Into the Forest – Part 1

There is just something about it.  Maybe it is the practicing of time honored traditions of our forefathers?  Maybe it satisfies some primal urge within the one who participates in the act? Perhaps for some, it is all about the camaraderie felt while sipping homemade apple brandy with close friends around a campfire in some far removed wilderness camp.  My own personal psychoanalysis is that it is the ultimate expression of a people who have long ago conquered their environment, and have a longing to go back to the days when they struggled against the harsh environs of their motherland: Europe.  But, I really don’t know.

One thing is clear though, the outdoors in general, and hunting specifically, is implicitly white.  In so-called  “capitalist” Weimerica, there is an entire niche market to the tune of billions, devoted  to this greatest of American past times and its target market is white people.  Flip through the pages of any outdoor catalog: L.L. Bean, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, etc, and you will see nothing but white people featured as models in their advertising.  Go shopping in any one of these outlet stores belonging to the same companies, 95% of the clientele in these stores are white.  Take a look through any hunting blog or magazine the next time you get the chance, except for the occasional Hmong immigrant showing off some whitetail doe he blasted with his SKS; or an appearance by some “based” black celebrity sports star who happens to hunt, like former NFL star Bo Jackson; every fucking person in these pages are white.  Only until recently have white women began making their way onto the pages, but that is a different article.

“The life of a hunter”

Whatever the reasons are that attract white males to go hunting far and away more than any other racial demographic in America, the fact is that they are and it is certainly nothing new.   In fact, it is an inseparable part of traditional American culture, and more so, European traditional culture.  Like everything else though that is a bulwark of white identity, masculinity and tradition, it is under attack; and the attacks appear to be having good effect, as hunting participation appears to be waning and disappearing from the White American cultural landscape.  Part of this is due to the overall attacks on white traditional culture through the media and pop culture; portraying all things historically white, traditional, rural and masculine as “out of style.” And, that is being rather tame in my description.  Most certainly, hunting is included in their field of fire.

What I want to do as a gift to y’all and, as a means to fight against our cultural erasure, is introduce all who are interested to an aspect of your culture that many of you have never even had the chance to come into contact with.  My idea is if there is enough interest in this, to make this Outdoor/Hunting theme an ongoing thing, a series if you will, where I, the “Supreme Woodsman,” shall guide you goys into a world of tradition, manliness and self reliance.   You will find an outlet to satiate your deeply visceral and primal urges and longings that you really knew you had.  So come, join me.

What It Has Become

I thought for autism’ sake, I’d begin this introduction with a history lesson about hunting as it relates to our cultural and racial identity.  I reckoned I would do this by working my way backward through time, rather than forward.  That means that it is my misfortune to have to inform you of the sad state that such a noble pursuit and a cultural heirloom  has fallen into.

Hunting in today’s age, at least in America, has become exactly what you would imagine it would if a bunch of “capitalist” and culture “subversives” got a hold of it.  What was once a form of practice for military skill and tactics, a means to provide food for your family and make a living, a way of building bonds and group cohesion through teamwork, etc. has now become a fucking freak show that, except for the actual killing of an animal, is something I’d imagine would be totally unrecognizable to our forebears. All the glory, honor, skill, tradition and character building traits that hunting used to provide, much like our Western Culture, is being strangled into extinction.

Below is a fairly typical scene of a successful young man, back from a day in the field.  With the deer on the hood, and him posing for a “hero shot,” it’s not hard to deduce that hunting wasn’t something to be ashamed of, but to be bragged about, there was no shame in being a man.  Could you imagine riding through some SWPL shithole nowadays with a deer strapped across your hood?


For the part of the “capitalist” vultures, it has been turned into a way to fleece the fading, rural, white male demographic that the “industry” tries to appeal to.  It’s all about gadgets, products, or this and that new fad – none of which is actually required to participate in hunting, and it sure ain’t needed to enjoy and find success in hunting.  It is just more modern bullshit that is killing something beautiful.

Then there is this feminine, touchy-feely spirit that has attacked our culture as a whole, and our outdoor heritage has certainly not escaped it’s slimy corrosive tentacles. It has now become abhorrent for a man to go out into the woods, hunt down an animal, kill it and eat it.  In a very Jewish way, this hostile zeitgeist has sought to ridicule and alienate those who participate in this traditional male sport with certain forms of stigmatizations.  These come in the form of making it seem as if there is something wrong psychologically wrong with a hunter: “Oh, he must have been abused as a child” is a example of a question that gets thrown around in order to try and “deconstruct” hunting.  Then there is questioning one’s sexual orientation if they hunt, “He must be compensating for having a small penis” or “He has to kill poor defenseless animals to feel like a man because he is hiding something.”  The list could go on and on, I personally have heard them all.

Lastly, there is the revisionist aspect that seeks to portray our pioneer ancestors as a bunch of greedy fools who sought to pillage and destroy the natural world.  They slander the hard fought struggle that our ancestors won on the American frontiers in order to stamp out pride in them and to deter anyone from wanting to keep that memory alive by experiencing a taste of what they had to do to tame the wilderness.   This comes in the form of an all out assault by the media and Hollywood which portrays white hunters, historically and in the present, as barbaric morons that are inept in their pursuit. Or we’re shown as fat illiterate beer drinking rednecks that break the law. The only noble hunter image that can be allowed is some mud hut dwelling, spear-chunking jigaboo or some feather headed mongoloid in the Amazonian jungle.

It’s an attack on the essence of my being and the culture I come from, I for one will not stand for it, and you sure as Hell shouldn’t either.

-By L.F. Russell


Note: A very near and dear picture of my great grandfather (far left) with a bear he shot on a trip to Johnston County, North Carolina in the late 1930’s.  He was an avid outdoorsman and passed the tradition to my father, and my father to me.


  1. Merry Christmas fellas…
    I stop by from time to time knowing there’ll be a good message that makes me better off, for being here.
    Tonight, I’m reminded of the soul within, for there be the bond with forefathers. Tradition can be the satisfaction White men have in keeping it alive.
    Yea, it shall be so, and may God bless and keep our good men, well fed by trad-women’s cooking feasts this Christmas.

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