Just Cuck My Boy Up, Fam

Looks like the degenerates and gender-bender luminaries at Target are back at their campaign to destroy the last remnants of our dying Western Civilization. I was happily unaware, until recently, that Target had launched its Cat & Jack line of effeminate and bourgeois children clothes – just in time for Spring Time for Epicene Teens!

This recent example of the daily debauchery scourging our society was brought to my attention by a bad goy on Fashbook – the Alt-Right non-safe space on (((Mark Zuckerberg’s))) unholy creation. Specifically, some white mother of four (adopted black children) named Rachel Garlinghouse wrote an article on Babble.com extolling the virtues of a t-shirt for young boys that says, “Strong Like Mom.”

She checks off just about all the boxes from a quick peruse of her try-hard shitlib propaganda. Below are the titles of some of them (including my elucidations):

  • How I Celebrate Black History Month as a White Mother to Four Black Children (Note: In this article she’s fully subscribed and immersed herself in black culture – she’s Rachel Dolezal, but without the blackface. Celebrating Juneteenth, hanging up exclusive black portraits, using a black Santa, listening to black musicians, watching black movies, etc. Her husband is white – so his subservience must be off the charts on the Cuckold-O-Meter)
  • Why I Don’t Make My Kids Do Their Homework (Note: What kind of parent doesn’t make their child do their homework? This isn’t something to be proud of. In continuing the victimhood narrative that Cultural Marxists are addicted to, she has to mention that some of her adopted children also have some sort of affliction – which for some reason means they don’t need to do their homework.)

In addition to being another case proving the maxim that “Physiognomy is Real” (while not presently a mudshark, she has the “look” if you will), her anti-white and Cultural Marxism claptrap has all the markings of self-loathing SWPL schizophrenia and a double dose of repugnant parenting and socially-prized victimhood status.

It’s modern day liberal trash, might as well be click bait. I don’t even think a Natchez slave owner would bring up race so frequently. That’s not an endorsement of the cucking point DR3 (Dems R Real Racists), but an indictment on this pet collector with a penchant for pickaninnies that can’t go two paragraphs without signaling on her artificial brood’s skin color. We get it. You prefer blacks over whites and are a race traitor.

But, back to Target’s insidious campaign to turn your boys into their mothers. I know that seems like hyperbole, but with the Left’s campaign to normalize trangendered wackjobs (that, at the very least, need to be in a padded cell) and Target allowing them to urinate next to your daughter, that’s not an unfair assessment of the middle-class version of Walmart. SWPLs will always prefer Target to Walmart and for one main reason – less blacks, browns, undesirables and less “bad whites” (likely Trump voters).

Garlinghouse provides the most conventional Current Year introduction:

Most moms are fans of Target, because everything about the place is pretty much magical — from the in-store Starbucks to the dollar section to the soy candles, organizational bins, and even (in my town, anyway) the wine. And now moms can get their glorious shop on even more with Target’s children’s brand, Cat & Jack.

Virtue signaling plus unrestrained capitalism is one hell of a drug. Starbucks is overrated and anti-(historic) American, soy candles are faggoty, organizational bins are for suckers and praising the wine selection at Target is the trademark of your run-of-the mill store bought basic bitch. Who knows though, maybe she’s just shilling for white-collar Walmart.

Then we get to the meat-and-potatoes (probably frowned upon in Ms. Garlinghouse’s house) of our apostle of sexual ambiguity:

Target, which launched Cat & Jack last summer, recently unveiled the new t-shirt designs for spring, featuring captivating graphics and catchy phrases. And while graphic tees aren’t exactly a new trend, what’s refreshing about the Cat & Jack t-shirt designs are the messages they send to kids. Poke through the racks at Target, and you’ll spot the difference quickly: The glitter and rainbows and princess themes are nowhere in sight. And you won’t find stacks upon stacks of the “boys rule, girls drool” or “I like dirt” tees for boys, either.

Instead, some of the latest Cat & Jack designs are straight-up empowering. And there’s one in particular that’s catching a lot of attention for a pretty awesome reason. Printed on the front of one boys’ tee are just three words: Strong Like Mom.

Like Mom.

To be fair, I’ve never seen “boys rule, girls drool” t-shirts. Quite the opposite actually. And, what’s wrong with liking dirt? Hell, boys need to be outside more and less latched to portable handheld computers – shit, maybe if the Japs had their boys play in the dirt more, they wouldn’t be inclined to replace real girlfriends for virtual ones.

There’s nothing wrong with having a “strong mom/wife.” That’s a good thing for a marriage and a family – in a sense. But, no normal person wants their son to emulate and elevate the mother over the father, which likely occurs in the Garlinghouse domicile and which this t-shirt campaign wishes for.

Even the image associated with the t-shirt is an unsettling vision of the numale (Tiger Beat edition). His body language is distressing – one arm submissively behind his back and his legs together. I thought he was wearing a dress at first. When I was his age, I never saw another boy dress like that – it was G.I. Joe, Ninja Turtles, X-Men (or WWF) t-shirts and sky-blue jeans.

If you want a nancyboy, sure, go ahead and pay Target the $6 bucks for the “Strong Like Mom” t-shirt. He’ll be sure to thank you after his round of hormone replacement therapy in a few years.

For the same price though, I’d recommend just getting him a fishing license.

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