Leave! A Strategy for Southern Secession

If South Carolina is to be blamed for firing the first shot in the War of Northern Aggression, then Alabama and Georgia should be blamed for firing the first shots in the Third War of Independence.  Over the past few weeks, abortion bills that define life with a heartbeat (Georgia) or life at conception (Alabama) have become more than simple laws of the state. They have drawn a distinct line in the sand between two very different cultures – one Southern and one not.  The hostile reaction toward those two states, not only by the American Left, but also the Establishment American Right from outside of the Bible Belt, is telling.  These people are not us.

How dare those God-fearing Southerners defy their Yankee Overlords?!

All of those years they spent trying to change the South through media assaults on our history, heritage, culture, and people have failed.  All of those laws, from gay marriage to required transgender acceptance, have failed.  All of those occupation strategies of Yankee transplants and the flooding of foreign refugees into the South have failed.  The South simply refuses to turn its back on God and its culture.

Knowing they have failed, there are only two choices that remain for the godless North: (a) find ways to use force of arms to impose laws on the South – much like Lincoln in 1861 or Eisenhower during the 1950s or (b) demand we leave.

I believe they will opt for the latter.  This is especially true if Trump wins reelection in 2020, whom they cannot tolerate, but who is in office largely because of the South.  It will be clearer for them than ever before that we are not them and cannot be reformed into good Marxists.  The North is already getting sick of the South.  Some of their leftist champions are already beginning to argue that the South should be forced out of the United States. Good!

If the Left is ever to get their utopia, they need to get rid of the South.  Eventually, they will push for our removal from the United States.  A strategy to achieve that goal has never been clearer: Make the South “Unacceptably” Conservative.

The following is a template:

  1. Expand Overton’s Window of Political Possibilities by making talk of secession and Southern independence an acceptable topic spoken within polite circles. This means avoiding giant red pills.  Rather, focus on chopping down the Union by attacking its unacceptable fringes.
  2. Cultivate Southern Identity and continue to hammer home that Identity as something that is a unique ethnicity unto itself. Reinforce Southern pride.  Make Southern culture something that is more than Hollywood’s cheap interpretation of Southern culture.  The South is more than chicks in ‘Daisy Dukes’ and bikini tops drinking beer at a NASCAR tailgating party.  Hammer home her unique language, history, and values.  Northern transplants and visitors will feel the difference.
  3. Reject modernity and re-embrace all facets of traditional Southern society – from church-oriented culture to male-female dynamics to more traditional manners and clothing. Encourage fellow Southerners to reject degenerate trends.  Pull out chairs, open doors, use pleasantries throughout a conversation – make others know that those who lack manners are inferior in their station.
  4. Enshrine all Confederate monuments as protected in perpetuity and set harsh criminal penalties against anyone who defiles them with mandatory multiyear prison sentences imposed.
  5. Vote to implement overwhelmingly conservative political positions. Support the Republican Party, but only the most conservative Republicans running.  The following are laws that can be passed which will also likely win a Supreme Court challenge:
  6. Make anti-abortion “Heartbeat Bills” the law of the land throughout the South.
  7. Pass laws that protect children from gender reassignment therapies before they are an emancipated adult.
  8. Pass laws that allow insurance companies to charge more for coverage predicated on risky behavior. What will that do? It is a back-door penalty on homosexual marriages that are statistically overwhelmingly promiscuous.
  9. Severely restrict social welfare benefits to anyone who does not work.
  10. Fight to repeal the Johnson Amendment.
  11. Pass tax laws that overwhelmingly benefit White families with large numbers of children by using the same laws that make Hub Zones possible: target zip codes for “middle class” development.
  12. Pass laws that allow for the teaching of God and Christ within public schools as a voluntary program.
  13. Pass Gun Ownership laws that encourage as many guns and gun owners as possible.
  14. Pass criminal penalties on crimes – especially violent crimes – that include: mandatory chemical castration for first time pedophilia offenders (especially target Milo Yiannopoulos’ “older gay male mentors”), impose state criminal charges for illegal aliens that include confiscation of their children, and limit the number of appeals for a death penalty conviction to one. Literally create the most draconian, harsh environment for criminals imaginable.
  15. Pass municipal laws that target degenerate black behaviors, like exposed underwear, loud music, and gangsta’ affiliations. Make them feel the overwhelming weight of law enforcement for even the most minor black cultural violation. Break them!
  16. Pass “Protection of Political Creed” laws as part of hate crime legislation that will protect organizations and individuals from violent assaults by AntiFa types while holding companies legally liable for firing individuals with whom they disagree politically. Use the hate laws to the advantage of the Dissident Right at the state level.  Literally declaw the violent political Left’s two greatest weapons: (1) the ability to dox and harm employment and (2) the ability to use targeted violence to suppress speech.

