In Memoriam: Guillaume Faye

On March 7th, 2019, the Nationalist and Identitarian movement lost a great mind; after battling with illness since December of 2018, it is with heavy heart that I report that Guillaume Faye has passed away.

Faye, born November 7th, 1949 in Angoulême, France, graduated with a PhD in Political Science from the Paris Institute of Political Studies. He became a main organizer for GRECE and theorist for Nouvelle Droite in the 1970’s and 1980’s and made his way into journalism, writing for Figaro Magazine, Paris-Match, VSD, and many more. Faye even released his own journal, J’ai Tout Compris! (I Understood Everything!).

After a brief break from politics, Faye made his return in 1998. He published essays on religion and culture, many that were later compiled into a major work titled “Archeofuturism.” In this book, Faye voices his opposition to immigration, calls for a Pan-European government, and lays out the idea of “archeofuturism,” where the traditionalist spirituality and concepts of sovereignty are combined with the latest advancements in science and technology.

Publishing many works on the topic, Faye drew attention to the Islamification of Europe in works such as Understanding Islam and The Colonisation of Europe. Predicting an abolition of European societies as a result of mass immigration and the many ails multi-culturalism brings to a society, he foresaw a future with the Clash of Civilizations, where cultural and religious identities are the primary source of conflict.

In recent years, Faye’s works have been translated and published by Arktos, he has spoken at NPI and American Renaissance’s Conferences, as well as having been interviewed by countless YouTubers. He worked diligently and tirelessly to protect his people and his homeland.

Not every movement can claim to be blessed with such a brilliant mind. Guillaume Faye was not just an influence on the French New Right, but the greater Dissident Right as a whole. He helped pave the way to where we are now and his works will continue to influence us on our path forward.

Rest In Peace

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