Initial Thoughts on Notre Dame

I was running on the treadmill at the gym when my first glimpse of Notre Dame Cathedral ablaze came across the TV screens. I slowed down to a walk and got to thinking. Lots of stuff.

First, was it arson committed by a member of France’s rapidly emerging Muslim majority? If you’re a millennial, that’ll happen within your natural life span (assuming no collapse). They’ve tried unsuccessfully to blow it up before. There was certainly no shortage of them cheering on the flames. Perhaps they view this as even more auspicious than the recently-completed construction of a mosque on the battlefield at Tours commemorating the defeated Islamic invaders. The initial explanation is that the fire occurred due to some mishap during renovations. We’ll see, but there’s ample reason to be suspicious no matter how quickly that’s condemned by the MSM.

Next the symbolism. As a Catholic who avoids church due to pozz, I couldn’t help but consider this as ominous . It was one of the most important edifices of what is now becoming the world’s largest homosexual pedophilia and open borders organization. It’s very difficult not to see this as a metaphor for the shameful dying moments of an institution that defended Western Civilization for centuries but has now become any enemy.

It could certainly represent France just as well as the the Catholic Church. Watching footage of President Emanuel Macron blather on was particularly disconcerting. He’s a former Rothschild banker who’s directed ruthless police crackdowns against working class protesters, is married to his elderly former teacher, and has a predilection for being photographed embracing sweaty, shirtless Africans. He’s a soulless globalist shill and creepy sexual deviant of the highest order. Nero is quite the protagonist by comparison.

No matter where anyone fits in on the Dissident Right, their thoughts were following a similar trajectory. This will be one of a multitude of similar posts on the subject. Watching the footage of all the onlookers staring at the tragic pyre, one wonders what goes through the head of the average person. Do they really just see the sad demise of an ancient structure? Does this even garner more sentiment than the debut of the Game of Thrones Season 8?


  1. 875 French churches vandalized in 2018 according to Gateway Pundit

    Notre Dame fire is said to have started in 2 places

    Its the beginning of Holy Week

    If they say its an accident, they’ll have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to convince me.

    1. Now Fox News is hanging up on the president of the Catholic league and a French mayor for mentioning recent anti Christian vandalism and suspicion that the investigation has already decided its an accident.

      1. Well, you know, “fair and balanced” and all that. They hang up, you decide. Ha, ha.

        I stopped watching Fox News years ago; a decade ago or more, and I have never looked back for fear of being turned into a pillar of salt, if you know what I mean.

  2. It was definitely no accident. The construction workers who allegedly started the fire weren’t even there at the time the fire broke out, due to French law keeping them from working past 6 pm local time. A radicalized French woman and member of ISIS was jailed only 5 days before for attempting to blow up the Notre Dame Cathedral using a propane-gas tank laden car bomb. But no connection between this event and what happened yesterday was seen by the authorities.

  3. Mr. Shackleford: your opening lines in the post haunted me yesterday. I learned of the Notre Dame fire way after the fact, because I refuse to watch mainstream media anymore. But I can remember precisely where I was and what I was doing when the first images of the Waco fire reached me way back when; I was, along with a dozen or so of my compatriots, in our little unit game room on Elmendorf playing foos ball, awaiting shift change. I was in the strong majority who believed, as we watched in horror, the attack on the Branch Davidians was completely uncalled for and a sign we, as a nation, had completely gone over the cliff. Looking back on it, that was probably the moment I determined to end my family’s long history of military service to the Republic inasfar as I had it in my power to do so. …

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