The totality of such a conservative South will overwhelm the Leftist North.  In essence, I advocate the creation of a South that is a homeland for the Godly Right.  I advocate the re-creation of a South that once existed and thrived independently, just short of Jim Crow, but as close as we can possibly get to that glorious era.

Let’s be real – secession is necessary.  The United States, or what is left of it, has become a degenerate cesspool of gender confused White soy boys kissing colored asses, while persecuting White Christians.  The South did not cause this.  It has voted consistently to conserve traditional values and norms.  Thanks to our “fellow” Whites in the North, we have entered a stage from which the US cannot recover.  It is a godless land of moral ambiguity with a muddy future.

How different are our two cultures?  The blue states have voted for the following in just the past few months or years:

  1. Post-birth abortions
  2. Encouraging their five-year-old boys to take hormone therapies to become girls
  3. Greater restrictions on free speech
  4. Greater restrictions on gun ownership
  5. Economic collectivism
  6. Empowering illegal aliens with rights they do not deserve
  7. Finance laws that favor Muslims over Christian mortgage holders

This is NOT your granddaddy’s America!  It is time to go.

Here is my prediction: when Trump leaves office, whether in 2020 or 2024, the South WILL be punished for the crime of propelling him into office and consequently slowing the Marxist march through the institutions.  We need to leave before that happens.

They will come at you with everything they got because you, Southron, are conservative.  They will punish you at work.  They will punish your children at school.  They will attack your financial instruments.  They will physically assault you – as they have done more frequently over the past two years.  They will silence you.  In fact, they are already doing just that – except, after Trump, the Marxist leviathan will come down upon the South like the hand of Satan.

The goal of the next Democrat Administration will be to complete the Reconstruction their ideological leftist forbearers initially wanted in the 1860s and 70s.  It is already being discussed openly.  If you are still wedded to the notion that this union is redeemable, then read no further.  There is not much my words can do for you.  However, if you see the truth for what it is – the South is not like the rest of the country and should not be dragged into its lascivious Hell – then it is time to get serious about secession.

We will not win Southern Freedom spray painting synagogues.  We will not win Southern Freedom marching on Washington, DC, with Remington rifles.  We will not win Southern Freedom with street demonstrations and photobombing parades with emblems of Southern Nationalism.  Those are clown world tactics designed to make old men feel better about themselves.  They achieve nothing.

Rather, secession can occur through the intelligent use of policy.  We can do what Marxists have done – weaponize the vote, especially at the local level.  We can win this the old-fashioned way: make them hate us so much that they force us to leave the United States.

Do you think that is crazy? Hardly.  Leftists are already positing the thought and dreaming of a United States without the cultural anchor of the Southeast.  I say, “Amen! Sail away you degenerate scum.

Make the South “Unacceptably” conservative. Make them hate us.  Make them demand we separate before the next Presidential election.  Accept that offer and establish an Independent Dixie.


  1. The North is already getting sick of the South.


    Some of their leftist champions are already beginning to argue that the South should be forced out of the United States.

    True enough, but it’s no indication they really mean it when it gets down to the ‘nut cuttin’.

    Heck, their great great great great grandparents were saying the same, right up until the moment they had a change of heart and decided to join forces with the ‘party of Lincoln’ in 1861. By 1865 the exiled Matthew Fontaine Maury had used his renown and influence with Emperor Maximilian to secure a new homeland to free his subjugated countrymen in Northern Mexico. How’d that work out? Well, it didn’t. Why? Well, besides the fact that Maximilian was ultimately murdered, he had already been pressured into renegging on his end of the bargain. Pressured by whom? Take a wild guess.

    With all due respect, you can’t believe a word the Yankee says. He Is a liar, and the father of it. Hell, half the time I don’t think he knows what he really wants. But at the end of the day he knows he can’t survive without the South; whereas the South can most assuredly survive and prosper without the Yankee. Which is why he can never honestly take the position of ‘live and let live.’ And also remember that, anti-gun that he may well be, he is certainly not anti-violence, and has no compunction against recruiting foreign mercenaries to fight his wars for him. The apple, as they say, doesn’t fall far.

  2. Please, please, please secede. However be prepared to have a massive refugee influx if you do. I want to be placed number one on your immigrant list because this USA has become sickening to me and before I die I want to live somewhere with values in line with my own and a place free of this federal government that we have had during my lifetime. I am loving what I am seeing happen in the South recently. I truly hope the South is rising again. Get out while you can. Bring the rest of us some hope.

