so long ago that our […]

    • Good article. It breaks my heart to get into a Cowboys truck only to hear NashVegas coming out of his speakers.

    • One thing about it. The perversion of Country music, severed from its roots but maintaining the name Country, may give us the opportunity to claim the “real Country” for what it really is: Dixian folk music.

  • Of all the political ideologies, one of the most frustrating would be neoconservatism. It’s not necessarily the worst ideology out there and it’s not as harmful or complex as communism, but it certainly is a […]

    • To the neocon, the nation is the economy and, man, Cagle looks terrified in that pic at the top. It’s interesting that all of his ‘controversies’ followed his aggressive support of the NRA: suddenly there’s secret recordings if him and his financial records are being audited. It’s enough to make you say, ‘hmmmm’.

    • Neo-cons have Trotskyite connections.

    • Neo cons actually think “America’s Great Again” because the National GPD goes up a few points. Imagine being so shallow and short sighted.

  • That would be great. A list of Anti-Southern trash should also be compiled along with the friendly list.