• Damn this is a good one

  • The disjointed nature was done on purpose. I tried writing it in a “stream of consciousness” style.

  • This article will be a bit different than my previous posts. While I prefer more formal articles written in a more standard essay format, this one will be from my own perspective and will discuss a realization I […]

    • The disjointed nature was done on purpose. I tried writing it in a “stream of consciousness” style.

      • Yeah. I like the disjointed nature of the post; it tends to be instructive in its own way, although it might take awhile for the average guy to see it.

        Identity Dixie is kind of (kind of) new to me, but you will notice I am fairly quick to point out obvious faults with certain posts while simultaneously avoiding putting my head in the proverbial guillotine. That will all change in the relatively near future. Stay tuned. As I have said many times before, it is much easier to criticize an author than it is to be one (an author) and field that criticism.

  • What often comes to mind when thinking of Mississippi? The images are most likely not very flattering and often tend to be a bit stereotypical. The Magnolia State receives much criticism and condescending […]

    • Good article, I never heard of Barnett before. Seems like he was a good honest man. Imagine any mainstream Republican saying that:

      “I love Mississippi! I love her people! Our customs. I love and I respect our heritage.”

    • Well said, God bless the greats of Mississippi.

  • Nationalists often like to focus on the negative. We, Southern Nationalists, like to claim that we will retake Dixie and that the South will someday be free from its Yankee oppressors, while at the same time […]

    • Excellent article. Always been a fan of Wallace’s speeches and his outlook. Orval Faubus was our own home-state hero and he holds alike status. As of late, the importance of community was always something I took for granted, but now I see how blind I was to the critical nature of community cohesion. I came from a (still) very rural and conservative ‘everybody knows everybody’ community, that, despite the drug problems and the lack of employment opportunities, has still yet held strong. Though I am one county North of my home now (still in Dixie, thank the Good Lord), I want to get involved and become a part of this place, as well as my old home. We Southrons have a lot to re-learn from our ancestors before we can reclaim our home. I’m always open to discussion and ideals on what we can do. I would love more articles and advice as well. Great article. Spot on. God bless you, and God bless Dixie.

    • You have my attention. You know where to reach me.

    • To create Southern Nationalist Communities one would have to have the money to buy propoerty, and then lease that property, long term, to those families willing to occupy it.

      That, as far as I can say, is the only legal way to discriminate in this current system – you must own the property as a corporation and maintain a corporate hold over it.

      At this point, however, we may be running a bit dangerously close to the ill-fated Brooke Farm.

    • Gentlemen.

      Thank you for your responses. I would be very interested in meeting and discussing how to best move forward.

      If you are willing, please feel free to email me at I’ll reply to your emails with my contact info.


    • Done replied 1 month ago

      juniusdaniel1828. I’m not really sure that we would have to buy a piece of land to start our communities.

      There is a small town in Central Florida, midway between Gainesville and Ocala, encompassing one square mile. The population is under 1000. Enough voters move into the area, we could move elections to our advantage. There is a lot of land for sale in the area, with homes as well as vacant lands. I think there must be other such locales scattered throughout the Southland. We start small, work our way into the various State legislatures.

      Tom Jones.

      Sir, would you be amenable to a sit-down?
      I await your pleasure.


  • Nice. Short and sweet.

  • Dixie has long been a cultural and musical hearth for America and has been the birthplace of countless forms of music that have taken the country and world by storm. The most obvious genre to find life in Dixie is […]

  • Great article. If Texas secedes, many other Southern states are more than likely to leave with it. What gives Texas the advantage is that it already has a decently sized secessionist movement.

  • Good article. I have more resentment towards Yankees than you do, but the point still stands.

  • At the very least, we should organize on the local level. Get our guys into office, build networks, form IRL communities, gentrify, etc.

  • Why does Dixie deserve to be free? Why does the South have every justification to “Rise Again?” It is of no secret that the Left hates Dixie and her people. We are at the receiving end of every bit of cri […]

    • Very interesting, as well as thought-provoking.

      I would add that we, as Southrons, must become political. And I do not mean Dem or GOP political, but SOUTHRON POLITICAL. IMHO, we MUST form a political party of Southrons, by Southrons, and for Southrons, in order to mount an offensive against future and further usurpations by Yankee intrusion.

      I understand fully that this is a daunting task. Nevertheless, it is one that, I believe, must come to pass, as neither of the major political parties hold us to be anything more than inbred, hillbilly trash.

      WE ARE NOT!! We are the last bastion of defense against White genocide and extinction.

      Will we stand, or fall?

      I vow to stand.

      • At the very least, we should organize on the local level. Get our guys into office, build networks, form IRL communities, gentrify, etc.

    • Here’s to our future, our nation, dear Dixie,

      Brave men so proud, fair maidens so pretty.

      Our land so long conquered shall someday be free,

      And we’ll keep Her forever, our dear land, Dixie!

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