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  1. I live in Alabama & yeah, so many residents let us DOWN. I hate holding my fellow Alabamians in contempt, but I can’t help it. I voted for Moore, I really hoped he would win, but alas, NOPE.

    There are a few things I’d like to point out about the election…

    1) I’ve lived in Alabama most of my life & I’ve seen a lot of election returns & I’ve NEVER seen the returns come back as staggered as they did in the Moore/Jones election. The whole STATE is in the same time zone, even if a polling station has a line at 7:00, that would put it at what? 7:30? At the LATEST that the returns should be in? We use a paper ballot, you fill in a bubble, like the scantron forms we used in school & feed it into a machine that counts & reads the ballot. After the polling station closes, the votes are transmitted & compiled. They don’t count them by HAND for God’s sake! And yet…there were counties that didn’t report until much later & all of the votes went to Jones?

    It doesn’t add up. It’s weird. It’s the first time I have ever seen election returns staggered quite like that. With the vote sitting on a knifes edge, within 1.1% of each other? That makes it more troubling. The state is also purging the ballots, BEFORE the vote is certified. Yeah, something is UP.

    2) Evangelicals & disgruntled republicans. They cost Moore the election. 1.7% of them launched a write in campaign for some retired military idiot named Lee Busby & over 22,000 votes, I think that’s the #, which went to that write in candidate. Had that not happened? Moore would’ve WON.

    3) The FELON VOTE. Our stupid & short lived Governor, Kay Ivey, Bentley’s successor allowed jailed felons to have their right to vote. These people are not palatable enough to have in society, but they can help shape state policy? Murderers & rapists? Come on! Right after, Think Progress, the progressive Jew-funded Soros backed organization was here for weeks registering felons to vote. That had an impact I’m sure.

    The whole thing stinks. Something isn’t right with this election. Take it from someone who knows & has watched many Alabama election play out, something wasn’t right here.

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