  3. This is an excellent article because it offers both an alternative to the current trajectory and solutions on how to get there, a must read.

  4. I don’t know whether or not any of you gents have ever read R.L. Dabney’s speech entitled The New South, but if not I highly recommend it in this connection. Here is a link to an article discussing the speech:


    But you really need to read the speech itself and in full, which may be found in volume IV of Discussions by Robert Lewis Dabney, available on Kindle books for a very reasonable price. Don’t think about it, just buy it. Heck, while you’re at it, read the entire volume. Mr. Dabney was what we might call the consummate Southron. When he speaks, your ears had best better perk up.

    With Mr. Martin, I’m a big believer and advocate for separation from the godless heathen hordes north of Mason and Dixons line. But with certain other writers here, I also firmly believe there is yet a great deal of work to be done before the Southern people are spiritually and mentally ready for such a separation. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, nor can it be rebuilt in a day. To my mind reforming the education system in the South is job number one. I mean, philosophically and methodologically. Take Mr. Mann’s “system of education” and throw it on the ashheap; it’s only suited to the purposes of the meddling Yankee and perpetuating his empire.

    The South cannot be a truly independent nation without first breaking the “educational” bands which have connected it to the north for decades. To paraphrase a wise New Englander (they exist, and have existed), ‘The education of youth is more important than the making of laws and preaching of the gospel; for it is upon that foundation that both law and gospel rest for their success.’ That’s probably not a very good paraphrase, but I don’t have time to track down the quote at the moment, and it’s close enough in any case. Philosophically speaking, the selfsame New Englander also wrote that ‘to give children an education in arts and sciences is important, but to give them a religious [meaning, Christian] education is indispensible, and a heavy responsibility rests on those parents and guardians who neglect that duty.’

  5. Yes, well stated Post. Being an Australian, I have always noticed the Significant difference between the Yankee and the Confederate. The Typical Yankee is like an Actor. Rarely tells the Truth. The Authors nailed it by assigning Lincoln with Eisenhower, both Marxists, both Mass Murderers.

  6. While secession is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, has any thought been given as to how it will be successful when almost everyone is drawing or will draw Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, and other U.S. government programs? To me it is a foregone conclusion that should secession take place all government help or funds will be taken away.

    1. Federal social services payments are covered by remittances from the working population. Rather than sending those payments to DC, they would be sent to the various state governments for distribution. In fact, state governments are traditionally more efficient at such disbursements as evidenced with block grants. Instead of paying your social security to DC, where 35% is lost to Administration, it would go to Tallahassee, Richmond, Nashville… etc.

    2. Right, and for that reason a lot people will oppose secession. However, even the Yanks will eventually have no choice but to make entitlements sustainable and that means lower, and probably means-tested. Once that happens, we could afford to take over the programs for our own countrymen ourselves. A bigger obstacle to a viable secession is US geography. America east of the Rockies is knit together by a network of water transport that will only become more important as the world’s oil reserves continue to deplete. This water transport creates a network of trade and social contacts that make it difficult to resist reabsorption. That is why, if we had won our first attempt at independence, it might not have lasted. The best general survey of geopolitical theory that I can recommend is Robert Kaplan’s _The Revenge of Geography_. Although historical accident has concentrated our elite on the northeastern seaboard, our natural geographic and economic heartland is the vast Mississippi River Valley which empties into the intracoastal waterway. Nevertheless, I like every recommendation that Padraig makes above, and I would go even farther. I’m not sure how to handle the geography problem–it does not easily lend itself to long term political separation. However, whether or not we ever achieve full and lasting independence, we could certainly promote a political movement that emphasizes “local control.” I think local control is a principle that might resonate all over the US if we could manage to advertise the concept. I also would favor using tax dollars to subsidize the departure of people who feel uncomfortable with Southern culture, or who covet the better welfare benefits they can get in more generous states. Indeed, I would like to “advertise” widely throughout the South which non-Southern states offer the most generous benefits for persons who would like to take advantage of that opportunity–and then pay for their moving expenses. Thank God and Greyhound. Might be a good way to deal with our criminal population too, the ones who are not violent enough to execute–go away and don’t come back, and we will not try to extradite you! Return, and you will serve your sentence in full. Hopefully, they would establish a new life far away and never return. Maybe some of their relatives would join them, especially since crime tends to run in families. In an ideal world, I would also ban residential air conditioning–that would keep the Yankees out! Unfortunately, that solution is just not politically viable.

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