How “Retake Everything” Kept Me Alive

It was early fall and post-Charlottesville. I was playing a gig in a halfway decent local band at a bar. I was the lone right winger in a scene full of antifa gutter-punk kids. Everyone knew my political preferences, but it was never discussed nor looked down upon, until that day. I had the brilliant idea of covering the Dead Kennedys song “Nazi Punks Fuck Off.” I had told my band mates we were closing on that cover, but I had (foolishly) written new lyrics and called it “Nazi Punks Rock On.” You can only imagine what happened next.

The next day my phone had been blown up with phone calls and text messages in the hundreds. There it was, plastered all over town and social media, a video of me on stage, while shirtless and holding a beer in my hand, shouting: “Nazi Punks Rock On!” What was supposed to be taken as a joke soon became my worst nightmare.

I soon became doxxed. As is typical now in ClownWorld, numerous threats of physical violence were made at me and my family. Our house was egged, tires were slashed and trees TPed. After about a week of calling law enforcement to file various reports of what was going on, and seeking any sort of legal action I could take, I was informed through my land lord that the HOA (Homeowners Association) was forcing me out. Free speech in Weimerica, I guess. Especially so, because all of this stemmed from a goofy lyric change.

Time to call family and friends to find a couch to sleep on for a couple days, in exchange for any house work that needed to be done (as is standard in a doxxing situation, I was fired from my employer). With no meaningful employment, less and less couches to surf on and little money to my name, what was I to do?

This is where our mantra “Retake Everything” comes in. Besides having a full time job (formerly) and being in a band, I also was a little league coach for baseball and football. Both teams consisted of mostly the same kids. What does this have to do with anything? Well, son, here’s the thing – it built a foundation.

Not only for me to network with parents (always keeping an ear out for new employment opportunities or even a little side work), it also built a foundation for the boys and young men I coached to learn life lessons. Not just the basic discipline and life fundamentals children learn from playing group sports, but I always went the extra mile. If I had to be out preparing the ball field, I would make sure I taught the boys to operate the tractor, walk the chalk lines, fetch the buckets of water, etc. We went fishing and shooting. I taught them lessons and skills their own parents (in most cases) couldn’t teach. Once a week we would mow the fields and make sure the parks were clean. If you do people right and actually care about your community, folks won’t forget that.

I was a well respected member in my community and I did what I could to instill that sense of duty into the young men I coached and still coach today. Yes, I may have been doxxed and made to look like an “evil” person. In Weimerica, you can be called “evil” for opposing child drag shows. But, did the folks who I took care of in my community care? No, they were supportive, which is how I was able to get employed rather quickly after my doxx. It wasn’t my dream job or even related to my previous line of work, but it didn’t matter. I had a job.

What really made it clear was when I got a phone call from (of all places) the reverend of a local black church. This isn’t a DR3 fairy tale, it’s just life. He told me that the other pastors in the community had been raising money to pinch in and help me rent a trailer. I was taken aback at how my local community responded to my situation.

As I see it, “Retake Everything” means to build that local foundation with everyone in your community: help out the old lady who can’t get her groceries, get involved with your local youth sports organizations and be that change you want to see in the world. Even if you’re a “thought criminal” in this upside down world we live in, people appreciate genuine, good men in their community. You can’t fake it and people instinctively know a good man when they see one. Let’s be those good men.

Heaven forbid you get doxxed – those local foundations in your community may very well be the only thing that saves you.

-By Dixie Anon

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