Grits in Gorky Park: The Southern Case for Non Intervention

We’ve listened patiently since 2016, the pundits on all sides yammering incessantly like so many schoolchildren. You can’t go a day without hearing about Russia. The closest most of us have gotten to Russia is a bottle of vodka in grandpa’s kitchen cabinet, so why should it interest you and your kin? Well, hang on for a few paragraphs and I’ll let you know.

The gist of the yammering is that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and helped Trump win. This, despite Hillary being much more warmer to Vlad, like giving the Uranium One deal to Rosatom, a Russian company. Now sure, she didn’t go tit-for-tat on the deal, but lower echelon State Department flunkies approved. She should have been aware of such a serious deal only 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Surely, if the Russian Bear was some malevolent hostile state actor, this sale wouldn’t have progressed from a minority stake in Uranium One in 2009 to a 51 percent share in 2010 and then culminating in Rosatom gaining full ownership of Uranium One in 2013.

If the chronology of events seems interesting, it’s because that’s half of Obama’s presidency. The same Obama that told Russian President Medvedev, in 2012 during a conference, that he would have more “flexibility” to deal with Russia after the election. Medvedev then said he would pass that info to Putin. So, merely 6 years ago, Russia was a non-issue for the Obama administration. What shifted the stance?

Odds are it’s a mix of two things. Christianity and Crimea.

Russia sits somewhere around 40-50 percent Eastern Orthodox Christian, with less than 10 percent of the remainder pledging allegiance to Islam, and the rest scattered amongst various other faiths. For all intents and purposes, Russia is a Christian nation and has a distinct morality shaped by their church, which does what it can to assist Russian policy through intellectual and moral support to the Russian government.

Russian morality goes even further to avoid conflict by acknowledging pluriculturalism, or diversity among nations. While we pride ourselves on multiculturalism within our borders, this is not the Russian way. Russia today more closely resembles what was called American Exceptionalism, in that we didn’t go abroad to find monsters to destroy.

The Left cannot abide a nation that has a church providing any sort of moral and intellectual guidance, unless you kneel under the crescent of Islam. The liberal’s (((handlers))) will always see Christianity as a threat, and having to watch Russia thrive without godless communism smothering it to death, must surely stick in their craw.

Trump is a traitor if we don’t start another military disaster, per Deep State shill.

Which leads to the next point. Crimea. I will not put you to sleep arguing the varying opinions on what Putin’s motives were, but let’s look at what the action of annexing them by force symbolizes. Power, decisiveness, an ability to disregard what others may think of you and seize what you think is yours. Toxic masculinity is what the Northerners and Left Coast would call it. Have we heard any war drums from Russia since then? Nope. Hardly what you would expect from this “boogeyman” the media keeps touting.

The friction point is this folks – a war with Russia would be unwise. They’ve upgraded their nuclear arsenal and modernized past Cold War-era technology. Russian artillery strikes on Ukrainian forces have even made the American military take notice and start looking into how they will impact future warfare.

An ID writer once wrote regarding Russian military capabilities:

Mutual nuclear annihilation isn’t a plausible scenario. However, retaliation against US CENTCOM headquarters in Qatar, along with naval assets in the Persian Gulf, is quite feasible. Russian cruise missile technology is superior to the US. They’re capable of firing volleys of precision, supersonic missiles from distances of 5,500 km, more the twice our striking range. They can be launched from strategic bombers operating safely within Iranian airspace, protected by advanced, mobile AA systems.

The Russians appear to have a decisive edge in the factors that will determine a showdown with the US. Just like the Chinese, they’re aware that our ships are easy targets because it’s impossible to intercept large volleys of supersonic sea-skimming missiles.  Prestige assets like super carriers are liabilities in this type of warfare. In order to attack, we must sail them within striking distance of their missiles whilst they have no targets of similar opportunity for us.  Both the Russians and Chinese have devoted enormous resources into developing the capability to take out carriers because this would be psychologically devastating and crippling to our power projection. 

Some 44 percent of military recruits hail from the South, the military heavily recruits from the region. Rightfully so, as even Union General William Tecumseh Sherman had this to say:

“War suits them, and the rascals are brave, fine riders, bold to rashness … and they are the most dangerous set of men that this war has turned loose upon the world. They … must all be killed or employed by us before we can hope for peace.”

With leftists and neocons casting aspersions on a sovereign Christian nation with masculine virtues and no actual violent transgressions against our troops and homeland, do you really want to send your God-fearing sons and daughters to an institution that will most assuredly serve (((their))) interests and undermine one of the last bastions of civilization on the European continent, based on mere fear-mongering and finger pointing?

Southerners waged war against fellow Christians a few generations ago with a clear conscious for they believed their cause was noble. You can look to Europe today and ask yourself if it was worth it. If you have a moment’s hesitation about the motives driving potential conflict with these Russian Christians, consider sitting this one out when it goes hot. Don’t let people that mock your culture and send your children off to war against others who share more in common with you, than against you.

The American Empire isn’t worth your loyalty or blood. Especially, on the frozen steppes of Russia.

-By James Dove

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