Ignore Sodomite Orders

In recent years, western society has fallen under anarcho-tyranny of the worst type. Our government has been forced to capitulate to the desires of a mentally ill subset of the population hell bent on forcing its degeneracy upon the rest of society. This has been done in the name of “tolerance” and “compassion.” Studies have been commissioned to address “heteronormativity” and why men should shove dildos up their asses.

How Did We Get to this Point?

Gay Liberation, as a movement, began on the tail end of the Jewish led sexual revolution of the 60s, further degrading the traditional familial structure of both white and negro families. The “homosexual community” has never operated under the facade of normalcy, promoting drug use, sexual deviancy, and risky sexual behavior. The issue with homosexuality is perfectly demonstrated by the AIDS epidemic; as of 2016, 67% of new AIDS cases are among sodomites, with 82% of that being sodomite males. On top of that, these AIDS ridden sodomite “activists” have routinely attacked clergy, even invading masses and desecrating the Eucharist.

The Homosexual Agenda

The homo agenda is a concerted effort by Jews to push sodomy on their hosts, acting as a soft genocide. Acknowledgement of a small amount of sexual deviants as an “identity,” while actively pushing against real identitarian movements, is one of the most effective moves against traditionalism. This is demonstrated through the disproportionate presence of gays in media, the push for gay affirming pseudo-churches and widespread acceptance of the homosexual union in Christian churches, and the filing of lawsuits against private businesses when they don’t get their way. This is done to appease 4% of the population, while also eroding the moral fiber of the other 96%.

The Dangers of Normalizing Sodomy

As stated earlier, well over half of AIDS cases are due to sodomites. In 2012, a study of 1,000 sodomite males showed that 69% had detectable levels of HIV/AIDS. The same study also showed that 46% of sodomites engaged in unprotected anal sex. Similar studies have also shown that sodomites tend to have between 500-1000 different sexual partners over their lifetime.

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The Wise Old Sage of the Homo Agenda

Many men who identify as gay were also abused as children. By compartmentalizing and normalizing this behavior, pederasty and pedophilia have become “normal” fetishes among sodomites. The “twink” fetish and obsession with catamites holds proof to the dangers of allowing sodomy to become a normal behavior. In the earliest days of the degenerate pride parades, NAMBLA could be seen marching front and center. They knew that normalizing sexual relations between grown men would eventually normalize sexual relations between adult men and young boys. Seeing people like Milo Yiannopoulos, Lucien, Todd Nickerson, and George Takei, as well as, the push for children to be involved in sexually degenerate parades, is evidence for what NAMBLA foresaw 40 years ago.

Homosexuality is the most depraved of human interaction, removing the sexual act that was intended to be between a man and his wife and placing it in a strictly carnal act of rubbing and cumming. Jews have used this particular perversion since the interwar period to lower white birth rates and erode Christianity as a cultural institution. Even the Soviets recognized the dangers of sodomy, referring to homosexuality as “the product of bourgeois decadence.”

Solving the Sodomite Problem

As a Christian, my view on homosexuals does tend to take a bit more of a compassionate route than most. Sodomy is very much a grave and mortal sin, but differentiating between individuals who are attracted to the same sex from sodomites is necessary to effectively solve this issue. Individuals who are same sex attracted are, much like those addicted to pornography or substance abuse, called to take up these crosses and allow them to remind us of Christ’s suffering on the cross, his love for us, and desire for us to live righteously. The same sex attracted individual has two options if he wishes to remain part of society: become celibate or suck it up, marry a woman, and procreate as God has called us to do. A man who is engaged in sodomy, however, has proven that he lacks self-control and is willing to engage in behaviors that are detrimental to society as a whole. One who decides to spit in the face of God and deny his will for us deserves nothing less than exile from society and eternal damnation in hell.

-By AP Stewart

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