It Couldn’t Hurt: Boxing in Baltimore

To qualify as a “White Supremacist” one must have a desire to tell some other group of non-White people what to do because he knows best by virtue of being White. After all, “supreme” implies dominance when used in reference to pretty much anything but pizza.

Thus, I’m 100% positive that I’m not a White Supremacist despite producing content for sites given this designation by organizations such as the SPLC. Here’s a prime example: Baltimore. I’ve written about this colored war zone numerous times. Mayor Jack Young recently announced his plan to curb the derelict city’s staggering gun violence: boxing. His proposal is that “beefs” will be settled in a ring rather than the streets.

I freely admit that if I were in his job, with the same resources and legal constraints, I wouldn’t be able to come up with a more effective idea. I did some boxing in college. Afterwards, I had zero desire to shoot anyone. Then again, I’ve never had a desire to shoot anyone.

During the bloody summer of 2017, an exasperated member of the community tried a different approach. It was simply called Nobody Kill Anybody for 72 Hours. Only 2 people were sent to the morgue. I applaud her efforts and concede that I wouldn’t have achieved better.

This isn’t to say that I suspect either of these campaigns would prove any more successful at alleviating Baltimore’s carnage than giving all residents free lessons on how to make licorice. I’m quite certain there’s no feasible solution at present.

The best we can do right now is to encourage our peers not to accept the blame for such problems and to advocate for policies that involve confiscating less of our resources to subsidize them. Whites telling Blacks what to do hasn’t exactly played out well, so we should abandon the notion and adjust society accordingly.

This seems to be the general consensus among the realistic thinkers I encounter on the Dissident Right, which is a spectrum that encompasses some rather contentious disputes. A White Supremacist is a person with whom I’ve never crossed paths. I honestly doubt such people exist. If they did, none of us would take them seriously.

The only people who’d vaguely fit the bill as supremacists are conventional Republicans griping about how those “Democrats are the real racists.” They seem to think that if Blacks could be compelled to live the way most of us do (which Blacks clearly don’t want to do), this would fix intractable problems like Baltimore.

Perhaps that’s how to make sense out of these YouTube purges of milquetoast conservatives. If we’re so terrible then they’re the epitome of evil, judging them by the SPLC’s standard of White Supremacy.

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